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Personnel Records

Jenkins, Oliver

Name: Jenkins, OliverRank: CaptainGender: MaleSerial Number: OJ-257-628Height: 5'11''Weight: 178 lbPlanet of Origin: EarthBirth Date: 8th November 2389Marital Status: SingleOffspring: NoneCurrent Assignment: Commanding Officer of U.S.S. Invictus (...
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Personnel Records

Monroe, Kyle J.

D.O.B. - 2386, Cincinnati, EarthStarfleet Academy Class of 2409.Previous Posting: U.S.S. Sojourn, NCC-11406-A, Operations Officer, 2409-2410.Current Posting: Assigned to The Trust, assignment pending.The first member of his family to join Starflee...
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Personnel Records

Personnel Record H'vohn, Ilrid

Name: Ilrid H'vohnRank: CaptainGender: MaleSerial Number: S1218413Height: 6' 1"Weight: 199 lbsPlanet of Origin: BolarusBirth Date: 34 Cron 552 (January 14 2375Marital Status: SingleOffspring: NoneCurrent Assignment: Commander USS SaturnCurrent Sta...
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Personnel Records

Coffin, Alice

Name: Alice Coffin Race: Human(Liberated Borg) Age: 28 Date of Liberation: 89203.07 Rank: LTJG Cybernetic Rating: 39% Cybernetics: Neuromuscular, Skeletal, External Memory, Sensory Enhancements, Left Eye(passive multispectal sensor), Left Hand(act...
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Personnel Records

Duhr, Ellianna

Name: Ellianna Cornwall Duhr. ElleRank: CommanderSpecies: Trill (Joined)Age: 29 (Host) Unknown, at least three centuries (Symbiont) Specialization: Counter InsurgencySpecial Considerations: Limited TelepathyRecord:Born on trill in 2380 as Elli...
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Personnel Records

Michael Pliskin

Name: Michael J. PliskinRank: Rear Admiral Lower Half (Retired)Species: HumanGender: MaleSerial Number: LZ-916-654Height: 1.91 mWeight: 89 kgPlanet of Origin: EarthBirth Date: Stardate 2369Marital Status: MarriedOffspring: Ka'ella (Daughter)Educat...
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Personnel Records

Generandous Larkson

Name: Generandous LarksonSpecies: Trill (Unjoined)Gender: MaleRank: CaptainHeight: 6'2"Weight: 167.3 lbsAge: 37 yearsPlace of Birth: Saratoga Springs, New York, EarthDate of Birth: 2373Family: Dela Anista (wife, deceased)Offspring: Zitellu Larkson...
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Personnel Records

Personnel File: Ledan, Taran

||Vital Statistics||Name: Taran Ledan (nee. Doran)Date of Birth: July 11th, 2376Place of Birth: Merd'wn, Southern Province, Trillius PrimeSex: MaleHeight: 1.79 metersWeight: 90.72 kilogramsEye Color: BlueHair Color: Auburn||Biographical Informatio...
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Personnel Records

Ryan, Kathryn D.

--Sigma 9 Clearance Required for Full Record--Name: Ryan, Kathryn DanyelHighest Rank Achieved: CaptainSpecies: HumanGender: FemaleSerial Number: 251-4381-1550Authorization Code: Height: 1.77m (5' 10")Weight: 115 lbs.Origin Planet: EarthDate of Bir...
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Personnel Records

Personnel Dossier: Arra

Name: Arra (Full name undisclosed for religious purposes)Species: AshaniAge: 60 Standard Terran YearsSex: FemaleBirthplace: Kirraduna (Delta Sector)Ashani Fleet Rank: Shasqwi (Commander Equivalent)Assignment: Racial and Religious Relations and Stu...
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Personnel Records

Eain of Norhebra

<<Starfleet Personnel Office, San Francisco, Earth>>Basic------Name: Eain of NorhebraDOB: 07.04.2287 (Federation Standard), 3rd of Harvest, 3987 (Etarian Calendar)Birthplace: Etaria, Ferenginar SectorSpecies: EtarianHeight: 184cmWeight...
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Personnel Records

File X778-531: Jasper Alan Morello

Name: Jasper Alan MorelloRank: NoneRace: BetazoidAge: 30Jasper began his life in the rainy capital city of Ferenginar. Born to two Betazoid diplomats, it seemed at first Jasper would follow in their footsteps, dutifully.As he began his schooling ...
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Personnel Records

Personnel File : Dekan

Name : DekanSpecies : Bomeerathi (Minor species in former Romulan Star Empire territory)Age : 39 Standard Terran YearsSex : Breeder MaleRank : CommanderStatus : ActiveDistinguishing Features : Romulan brand, prominent on forehead Scaled skin Red ...
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Personnel Records


Name: M'Chica K'RenaRank: CommanderRace: CaitianGender: FemaleAge: 35Born on Cait in 2381, M'Chica's clan is large and primarily farmers. M'Chica aspirations for a military career made her a bit of a rebel in her clan but her ambitions were embrac...
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Personnel Records


Name: T'rena Faction: federation Species: Vulcan/Romulan Gender: female Birthdate: November 30, 2383 ID Number: 1130055979 Height: 5'10" Weight: 58kg Traits: Creative, Resilient, Emotional, Peaceful, Congenial Department: Science Quote: "To some I...
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Personnel Records

Argus System

((This is to provide a reference for Hera's homeworld. Details may get tweaked as time goes on like other facts so be aware. I will be breaking the info up into different categories for how it might be gotten for fun.))Name: Argus IV [M]Indigeno...
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Personnel Records

Hera Seven 201 File - Stellarum, mea sunt / The Stars are Mine.

Name: Hera SevenGiven Name: Hera 776-783-A2n-8My-7Z7Star Fleet Service Number: G953K4699427Rank: EnsignDate of Rank: Homeworld: Olympus (Argus IV) – Expatriate CitizenCitizen of the Federation: No (See file 1221-B)Citizenship Attained: YesSponsor...
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Personnel Records

Security Dossier - C'huck F'nlea

Name: C'huck F'nleaRace: RomulanGender: FemaleAge: UnknownAffiliation: noneNotable characteristics: Wing shaped brand under her right eyeShip: the free vessel Ars Moriendi; a repurposed Breen Plesh brekProfession: "Privateer"Background:She has be...
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Personnel Records

Prilla Thran

Name: Prilla ThranSpecies: AndorianRank: Lt. CommanderAge: 24 standard yearsHomeworld: Sandor (Gamma Corvi IV)Current Posting: Engineer’s Mate, USS Song of KaliBorn and raised on Sandor, a subtemperate Federation colony world with a signific...
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Personnel Records

G'leyss cha Zorim

Name: G'leyss cha ZorimSpecies: RigelianRank: Captain (extra Starfleet)Age: 36 Standard YearsBirth: Rigel IV (Stream 3, Eddy 2)Commands: Transtemporal (extra Starfleet), U.S.S. Lorentz<<Note: Some of the following information has been modifi...
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