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Fleet Officers
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Ten@Farmer42: *You hear a disinterested, almost bored Ten* Help, help. They are coming for me. You must save me"

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Rule number one Cadet Someone always covers the Admiral

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: well both of them i suppose

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Yes, Sir.

Varzec@deffdog: Well Ten you look festive...

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Borg?!

Ten@Farmer42: "The snowborg have captured me. You must fight them off to free me."

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: borgified snowmen

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *laughs* Excellent.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I really could use a weapons, Q!

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Shatters through her icy covering, again* This is getting old.

Dekan@kanekasier: S- s- so c- c- cold...

Ten@Farmer42: *Ten's disembodied voice* At least you are fully dressed.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I rather not ask.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: there is a lot of these things

Lazu@Basilisk9466: This is my duty uniform, It's not well insulated.

Ten@Farmer42: Skirt, lazu. And the aether has a breeze.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I'm thankful that Starfleet uniforms are made to be insulated for cold.

Varzec@deffdog: Would Q be willing to get us some probler clothing before we freeze to death!

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *doesn't mention EV Suit*

Ten@Farmer42: Why is there even a draft in a voidspace? Who does that?

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Do you have to ask Ma'm?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Who said this was space.

Ten@Farmer42: You all at least get snow. I'm watching from a featureless void.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: I'm just worried that Astaroth is going to go psychotic and kill some innocents worried about me going missing.

Varzec@deffdog: I was about the feed sicko when this happened.

Varzec@deffdog: Dear Lord whats that!

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: What in the name of...

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: I believe that humans call it a gigantic SoB

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I can think of stronger things

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: So what now?

Varzec@deffdog: Ok... uh back to the Gazebo.

Dekan@kanekasier: Oh k- k- kay... C- can we uh, g- go somewhere w- warmer n- now?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Because I don't see how- *flash*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: - we're going to...oh.

Varzec@deffdog: *Flash In and grabs his stomach* Stop that!

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [flashes] What nonsense are dealing with now?

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: It is really hard to walk

Lazu@Basilisk9466: I don't know. But if we have to put up with this, I at least want to shoot things.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *jerks thumb* Yep.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Fully agree.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Her gun suddenly vanishes.* Not funny.

Dekan@kanekasier: Sh- should have b- brought my th- th- thermals... Or env- v- vironment s- suit...

Ten@Farmer42: *Looks down at the notecards* You missed a section. *She flashes* Right. "Welcome back, heroes. You have save the Winter Queen. 'Thank you so much.' She is very grateful."

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Note to self, Q is hit or miss on giving somewhat useful help

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [comes running from another directinon into the gazebo] That was new.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: If it weren't for the fact that that name has some nasty connotations, that might stick, T'riy.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Love the outfit by the way Q give that to you?

Ten@Farmer42: "Now, heroes of the Snow Kingdom-"Wait, if I''m the queen, why aren't we calling it a Queendom?'" *She begins to flash again* Wait! Wait! I'll read it!

Ten@Farmer42: "The nearby gingerbread village is soon to be under attack. you must hurry to save them."

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Now we're saving Cookies

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Gingerbread...village...well.

Varzec@deffdog: *rolls eyes*

Lazu@Basilisk9466: How? I don't have a gun any more.

Ten@Farmer42: *Looks down at the cards* The village is going to be attacked by a...Snoconian? Really? *She looks up at the sky* Whatever.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks at the suited person] Can I at least have a weapon?

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: You'd have to ask Q or that shifty looking Ferengi over there

Ten@Farmer42: A glowing green exclamation point appears off to the left over a gungerbread fascia*

Lazu@Basilisk9466: What if I don't feel like walking?

Ten@Farmer42: *Lazu flashes briefly with a constant draft up her uniform, but armed again*

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *And then into a small targ. Which looks... irritated.*

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan just glances at Lazu with a frown.* Y- you people keep t- tempting Q...

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Wait, the cookies are encroching?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [flash, a toy looking rifle appears in his hands] ....Thanks.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: and that's a giant cone

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Ok. Cannon. Let's do this.

Varzec@deffdog: more snowmen

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *laughin as he fires foam* They look like my mother-in-law!

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [as he fires] This is more like it.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: My after-action report is going to make for interesting reading.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Don't remind me about mission longs

Dekan@kanekasier: Oh oh El- lem- ments...

Dekan@kanekasier: S- s- so m- many s- snowm- men...

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: A snow....conian? Really?

Varzec@deffdog: whats a snow cone?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Look it up later.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: I know this one! It's a human sweet

Ten@Farmer42: "Do not give in oh, heroes." Seriously, who wrote this? Yes, yes, I'm going to read it. But seriously... "The great Sno-conian fights for anad against us."

Ten@Farmer42: I refuse. No. GIVE ME THOSE BACK! Fine. "His syrup drips from the inflicted wounds, but the effort of the heroes is filling him up to full capacity."

Dekan@kanekasier: Uh... Th- that s- sounds...

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: ...wrong

Lazu@Basilisk9466: No. Just... no.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I write novels better than this.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: You okay Admiral?

Varzec@deffdog: Im ,,freezing.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Hang on, this suit has a built in sec...ah, this is appropriate, I think. *Hands over a Bajoran Deka Tea*

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Should we look for a Ferengi with slothing for sale with outrageously convient pricing

Ten@Farmer42: *Ten appears in a flash* "Congratulations, heroes. The kingdom and Queen are safe from the snow man threat. You are all heroes of note. To reward you, you have been granted access to the Kingdrom.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Can I leave?

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *laughs*

Ten@Farmer42: "Your deeds of derring-do will be recorded for the ages and gingerbread children will be told of them for generations to come."

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Now we're nursery rhymes for cookies

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: Not the accolade I was thinking of when I joined Starfleet. *chuckles*

Lazu@Basilisk9466: I want to leave.

Ten@Farmer42: "But the deeds are not, of themselves, without reward. The Kingdom is yours to play in. For now. You all may come by gingling a set of bells, wherever you are."

Ten@Farmer42: *She looks at the final card* It says if you jingle the bells in your packs, you'll appear back wherever you were when you were pulled here. Gingling them again brings you back here.

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: That is an invitation I might take him up on...assuming what we did here didn't cause a supernova in normal space.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: No, that's only during a Q Civil War

Varzec@deffdog: *looks through his pack*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *jingle jingle*

Eain@Nathan_Redbeard: *In holodeck, confronted by a huge angry Tholian. Regular phaser back in hand.* Fug! *fires*

Varzec@deffdog: *iingle jingle*

Ten@Farmer42: *All members of the Trust now have bells that transport them to the Winter Wonderland.*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [takes the bell out of his pocket and suddenly flashes away]

Ten@Farmer42: *Ten jingles her set of bells and reappears on her bridge*

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Well might as well enjoy the scenery

Dekan@kanekasier: C- c- cold... N- n- need w- warm...

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She presses her belt automatically. Something new appears in her hand.* ...please tell me I get to keep this.

Dekan@kanekasier: *Fumbles for his bells and shakes them*

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She clicks the bells, and vanishes.*
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