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(Jun 15, 2018)
Ok. Things seem to have righted themselves.
(Jun 15, 2018)
I seem to having an issue with Discord. It can't seem to get past the update loading thing and no text pops up on any of the tabs. Not even stuff I type up.
(Jun 07, 2018)
Please bring coffee. I'm sleepy.
(May 22, 2018)
VIL is up on tribble. Just a reminder, no spoilers in general chat.
(May 14, 2018)
Thanks everyone who came to play tonight
(May 08, 2018)
*Polishes fingernails* What's that about previously?
(May 08, 2018)
"Just raise your arms in victory brother and the angels will carry you, their hymns of joy cascading through your conscience!" - Deep thoughts by Jenara Crate.
(May 07, 2018)
If we ar trying to recruit people and get them interested in the Trust we should probably update the "Previously On The Trust" header post since it's from 2016.
(May 01, 2018)
Lovely RPing last night everyone :)
(Apr 29, 2018)
Not for lederhosen.
(Apr 28, 2018)
I have cyclist/rugby legs... do I get an exemption?
(Apr 24, 2018)
...inclined to agree.
(Apr 23, 2018)
"I don't care how good your legs are, lederhosen are NEVER an attractive look." - Ten of Twenty
(Apr 19, 2018)
Time for a Delta Recruit :)
(Apr 19, 2018)
Sorry for not making it on, will try again tonight.
(Apr 19, 2018)
Temporal recruits are making a comeback
(Apr 18, 2018)
Wouldn't mind some Stewart/T'Nal RP as a followup to last night's rp
(Apr 18, 2018)
Sure, I'd be up for that.