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Introducing the Yeoman's Report - 8/12/2017

Varzec / Aug 12, 2017
Greetings Fleet!

I am Yeoman Sas Tosa, newly assigned Yeoman to Fleet Admiral Onlea Tahz . As one of my duties as Fleet Yeoman I have been assigned to gather details of Fleet Business and create a summary of events that happened during the week. It seems like a good fit, being Bolian and we love to communicate!

So first a we have a few officer transfers this week. First, is Lt. Junior Grade Alice Coffin. She will be joining the medical staff, as a cybernetics specialist on Starbase 130-T. Second we have a new Romulan Exchange Officer, Reva Algo. She will be sharing her expertise in our Intelligence division. We welcome you both to the Fleet.

In divisional news we have few items of note.

First and foremost, Subadmiral H'carth is recovering well from her incident with the Borg and the Tal Shiar. The recovered equipment is still being analyzed by Trust Special Operations and the Trust Engineering Corps.

This Above All Finale

The USS Alameda has finished several crew transfers and has also her crew has finished a shore leave cycle. The Alameda’s Astrometrics sensors has detected a compression anomaly, that is being studied by Lieutenant Commander Mariko. Once the Alameda complete the First Contact Initiative the Alameda will take it further under study.

In our last communication with the Alameda she had sent down a diplomatic team, consisting of Captain Varzec and First Officer Esh’Nalen, to meet with a representative of Uncri.

First Contact with Uncri: The Tribute

That's all I have this week. Hope this will be a benefit to those who take the time to read it otherwise, the Admiral might find me some other duties. Well, I better not over do it, so till next time.

Stay Safe.


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