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Erik journeyed to Admiral Quinn's office with an anxious pace. His reply to his request to be reinstated as captain had been quicker than he thought, but he supposed there was good reason. Starfleet welcomed returning officers if they knew they could do some good. The only thing that held Erik back at the moment was how under dressed he was. Regardless of not having much in the way of formal wear, he felt like someone who rushed out of bed and slapped something on. Just before rounding the corner to the admiral's office, Erik took a moment to collect himself.

"Ah. Sharp, please come in. Have a seat. As soon as I saw your request, I wanted to meet with to make sure you've thought this through. You were pretty set in your leaving last we met." Admiral Quinn said as he admitted Erik in.

"I was. Though, I have recently came to the realization that I had lost something before. Something that helped make into the captain I was and want to be." Erik replied.

Admiral Quinn leaned back in his chair. "After some of the things you've went through, I can understand that. I hope you understand that we'll need to assess your performance to make sure you are still effective in commanding a starship again. A lot can happen from the line of work you took up."

Erik propped a leg on his knee and interlaced his fingers. "I'd do the same, sir. I do admit there are some traits I will need to work out. I only ask for the chance to command again."

"Starfleet is certainly a place for chances. Report to admissions down at the academy first thing tomorrow for command assessments, after you get your uniform," Quinn said before handing Erik a PADD, "Give this to admissions. Dismissed, Captain."

A chill went up Erik's spine as he took the PADD and departed the office. He made his way to the tailor and got fitted for a new uniform before returning to his guest quarters. He then sent a message to the Serpents' Gem. He believed that Clara was right for being the new captain and vowed to keep in touch with her. Just after he finished, the computer informed him that there was an incoming transmission from Aevana.
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It has been a few days since Erik was accepted back into Starfleet and it's been predominantly simulations to evaluate his ability to command. Most were compilations of reports of the various incidents Erik has experienced. One that he had some trouble with was the simulation that reenacted the Terran Empire's occupation of Starbase 130-T. Erik eventually received an approving evaluation after a couple of failed attempts and was granted full recognition as a captain.

When he returned to his quarters for the day, Erik changed into his uniform that he received the day after being accepted back. He made it a point to not put it on until the simulations and formalities were about done with. As he looked himself over in the mirror, the door chime went off.

"Enter." he answered turning around. To his surprise, Ambassador Picard stepped in.

"I understand congratulations are in order, Captain." Picard said extending his hand.

Erik shook it. "Thank you, sir. Sitting in on your lecture and your insight afterwards were instrumental in my consideration. I owe you for helping me in this."

"You knew what you had to do. I just made sure you listened to yourself."

Erik then gestured an offer to sit down and then asked the ambassador if he'd like a drink. To his pleasant expectation, he answered with "Tea, Earl Gray, hot" and Erik gladly obliged.

"There's certainly a number of activities going on for you to contribute to. The Tzenkethi are stirring up trouble, the Lukari and Kentari are in the process of reunifying, and we have a fascinating mystery that emerged from the Nexus Energy Ribbon. You picked a fine time to com back." Picard said after he took a sip of tea.

Erik smiled and nodded. "Indeed. I heard a lot about the last two. The first has my curious as to why the Tzenkethi are doing this. One could say it's equal the mystery as the unusual individual who was imprisoned in the Nexus. Now, I assume you have some news for me beyond congratulating me and current events?"

Picard set his tea down, pulled out a PADD, and handed it to Erik. "Indeed I do. You should find this uplifting."

The PADD contained a statement permitting Erik to be on relative detached assignment as long as he puts the Tzenkethi crisis forethought in his mind and the ship he's to take command. Erik's expression flushed and a chill went up his spine. He looked at the Ambassador for confirmation.

"I thought it best to give you this much to help start your service back up."

The name read: NCC-73612-C USS Indefatigable
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"And there you are, Clara. You are now captain, and owner, of the Serpents' Gem. Take good care of her." Erik said after signing the transfer PADD.

"I will. You just make sure you take care out there." Clara said as she took the PADD and tucked it in a pouch.

The two smiled before Erik noticed the chronometer. "Come. The Indy is said to arrive soon."

Clara helped Erik with his bags and just as they left the room, Domara appeared.

"Aevana? You're earlier than I thought." Erik said said just before the two kissed and hugged.

Domara smiled warmly. "Wanted to surprise you...Captain."

"Well done. Come, we're heading off to watch the Indy's arrival."

The three of them went to one of the lounges by the starship logistics area and sat waiting. As they did, Erik took a moment to tug at his uniform coat to straighten it. This made both Domara and Clara smile slightly.

"I must say, I like you better in uniform. It gives you more of a presence." Domara said as she looked Erik over.

"I agree. Your freelance look was good, but this is definitely you." Clara added.

Erik took a moment before he answered, "It feels good to be wearing it again. Thank you for convincing me to come back and do some soul searching, Clara."

"Anytime, Cap." Clara replied.

"Erik." Domara said and then pointed out the window behind him.

Erik turned around to see the spacedock doors open and admit the USS Indefatigable inside. As spacedock control brought the ship in, Erik smiled and felt a chill run up his spine. Clara stepped beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Domara stood on the other side and held his hand. It will feel good for Erik to sit in that chair and serve Starfleet again. And to possibly to spend some more time with Domara on occasion. The three of them then went to the outer docking port the Indefatigable was given.

When they reached the docking terminal, they discovered that personnel were lined up on either side of the corridor leading to the Indefatigable docking hatch. They stood at attention as soon as Erik started his way to the hatch with Clara and Domara close behind. More personnel stood in the ship's corridors as they entered. Two crewmen offered to take Erik's belongings to his quarters and he accepted. The three of them then followed the path before them to the bridge.

"Captain on the bridge." the familiar voice of Gibbs said as Erik stepped out of the turbo lift.

To his pleasant surprise, Erik saw the same faces that made up his senior staff: Veronica Logan, Gibbs, Cidil Tesca, Kemur Durvo, and Zazuri Yoriz. The only difference was the uniform coat Cidil wore. Erik walked down the ramp to him. The only old face absent was Garrett's as he chose to stay a freelance captain and Erik didn't blame him. He was a good officer but a better freelance. Instead, the officer that stood in is place was Lieutenant Verna Librada Horger.

Cidil picked up a PADD and activated the ship's intercom system before starting the formality. "Attention to orders. To Captain Cidil Tesca, commanding officer, USS Indefatigable. You are hereby requested and required to relinquish command of your vessel to Captain Matthew Erik Sharp as of this date. Signed, Admiral Jorel Quinn, Starfleet Command," Cidil held out the PADD for Erik, who held it at his end, "Computer, transfer all command codes to Captain Matthew Erik Sharp and save the time and date. Authorization: Tesca-549-Alpha."

The computer promptly replied, "Transfer complete. USS Indefatigable now under command of Matthew Erik Sharp. Time and date recorded and saved."

"I relieve you, sir." Erik said taking the PADD.

Cidil calmly clasped his hands behind his back. "I stand relieved. Welcome back, Captain. And now there will be a reception in Ten Forward for the captain for those able to attend in one hour."
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