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Jadin@Erik-99: [sits in her ready room, reading a PADD]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: [Enters Bridge, avoiding stares of crew. The damaged shuttle, missing a warp nacelle, is the focus of the viewscreen. A tractor beam is reeling it toward the Basilan]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *embarrassed flushing of face*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: [Presses door call button]

Jadin@Erik-99: [looks up] Enter.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Captain, Cadet Norhebra reporting as ordered.

Jadin@Erik-99: [gestures to the chairs] Have a seat. Can you tell me what happened to your shuttle, Cadet?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *flushes*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *swallows*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I think...I hit something, Captain.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I'm not entirely...sure. *coughs*

Jadin@Erik-99: [raises a brow] Take your time, Cadet. Recall what happened.

Jadin@Erik-99: [takes a sip of her tea]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Well, I just exited warp, set the course...engaged the impulse engines...and was seized by a need to...*he gestures*

Jadin@Erik-99: The need to what?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I've had some mild...gastric distress, recently and I needed to use the...facilities.

Jadin@Erik-99: [narrows her brows]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: While I was otherwise engaged, there was a loud bang.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: The shuttle shook, lights blinked on and off, lots of beeping.

Jadin@Erik-99: [listens patiently]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I got back to to the console and watched the port nacelle float off into the ether...*waves hand nebulously*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: At the same time, the impulse drive auto-dumped its fusion core, which exploded.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Battery backup kicked in, which was good...and, erm...then I set the distress call and waited.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *expression grows more serious*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I checked the sensor logs but couldn't find any record of a ship or object that could be held responsible.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: And my navigational deflector was operating properly at all times.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: So *he shrugs* I don't really know what happened, Captain.

Jadin@Erik-99: [holds her hand to her chin] It's possible you ran into a quantum filament.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *classic eyebrow raise*

Jadin@Erik-99: They have a tendency to wreak havoc on spacecraft upon encounter. The Enterprise D ran into two back in 2368.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Fashak!

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I've heard of them, yes, Captain

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *runs hands through hair*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I got lucky

Jadin@Erik-99: [taps her comm badge] Jadin to Lieutenant Lyra. Run a scan for quantum filaments in the area. I believe they may be responsible for the shuttle's damage.

Jadin@Erik-99: [Lyra] Acknowledged, Captain.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *sits quietly, hands in lap, feeling rather fortunate*

Jadin@Erik-99: You may have been lucky. Quantum filaments tend to be massive. What were you doing in the shuttle in the first place, if I may ask?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Of course - the Crossbow is en route to rendezvous with a Ferengi trade convoy and escort it from Ferenginar to DS9...Etaria - my world - is not too far out of the way. I have a week's leave owing

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: So I left the Crossbow this morning, planned to spend a day or two with my family and then return to the ship at Ferenginar.

Jadin@Erik-99: A week? You might not have that much time to enjoy given the situation with the Tzenkethi.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *nods* I thought so too but the Captain was insistent I take leave.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Y'know, before all the phasering began.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I'm not one to look a free Shantar in the beak, so-

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I borrowed the Watson and shot off home as fast as I could go.

Jadin@Erik-99: [nods] Very well. We can take you the rest of the way and remain there should you need to be recalled immediately.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Oh...thank you, Captain!

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *smiles*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Another free Shantar.

Jadin@Erik-99: Shantar?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Domesticated Quadruped, near sentient and once used as a beast of burden on my world.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: It has wings...and sharp claws.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *quickly* We don't ride them anymore

Jadin@Erik-99: [raises both brows] Sounds like you're describing what humans call a dragon. [gets up and heads to the sofa]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: [follows, sits without asking]

Jadin@Erik-99: [refills her tea cup] Help yourself to the replicator if you like.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: [waves a hand] I'm good, thank you.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Dragon would fit, yes. *chuckles*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: The first days of the colonists were...desperate. Ideals of animal liberation had to be suspended for practical application.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: But, as soon as our robotic and prosthetic augmentation programs were restarted, the Shantar were left alone.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: They're this close *holds up finger and thumb* to sapience. It's remarkable.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Actually, I will have a drink if that's ok.

Jadin@Erik-99: [taps her comm badge again] Jadin to bridge. Kibble, set course for Etaria.

Jadin@Erik-99: [nods to him[

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: [pokes replicator] Chai Tea with soy milk. Don't burn it.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: [beeps, begins to replicate] And leave the bag in!

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: [sequence restarts, cup materializes]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Yum

Jadin@Erik-99: [Kibble] Aye, Captain. Abonoi says that repairs to the shuttle should take about a day and Lyra reports that there was a quantum filament in the area. It seems the shuttle grazed it.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Ah. *smiles and chuckles*

Jadin@Erik-99: Understood. [taps her comm badge to end the comm]

Jadin@Erik-99: [the USS Basilan's nacelles rotate up and the ship slips into warp]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Captain, do you intend to grant shore leave on Etaria?

Jadin@Erik-99: [leans back and props her leg on the other] I may. My crew has been a little on edge since reporting to Starbase 621.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *nods*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: There are a few...cultural concerns.

Jadin@Erik-99: Oh?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Etaria was originally intended to be a colony of Earth.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *clears throat*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: How familiar are you with Earth history, around the 2070s?

Jadin@Erik-99: Not too familiar I'm afraid. I believe there a number of, what was at the time, deep space colonization efforts.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Exactly! *smiles brightly, in full teacher mode*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: First Contact was the...great hope of humanity.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: But the Vulcans were a little slow in providing the help that everyone thought would be coming.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: It took a good fifty years before the various wars and problems petered out and the first attempts at a world government began.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: In the meantime, various supranational organizations started their own efforts to preserve the species.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: The Eternal Initiative was one - humans from Europe and Africa launched a ship. The SNV Torch.

Jadin@Erik-99: [holds up the hand]

Jadin@Erik-99: I appreciate the history lesson, but can you give me an abridged version of what we might expect?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *chuckles* Yes, sorry. I really like history. *smiles*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Etarians never trusted Earth after the first settlements were established. Indeed, contact was deliberately severed in about 2100.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: The people who set up Etaria were prosthetically augmented - cybernetic upgrades to the human body.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: They had a...reputation.

Jadin@Erik-99: [raises a brow, awaits for him to continue]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: When Second Contact Day came in 2280, the Settlements and the Federation nearly came to conflict.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Old scars and all that.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Etaria might be a Federation world *now* but...most people there prefer to be left alone.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: We're stronger than most Federation species, faster and half of our population are sapient robots.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: There are...unfortunate...comparisons made to the Borg, for example.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: It's important, I think, that your crew...educate themselves thoroughly, before visiting.

Jadin@Erik-99: I see.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Thank you, Captain.

Jadin@Erik-99: I'll certainly do that and see about limiting how many go down at a time.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *nods* That might be sensible too - even our largest city doesn't have a population larger than a quarter of a million.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: And we maintain our own military - Starfleet uniforms aren't a familiar sight.

Jadin@Erik-99: Are there any areas that are more welcoming or at least tolerant.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: The Central Settlements are more...urbane.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: But they represent about 10% of the population.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Most of our people live in Outer Settlements - populations no more than 500 each. A quarter of our people live almost alone or in family groups.

Jadin@Erik-99: [nods] Would these central settlements be a decent choice for shore leave?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Oh yes. *brightens*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Everything you could want for all sorts of rest and recreation.

Jadin@Erik-99: [nods] Good. Any local highlights?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Well...I'm not exactly a party type...but there's a club in Canterbridge that has a floor for everything.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: The law is pretty...liberal.

Jadin@Erik-99: [smirks] I'm more looking at parks, recreational areas, and the like.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Ah yes, most settlements are like that.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Plenty of green spaces and urban development is strictly controlled. We prefer to build up, rather than out.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I can show you a few completely wild areas if you fancy a challenge.

Jadin@Erik-99: [smirks] Make a list. Should be a nice stop then assuming of course we're allowed to the surface.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Anyone is's just a bit of a culture shock for most visitors.

Jadin@Erik-99: [nods] I'll take whatever precautions necessary. Thank you for the heads up.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Of course, Captain.

Jadin@Erik-99: Well, Cadet, I must take care of some more paperwork. See Commander Kibble for guest quarters.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *stands*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Yes, Captain. Thank you.

Jadin@Erik-99: [nods]
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Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *Waits outside Jadin's quarters, deep breaths, jaw clenching as he tries to control nerves*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *Presses door panel*

Jadin@Erik-99: [sits in her arm chair, reading a book]

Jadin@Erik-99: [looks up] Enter.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Captain.

Jadin@Erik-99: Something I can do for you, Cadet?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Well...Yes, Sir.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Did you hear about the Crossbow?

Jadin@Erik-99: Ma'am. And I did receive a gist report from Admiral Tuvok.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *nods*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Starfleet Academy hasn't decided what to do with me yet. I still have a little time left on my 4th year cruise before I graduate, so I wanted to ask if I complete it aboard the Basilan.

Jadin@Erik-99: [gestures to the sofa] I'm sure I can squeeze you in. Sorry about the Crossbow. An odd tactic for the Tzenkethi given their recent activities.

Jadin@Erik-99: [bookmarks her place and sets the book on the footrest in front of her]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Thank you, ma'am.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I can't understand the raid, myself.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Etaria has had a long history with the Tzenkethi *winces, but doesn't explain why* and they don't exactly like outsiders.

Jadin@Erik-99: Sounds similar to the Federation's. You said the Crossbow was escorting a Ferengi convoy?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Yes, ma'am.

Jadin@Erik-99: You can ease off on the formalities. Is it possible that they were carrying these strange crystal eggs.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *chuckles* Will do. I suppose so - Ferengi cargo manifests hardly ever match what is actually aboard.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *Ferengi

Jadin@Erik-99: That's the only possibility that would fit Tzenkethi motives as of late.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Which would mean they probably have a source in the FCA

Jadin@Erik-99: We can't infer that. They have dedicated themselves to detecting these crystals, these Drantzuli.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *flushes, without explaining why* So it's possible they have some other method of finding them.

Jadin@Erik-99: Or it's their primary. They've been at this since 20 Draconis, if not before.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *nods*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: We really don't know enough about them, do we?

Jadin@Erik-99: I think we make reasonable assumptions at this point.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: When I was taking my year out in the Settlements Navy, I was involved in a lot of our intelligence gathering.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I have a few contacts there...I'll ask them for anything they have. It might...give us a few more assumptions.

Jadin@Erik-99: [nods] That might help. Don't let it get in the way of your time off.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *winces*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: My leave was up this morning. I wanted to get a jump on the transfer process. *smiles*

Jadin@Erik-99: [sighs with a smirk] Cadets. Always eager. What job would you serve aboard Basilan?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I'm a qualified pilot - a good one, even if I say so myself. I have command experience from the Navy. And I can shoot...straightish.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Other than that, it was my intent to start the command program after my cruise.

Jadin@Erik-99: I'll consider you for conn. For shooting, do you mean hand held weapons or ship weapons?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: My personal weapon scores...are passing grade.

Jadin@Erik-99: But?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Ship to ship? Well...Etarian ships use AIs so my scores from that period are inadmissible.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Hand-to-hand, I'm excellent.

Jadin@Erik-99: About your weapons handling. What's the drawback from your training?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: With a hand phaser, I'll hit everything within 100 meters. But that's typical for any Etarian - mechanical augmentation.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: With a rifle, I passed the course. I've been doing remedial training since 1st year.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: But every time I handle a rifle, it feels unwieldy and heavy. *shrugs*

Jadin@Erik-99: Starfleet phaser rifles have a fair heft to them, but otherwise are decent in hand.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: I can't really explain it *smiles*...Etarians typically fight up-close. Pulsewaves are very popular down there *jerks thumb over shoulder at Etaria and chuckles*

Jadin@Erik-99: [nods] I'd recommend putting in some holodeck time for rifle training if you're uncertain.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Every day, Captain, promise.

Jadin@Erik-99: It's not an order, Cadet. Just advice given the situation we find ourselves in.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *nods, chastened*

Jadin@Erik-99: All things considered, I'd say you'd be best suited for the CONN. I'll talk to Commander Kibble next chance I get.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Thank you, Captain.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Oh, I promised I'd ask

Jadin@Erik-99: [listens]

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: ...Are families allowed aboard?

Jadin@Erik-99: I'll allow visitations as we are in a state of RnR. Just make sure no trouble takes place.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *smiles* I won't bring all four kids up then.

Jadin@Erik-99: [smirks] If you think they can be controlled bring them up. Otherwise, I trust your discretion.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Thank you.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: With your permission, I'll go and get my kit together.

Jadin@Erik-99: Kit?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *blinks* My...baggage?

Jadin@Erik-99: [nods] Of course.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Thank you, Captain. I won't let you down.

Jadin@Erik-99: [picks her book back up and resumes reading]

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