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Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks out the window as he waits]

Onlea@deffdog: *comes in humming an unusal song*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [leans on the railing and watches the starships]

Onlea@deffdog: *Sings softly* It's not un usual... *taps on her padd in the tune*

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan nods to the assembled Captains as he enters, and settles into an open seat]

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She pads in, settles into the chair at the head of the table.*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks at the table and joins the others]

Lazu@Basilisk9466: All right, folks, time to bring our missing people home. We've got the best guess for her current location spat out by the computers...

Seuna@grgrafitti: *leans on the back of Lazu's chair*

Onlea@deffdog: So... we .. oh...

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She pauses, glances up.* Can I help you, sweety?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Still not an officer, I'm going to abuse this while I can.

Onlea@deffdog: Oh...No was wondering when we were starting then you started talking... and don't call me sweety.

Dekan@kanekasier: What's our search pattern like, uh, Captain?

Onlea@deffdog: *looks at Seuna and blushes* I siad nothing.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: You wish, Tahz. *She smirks.* Where was I... oh yes, we just got the long range probes back in. There are a few nasty anomalies in the area.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *cheshire grin*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Define 'nasty anomalies'.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan makes a face] Nasty anomalies sounds like a uh, fair understatement.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *The junior officer shimes in* The path we've mapped and triangulated, sirs, has him flying directly at a blue giant. Sirs.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: It's a pretty old star cluster. Pulsars, neutron stars, and most relevantly, several giants - including that one.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [raises a brow] I assume their navigation systems aren't functioning properly?

Lazu@Basilisk9466: It's hardly the Briar Patch or the Badlands, but we need our conn officers at their best.

Seuna@grgrafitti: We should probably lead with my ship, I have drones.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Agreed. Commander Hart, you've got point. Commander Dekan, you'll be in formation with Tir; between the two of you, that's enough engineering power to salvage the Atlantis nice and quickly.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: The rest of us are on flanking duty to spread a nice wide sensor net, to ensure we catch her.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan nods] That uh, sounds good to me, Captain.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] We'll have engineering teams standing by just in case.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: If there are no further questions, we should depart. Astaroth says that if our projections are correct, they're getting dangerously close to that star already.

Onlea@deffdog: Lead the way.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *taps her badge* Collage, ready the swarm

Seuna@grgrafitti: Collage: COVERED IN BEEEEEEES

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Astaroth, one to beam up. Good luck, ladies, gentlemen.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [taps his comm badge] Sharp to Indy. Beam me directly to the bridge and set course to the coordinates provided by Lukita with all haste.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Comms] : This is the Daehlen. Commander Hart, we'll follow your lead.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Indefatigable travels at high warp to the given coordinates]

Seuna@grgrafitti: Understood Daehlen. Launching drones now. If you see any pop I want you to go all back full.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Comms] : Affirmative

Seuna@grgrafitti: Lieutenant Hart, ahead one quarter.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Collage: Aye aye Captain Mom!

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [drops out of warp with the other ships and takes up a flanking position]

Onlea@deffdog: Ship sighted. Holding Position.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Moving to join you, Benjamin. How's she look?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Daehlan, adjust deflectors and shields to port, that Pulsar looks ugly.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: This is the Indefatigable, we confirm sighting of the Atlantis.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Comms] : We see it, Tir Na Nog. Adjustments underway.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Understoon Indefatigable. We're beginning our approach... slowly.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [to tactical] Maintain standby readiness, Mr. Glessing.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Daehlan, all stop, shending the drones ahead

Dekan@kanekasier: [Comms] : All stop, aye.

Onlea@deffdog: Interesting shes holding at Warp... It looks like the original core of the ship is working!

Seuna@grgrafitti: Why? Why wouldn't salvagers steal the core?

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : Too complicated to remove for a uh, an antique?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Collage: Uhm... Captain the drones aren't really meant to maintain this speed.

Seuna@grgrafitti: They'll be fine, are they taking any damage?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Collage: Uhm... well kinda? Turbulence mostly. I think its minor.

Seuna@grgrafitti: All right, Daehlan, half ahead. Lets go get our ship.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [No sign of any salvage ships at present.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Comms] : Keep an eye on those gravity wells. They can throw off your projected courses.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : Commander, I think we can slow them with a uh, syphon. We'll have to be careful, but it um, should bring them out of warp.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Alright, I'm going to move ahead of them, try to guide them out so the Decel doesn't sheer them apart.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : We're locked in and ready. We're um, still not picking up any reactions to our presence.

Seuna@grgrafitti: That's alright, we'll get people aboard asap. Go ahead and let 'er rip.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : Syphon online. We're starting small, to ah, ease them down.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Take your time, I'd rather do it right than fast

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [taps his chair interface] Bridge to shuttle hanger, prepare to launch runabouts on my order.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Belay that captain sharp, there's radiation all over. Smaller ships aren't going to have a good time

Onlea@deffdog: Task Force, my scinece officer is telling me that a Radio transmission is emitting from the Atlantis

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : Power draw at 45%.

Onlea@deffdog: Not subspscae.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Gibbs] Confirmed. Reading radio transmission from the Atlantis.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Isolate it Captain Tahz, let me know when you have something

Onlea@deffdog: Will do, it might take a moment to retune our communicator to a radio Transmissions.

Onlea@deffdog: *Opens Hailing Frequencies to Radio Transmission*

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : I hope they realize they're leaving their uh, own broadcasts way behind. Even at um, warp 2. [Checks his screens] Warp 1, now. Power draw at 60%.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *Radio transmission, once it's been cleaned up, accounting for the radiation: beeeeeeep beeeeeeep beeeeeeep beep beep beep beeeeeeep beeeeeeep beeeeeeep beep beep beep beeeeeeep beeeeeeep beeeeeeep

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: That's assuming they aren't from the 20th Century.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: The cycle keeps repeating.*

Seuna@grgrafitti: They might be, that's morse code.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Not necessarily. Morse code exisits to this day. Perhaps the Atlantis crew had no other means of communication.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : Power draw at 80%. They'll be dropping out of warp speeds alltogether in a few moments, Commander.

Seuna@grgrafitti: its evolved since then though, this is very specific morse code. SOS. Save Our Souls

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Astaroth: I might have an idea to help get her out of warp, how's it going over there?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I'm familiar with that particular code.

Seuna@grgrafitti: We're in position to take the brunt of it. They're drafting off us at the moment.

Onlea@deffdog: Is there anyway we can assist?

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : Power draw at full. Get ready to catch!

Seuna@grgrafitti: Alright, Lieutenant Hart, have the drones find harpoints on the hull and latch on. on my signal, all reverse, the drones and our vessel.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Give me a count Daehlan.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Drop!

Seuna@grgrafitti: NOW LIEUTENANT

Seuna@grgrafitti: Collage: Aye aye!

Seuna@grgrafitti: *Two of the drones shatter and explode as both ships drop out of warp with a lurch, almost in the same space*

Seuna@grgrafitti: Collage: Gary and Steve are down!

Dekan@kanekasier: [The Daehlen overshoots, only by a little, as it coasts to a more sedate stop]

Seuna@grgrafitti: Tractor the Atlantis, hold her down.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Commander Hart to all Trust vessels, Atlantis is secure. Move in.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Astaroth exits warp a moment later, and loops around to join formation.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Carefully.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Comms] : Emergency repair teams standing by.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Indy takes up a defensive position around the Atlantis and launches a couple runabouts]

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : Bleh. And I thought our ah, out of time space station was in bad shape. Projecting SIF. That should ah, hold her together for now.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Indefatigable to fleet, I'd suggest moving any of the crew aboard either my ship or the Benjamin. Allow for a easier transition for those out of their era.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Not reading any crew. I suggest a boarding party.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: She's already been salvaged, Sharp, the likelihood of original crew is practically zero.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Ready to beam over. I'd suggest towing her somewhere safer, but not sure she'd make it.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Begging your pardon, Lukita, anything is possible. And where are our missing personnel?

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : Away teams ah, standing by.

Seuna@grgrafitti: That's what I aim to find out, EV suit up, we're going to send a team aboard while Tir tows her to port.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] : I um, recommend- Yeah. EV suits for uh, all.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks to Cidil] Commander, head over there to aid in relief efforts.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] Aye, sir.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil materializes with the others onboard Atlantis]

Dekan@kanekasier: Elements. It uh, really is our old station all over again...

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Well, the bridge is a mess. Let's try Engineering.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *the ship rocks as it begins moving again*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil follows the others, maintaining a readied hand on his phaser]

Seuna@grgrafitti: I'm guessing the Dampeners are damaged too.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] It's a wonder this ship hasn't come apart.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: It'd be quicker to list what isn't damaged. I'll check the core.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *looks to Cidil* Go with her, stay together

Dekan@kanekasier: It uh, looks open to vacuum down towards the uh... Shuttle bay, I think?

Dekan@kanekasier: Stripped out.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Don't go down there, we're looking for personnel or a black box

Dekan@kanekasier: Aye

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [scans the area] I'm reading an atmosphere around here.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Oxygen, Nitrogen. If someone's aboard, they be there.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Helmets stay on. No guarantee it'll last.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil^]

Dekan@kanekasier: Careful opening bulkheads. There's um, a lot of open areas still.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She pushes into main engineering, looking around.* Nobody here. But... here's something.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She picks up the PADD curiously.* Someone hooked a replicator up to the warp core.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil moves about, trying to guage a working console]

Seuna@grgrafitti: Does it have a log?

Seuna@grgrafitti: See what was being made

Lazu@Basilisk9466: I'm not sure they were making something. There's a PADD, trying to access it now.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *motions to Dekan and Onlea* Follow me, lets check some side rooms.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil, to Lazu] Anything helpful?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Well, Transporter room isn't pretty

Seuna@grgrafitti: What's left of it.

Dekan@kanekasier: Mneh. I wouldn't re-energize this thing until it's been ah, scrapped and rebuilt.

Seuna@grgrafitti: It's probably missing the parts to energize.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Our people were definitely here. For a while, at least. Food supplies... Conchobhar's log...

Seuna@grgrafitti: A log?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil raises a brow] What the does the log say?

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Confirms most of what we figured out... cargo transporter! Find the cargo transporter, they stored themselves in it!

Dekan@kanekasier: Oh. Ew...

Seuna@grgrafitti: Desperate times...

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan sighs] I don't doubt it, but... That can't be comfortable.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] Am I understanding that right? They put themselves in a reoccuring transporter loop?

Dekan@kanekasier: Um, question. Would the cargo transporter be uh, anywhere near the shuttle bay?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Yes, yes it would

Lazu@Basilisk9466: That's what the log says. Uh... Astaroth, get me a deck plan.

Dekan@kanekasier: I think I'm in the bay.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Astaroth: Transmitting to your HUD now.

Dekan@kanekasier: Call it a uh, hunch.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [taps his wrist panel] Cidil to Indefatigable, we believe we may have an idea where our personnel are. Standby.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Erik] Acknowledged, Commander.

Dekan@kanekasier: Only one console in here. Let me see...

Seuna@grgrafitti: How versed are you in human technology?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil, heads to join the others]

Dekan@kanekasier: Standard Federation tech, reasonably well. This stuff? Well... I had practice on that old station. But uh, mostly by ripping out most of it...

Seuna@grgrafitti: Yea thought you might say that. *bumps him out of the way with her hip* This old stuff is 90% jury rigging, 10% bullsh*t space magic.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] I'll take your word for it. Never did study too much about these old ships.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan moves over without comment, checking a different side of the box] I think... Yes, there's uh, power. Not um, not a lot...

Dekan@kanekasier: Where is this going to uh, transport out to? We can set up a pressure shelter over it...

Seuna@grgrafitti: *pops open the panel* Enough for a guaranteed transport? I like Conchobhar, I want every piece of him back.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] I don't suppose we could try linking one of our ships with this one to aid in the transport?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Looks like it'll work *reaches in and tinkers with it* Its too risky, too little power, we get bits and pieces, too much power... same problem, much messier.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Alright, lets see if we can isolate the loop, maybe we can pull one person out at a time.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan taps his communicator] Daehlen, focus the SIF projection on my location. We need to ah, keep atmo in the shuttle bay.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] Alright. Let's get those people out of there.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Mhmm *works on the console* This display is... well I'm bypassing that display in favor of my PADD.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *wires the console to her PADD* alright, lets see how many survivors we've got here.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil, taps his wrist pannel again] Indefatigable, we've confirmed that our personnel are inside a transporter loop. Similar to Captain Scott when he was aboard the Jenolan. We're about to bring them

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: out of it.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Erik] Understood, Cidil. Contact us if you need any aid on our end.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Assuming they're actually there. I've only confirmed a loop, not personnel in it... oh there we go.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Six people.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] Six? Prophets praise them if they're in one piece.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *taps the PADD* eeny... meeny... miney... you. *taps the PADD and ends the loop for one of the crewmen, starting the materialization*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil, looks as one person materializes]

Seuna@grgrafitti: Indefatigable, prepare to take on survivors for a full medical.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *Conchobhar materialized directly behind Dekan, bringing his fist down and hitting him in the back of the neck* Bloody compu- Hey. You aren't the computer.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Erik] We're ready, Seuna. Say the word and we'll transport them.

Dekan@kanekasier: Gah! [Dekan flinches, although the suit stiffens under the blow rather than himself] No, uh, no I am not the computer.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil steps to the Lieutenant's side]

Seuna@grgrafitti: *swats Connor on the back of the head* play nice.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *Looks around* So. Uhh. Looks like ye found us, sye?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] That we have.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *He looks sheepishly at Dekan* Sorry about that, boyo. 'Twas t' computer I was hittin, right afore it beamed us up inta storage.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: There you are, Lieutenant. Do you have any idea how much trouble we've gone through to find you?

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Di'n wan' ta beam us up at first.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil, to Seuna] Shall we get the others out, Commander?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Of course not, its not supposed to be used on living things. You probably have some defect now.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Don't look at me, Captain. We were followin' the planned route when an ion storm came outta nowhere.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *nods to Cidil* Someone tag him and get him to the Indy. *walks back to the console*

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *Looks at Seuna* I feel like all me parts are sorted.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] Indefatigable. Lock on to Lieutenant Conchobhar's signal and beam him to sickbay.

Dekan@kanekasier: No harm done, uh, Lieutenant. But we should get you out of this... Museum piece.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Erik] Acknowledged.

Seuna@grgrafitti: We wont know for sure til you get a work up. Superior officer's orders. *brings the others out of the loop one at a time.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Keep working, Dekan, there's more people to get out of there.

Dekan@kanekasier: Right. The uh, SIF is holding. Commander Hart? Anything ah, you need from me?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Nope, get these people off this death trap

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Indefatigable here, we have successfully transported the lieutenant. Our doctor is seeing to him now.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *After several minutes, all six crew members are recovered, apparently none the worse for wear.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Alright, everyone off the ship. Tir will haul her back to the lab until we decide what to do with her

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cmdr Durvo and his staff treat Connor and the others when Sharp enters]

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [to Durvo] Report, Doctor.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: [Durvo] Everything appears to be in the right place, sir. Signs of malnutrition, mild. Expected.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Durvo] They're in excellent health. Minor mending was needed, but nothing to write home about.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: How's it going, Lieutenant? Feeling closer to the 25th century?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] Good.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Yes'm. You 'ave no idea how glad I am ta see y'all.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: What happened, Lieutenant?

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Ion storm flared up outta nowhere while we were on patrol.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Took out the runabout's warp core, leaving us on auxilary power. We got lucky and literaly bumped into the Atlantis.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Or at least, what was left of her after the locals had strip-salvaged it.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: We decided to poke around and realized that the Atlantis was in better shape than the runabout. Which isn't saying much.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: But something happened that led you to seek refuge in the transporter buffer?

Conchobhar@Farmer42: We were running low on food and navigation died whiel we were in warp.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Kligel kept her running as well as we could, but...She was a ghost ship when we found her, sirs.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: You're lucky we got to you in time, you would have rammed a blue giant in less than an hour.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Indeed?

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Although your warp core would have failed first and likely torn the ship apart in the process, so... dead either way?

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *Shrugs* Don't suppose anyone has anything ta drink, do they?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [smiles] Help yourself to the replicator.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Or head to Ten Forward if you're interested.

Seuna@grgrafitti: AFTER we leave.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks to Seuna]

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Five weeks of that clapped out antique, I think I've earned a drab.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: We can have a full debrief at a later date. Or at least, someone else can debrief you, I don't think Starfleet would appreciate me doing it.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *dram

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Just make sure you and your men recover.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Durvo] Shouldn't take too long. I'm confident enough to discharge the m now.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: I think there's a Dabo table ready to be ransacked. No Ferengi in known space has the guile to overcome the deficite we've just built up.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan shoots a glance to Lazu at the mention of ferengi, but says nothing]

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: We should take the Atlantis back to Earth, see if it's computer banks can be recovered.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Don't suppose we could bring her back with us, could we? It'd be interesting t' see if'n we can get her running again and restore her.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Do yourself a favour and wait until you get back to the Federation, the local Ferengi aren't nice. As for the Atlantis... better talk to Starfleet, that's -really- not my department any more.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *shrugs* I'm not gonna hang on to her.

Dekan@kanekasier: Well uh... I think between the um, Commander and I, we can get it towed to the research lab. [He looks to Seuna] I still have the Daehlen running a low-level SIF, now that we've um, evacuated.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods to Lazu] I'll take it under our wing until we reach the Alpha Quadrant.

Dekan@kanekasier: Just enough to keep the ah, bits together.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Astaroth: Hey, Lazu, we're clear of the star cluster.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: That's my cue. Excuse me, gentlemen, I have a new mission.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I'll transfer the ship to a tug vessel afterwards. They can manage the rest of the way.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] Safe voyage, Captain.

Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan nods to Lazu as she passes by]

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Thanks for recovering me, captain.

Dekan@kanekasier: I should um, return to my ship as well. Unless you ah, needed anything else, Commander? Captain? [The last is directed towards Sharp]

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She heads out.* Catch you later, Fe.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *Touches Lazu's hand* Going far?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [taps his comm badge] Sharp to bridge. Commander, prepare the Atlantis for warp tow.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Hmm? Oh, there's a Ferengi whose day I need to ruin.

Seuna@grgrafitti: If you need an assist, just call.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Cidil] Aye, sir. It'll be ready momentarily.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Sure. *She blows a kiss, then leaves.*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks to Seuna and Connor] Well, would either of you like to join me in Ten Forward?

Conchobhar@Farmer42: So. Uhh. What have we missed?

Conchobhar@Farmer42: *Conchobhar slides off the table, ready to go*

Seuna@grgrafitti: *shakes her head* I've got a child to wrangle, she gets.... attached to the drones... she's probably already trying to salvage/rebuild them.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [smirks] Noted.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Does she still lick everything?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Only new things.

Seuna@grgrafitti: She wants to lick a Tzenkethi.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I'd like to know what part of my DNA she has. Certainly exhibits traits similar to everyone else.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Progress, I guess?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Its the chin, she's got your chin Erik.

Dekan@kanekasier: Speaking as a uh, lizard myself, they probably taste like lizard. [Said dust dry deadpan]

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Well...I guess that's something.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Where'd she encounter a Tzenkethi?

Seuna@grgrafitti: They've been... around.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [to Connor] They've been stiring up trouble this past month.

Seuna@grgrafitti: And she hasn't encountered one, thats why she still wants to lick one.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: The Tzenkethi are agitating again?

Seuna@grgrafitti: more like agitated.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Right now, there's intel that they're gearing up for something big. The Alliance has rounded up ships between Starbase 621 and Deep Space Nine.

Dekan@kanekasier: All over the Alpha quadrent. It's been, ah, exciting over there lately.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Huh. The things you miss.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Anyway, I think I want to sleep. In a bed. For a week or two.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] I'll have officers quarters arranged.

Conchobhar@Farmer42: May I be excused, sirs?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods]

Conchobhar@Farmer42: Comanders, captain, good night.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *shrugs* I'm off as well. I'll catch you boys later.

Dekan@kanekasier: I should get back to my ship. Commander, Captain, Lieutenant. [He nods to each before turning to exit]

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