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(Mar 05, 2018)
Wow, the AFK Penalty system is a bit flawed.
(Mar 05, 2018)
I've played it for 14 hours this weekend and am firmly addicted. We should link up to play :)
(Mar 04, 2018)
I do Red
(Mar 03, 2018)
I caved, I've bought it
(Mar 03, 2018)
Thinking very strongly of getting Bridge Crew...anyone else playing it?
(Mar 03, 2018)
I now have all RnD at level 15!
(Mar 02, 2018)
Phoenix packs available for 4K from Dil store, Grym on Drozana or Onna on DS9. Everything is character bound.
(Mar 01, 2018)
Coffee makes me happy :)
(Feb 23, 2018)
We should proabbly wait and see what the next episode in the story is first, so if we do we keep continuity.
(Feb 23, 2018)
Will we Rp Scylla and Charybdis at some point?
(Feb 22, 2018)
Hee hee, 3D printing is going to be epic
(Feb 20, 2018)
3D Ship Printing!
(Feb 14, 2018)
Laptop freaked out on me and trying to log on now
(Feb 14, 2018)
today, probaly around 7-8 est
(Feb 13, 2018)
Hey Seuna! Can you let me know next time your going to be in game?
(Feb 12, 2018)
Yes. I was sick and getting a bed this weekend so I forgot to toss it on the schedule.
(Feb 12, 2018)
I'm all over the Andorian ship.
(Feb 12, 2018)
Are continuing the miniarc on Wednesday?
(Feb 08, 2018)
Now that was fun.