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On Casperia Prime, Erik and his crew enjoyed a bit of shore leave after taking care of a pretty decent job. Everyone was enjoying themselves immensely. However, Erik couldn't help but feel that something was off with him. He sat at a table in a plaza while Clara and a couple others went and got refreshments. Erik felt good about all the work he'd done as a freelance captain, and even had a little bit of fun on a couple occasions.

"Hey, Zachary is taking care of the orders. Do you need to talk about something?" Clara asked as she sat back down with him.

Erik tried to look busy on his PADD, but quickly gave up at it. He couldn't fool Clara with that shtick. "We've done some good work lately and been rewarded handsomely for it. We got a good life for us, but it feels like something isn't right with me."

Clara placed a hand on his arm. "You're wondering if you should rejoin Starfleet. That you left a bit prematurely."

Clara has always had a bit of an empathic sense despite the fact that she's 100% human. It proved accurate most times.

"Starfleet has been on my mind every so often. I'm not sure if my leaving was premature or if I simply misjudged my reasons in doing so. I think I'll head back to Earth after our stay here. Take a walk around Starfleet Academy. See if the spark is still there." Erik said placing his chin in between his thumb and index finger..

Clara smiled. "Good idea. I can take care of things until you get yourself straightened out."

The two agreed to keep the matter to themselves until that moment comes when the say Zachary approaching with food orders.

That night, Erik looked through photos of his time in Starfleet. His moments from when he was a ensign to captain along with an image of the USS Indefatigable B and C. Afterwards, he packed up clothes and essentials for a couple days. Tomorrow will be the last day before the Serpents' Gem stay ends. He set a reminder to make an announcement to his crew just before they depart for Earth.
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It's been a couple days since Erik arrived at Earth and he's found a lot to consider as well as reconsider. He was permitted to stay on Earth Starbase during his stay and even sit in on a couple classes the he took back in the day. Erik also attended a lecture given by Ambassador Picard about the responsibilities and ethics of command. Afterwards, he sat down by a big tree and reflected on what he experienced lately.

"This is a favored spot for many. Including myself," Ambassador Picard said, slightly surprising him, "Mind if I join you, Captain?"

Erik scooted over. "By all means, sir. And I'm hardly a captain."

"Oh. I wouldn't say that. I'm familiar with some of your service record. You did good work and made some tough choices especially during the war with the Iconians. But, if I may say so, you seemed to have lost something after the Terran Empire incident at Starbase 130-T." Picard replied.

Erik's mind went back to that time. The experience was painful, but he managed to hold out until both the Trust and Terran dissident forces acted. Then afterwards fleet command wanted to charge Ramar Blackhand for dereliction of duty as a Starfleet officer when he wasn't, not to our Starfleet anyway. The whole incident weighed heavily on him.

"I'll tell something that a first officer of mine had to learn the hard way. Even if you find yourself in a non-favorable position with your superiors, do what you know is right. There are many times where you can't blindly follow orders. In the end, you are the one out there and you have the power to challenge a ruling made by a superior." Picard said resting his elbows on his knees.

Erik looked right at him. "Thank you, sir. It helps. I will make sure to take what you say into the utmost consideration," Picard stood up and was about to walk off, "Hang on. How did you know I was..."

"Not many attend my lectures that aren't cadets. I wish you the best of luck, Mr. Sharp." Picard replied before heading off.

Erik sat for a while longer before heading back up to Earth Starbase and returning to his guest quarters. He then chose to compose a message for someone that he believed could provide some more insight for his decision.
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Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [types on a PADD while having an ice water]

Seuna@grgrafitti: Is this seat taken?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks up and gives a smile] No. [gestures] Please.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *takes a seat* You rang?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Yes. I wanted ask you a few things. I'm considering rejoining Starfleet.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Really? I thought you were doing pretty well as an Independent.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I have been, but recently I've been feeling like something was amiss. My first mate has the intuitive sense that it's related to this and I believe her.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *nods* I see

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *pauses at the counter a moment* Hmm...a glass of Romulan ale, if you don't mind.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Yes. [sips his water] I then chose to come back here and take a trip down memory lane. Now, I think I just need some perspective about something from you. Mainly the fleet itself.

Seuna@grgrafitti: I'm afraid I might not have any good answers there

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [smirks] Nor do I if I asked myself.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *takes the glass, swirling it about and giving in a sniff* Ah, good. Not derived from that "synthehol".

Seuna@grgrafitti: So you... want to come back? Want to know if its safe to come back?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: More like if the fleet is still a back ally dealing, gungho bunch.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Yes and no?

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *sips his drink, obviously listening to the conversation at the next table over with a slight smirk*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [leans back] Sound like business as usual. [to Hunter] If you wish to join us, Captain, just ask.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *looks to sharp quizzically* "Captain"?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I've been a freelance long enough to know when someone is ease dropping.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *clears her throat* Erik, that's a "guest" Not our Hunter.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Well, I've done enough eavesdropping to be able to conceal it if I choose.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: So, you two are actually associates of my...counterpart?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Kind of.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Well, the invitation is appreciated, but your table appears to only seat two. There is however, plenty of room at this table.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *nods* He has a point

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [raises a brow] Alright.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *he takes a sip of his drink* So, what is it you two do here? You don't strike me as cadets.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Right now? I'm a freelance seeing if I want to renew an old path.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: A mercenary? I wasn't aware Starfleet made use of them.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: You apparently never met the Trust Fleet. [sips water]

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: I have, actually. On several occasions.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Then you'd know they're more merc like than I am. No offense, Seuna.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: I gather from your lady friend's dress however, that she is no mercenary.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Or if she is, she's living very dangerously.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *he smiles and takes another sip*

Seuna@grgrafitti: *shrugs* Can't I do both?

Lazu@Basilisk9466: I do have some of your memories for how a humanoid form works. *She eyes it suspiciously, takes the glass, stares at it intently.*

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Of course.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: From what I've seen of you, yes.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: So, are you here for a reason or is this just 'chance' meeting?

Seuna@grgrafitti: Nothing is by chance Erik *warningly*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I kinda figured.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: The fact that I've run into you here is, in fact.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: I've been here at Starfleet headquarters answering questions from several interested parties.

Seuna@grgrafitti: That never gets more fun

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Indeed.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Oh, I could see how you might find it boring, but really, it's all relative.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Where I come from, such fact finding sessions are usually conducted VERY differently.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Believe me, I know first hand how different it is.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *shrugs*

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Not as much as I do. I have experienced many, admittedly on both ends.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: So while perhaps it is a bit boring, it's the least I can do in return for saving my life and granting my asylum.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Forgive me if I don't take that at face value.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Take what at face value, exactly?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Your appreciative nature at being rescued.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Well, had it not been for your Admiral Varzec, I understand I'd have been used as a sort of bio-organic potting soil for a species called the "Elachi".

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: But if you are suspicious of me in general, there is nothing to forgive.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Let's just put it at inherent wariness from dealing with your side. But back to why I'm here.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Well, you may be mistaken as to which is "my" side. But yes! Let's talk about what's been on your mind.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *he sips and listens intently*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [to Seuna] While the fleet seems to be it's usual self from when I left, I see you've had some rough spots since then.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *he looks to Seuna, smiling in anticipation of a response*

Seuna@grgrafitti: *leans back in her chair* Not necessarily anything you would have prevented by staying.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Not saying I would have.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Well, aren't you two a pair?

Seuna@grgrafitti: We have interesting, insane, well backed enemies and somehow we end up finding trouble worse than that. It's never going to change.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Sounds like my unwritten autobiography's title.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [leans back in his chair and sighs] I'm not sure what to ask at this point. I feel like I want to rejoin, but I guess I feel that I might be putting myself back in the spot I was in before I left.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *waves off Hunter's comment* If you want to come back, you know there's a place for you. You are capable and in a position to save lives. Maybe see if you can help reach out to the Lukari?

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Hmm, looking to rejoin Starfleet then, I take it?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I know what I can do for Starfleet and the Federation. That much isn't the issue, it's associating myself with a fleet that I question the very nature of.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Varzec is back in command

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: You could always work to change it.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I'm well aware of that. [to Hunter] It's hard to change the nature of a scorpion.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: An organization is hardly s singular animal.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *nods*

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Perhaps it stands to benefit from a non-scorpion in the ranks.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: While true that is, it seems to fit. I mean look at Zane Seos. The bastard is still allowed to walk about the fleet after that planet destruction he pulled.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *puts her feet up on the table* Actually he's persona non grata. He's locked out of the embassy for sure, I did that myself

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Destroyed a planet? Was it inhabited?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [raises a brow] Damn. Sorry I missed it. [to Hunter] Yes.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Sentients?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: It was his response to a brainwashed populace or something.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: So it was deliberately done as well? That is actually quite shocking.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Suena can probably tell you much more. Knowing, now, that he's out of the picture might tip the scale in my choosing.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Well, thought I doubt my own advice is something you'd care much for, I'll say this...

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [listens intently]

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: While mercenary work doesn't necessarily exclude those with ethics, an organization built upon them as a foundation is a far more fitting place to find such people.

Varzec@deffdog: Hello Everyone *as he approaches from behind.*

Seuna@grgrafitti: *waves to Varzec* Hey V

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Well, if it isn't my savior! Come join us, Admiral.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks up] Admiral. [to Hunter] That bit of advice is comforting.

Varzec@deffdog: I would save that term for better men.

Varzec@deffdog: I'm just a man doing what I can.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Don't be so modest, your choices saved me from a very undignified death.

Varzec@deffdog: What brings you folks back to Earth, I just came out of a classified briefing.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: My rejoining.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *points to Erik* He called me

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: And my own presence you are already aware of the reasons for.

Varzec@deffdog: Recommissioning Captain? Good ot hear!

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: I'm sorry I probably wasn't able to provide Starfleet with anything interesting.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I'm still debating, but it seems to be leaning that way.

Varzec@deffdog: Well you will have my support.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [gives a slight smile] Thank you, sir.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *smiles much softer than usual* Getting the band back together.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [smirks] I do miss the uniform. Truth be told.

Varzec@deffdog: He I won't say that unless I see a certain Vulcan turn up.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: And a certain redhead.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: I miss mine as well, I confess.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: But it was also much more ornate.

Seuna@grgrafitti: I miss my title. Commander just isn't as sexy sounding as Captain.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [smirks] But you get to have more fun than a captain.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Oh? I took your dress to indicate a Captain's position.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: I guess I'm not as well versed on Starfleet uniform code as I thought.

Seuna@grgrafitti: I'm the CO of a vessel, but I was busted to Commander for Battery.

Varzec@deffdog: Captains have pure white shoulders now.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Even though it was justly, if I do say so.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Battery you say? Oh, I'd hate to see the poor soul on the receiving end of that.

Seuna@grgrafitti: If you ever get to 130-T ask about the dent at the bar

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: I've been there. Before coming here, actually.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: And I'd even visited once or twice before that.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *he smiles before taking another sip*

Seuna@grgrafitti: But now you know to ask

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: I doubt that Ferengi bartender would be so fitting a storyteller as yourself, however.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [takes out his PADD and stares at it for a moment]

Seuna@grgrafitti: Maybe I will tell you sometime then. As it stands though, I left my daughter with the devil and I need to get back before he convinces her to cut off an arm.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Maybe I will tell you sometime then. As it stands though, I left my daughter with the devil and I need to get back before he convinces her to cut off an arm.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: The devil?

Seuna@grgrafitti: My uncle

Varzec@deffdog: Whats going on with that?

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: You must be very fond of the man.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *stretches and squeaks a little* I love him very much, but make no mistakes, he can be a bad person.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Does this devil have a name?

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Perhaps when I die I'll address him by it in the hopes of securing some favors.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Gabriel Richards.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *he chuckles a bit* Really? That is an amusing coincidence.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks up] Feel free to tell him that my services are no longer his.

Seuna@grgrafitti: They usually are

Seuna@grgrafitti: Pff, he left 31 himself. Free agent now.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: I once knew a man by that name. A devil in his own right.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Still, in case he gets any thoughts. [presses a couple panels on the PADD] It's official now.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: But, I'm sure with a name like Gabriel Richards, it's hardly a unique identifier even unto his own universe.

Seuna@grgrafitti: I shudder to think the evils mirror Gabe would get up to. Professional baby toss maybe

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: Well, the man I knew doesn't get up to much of anything these days.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Retired.

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: His ambitious career was cut short by an unfortunate snapped neck.

Varzec@deffdog: So have you thought about what you will be doing, Erik? Return to the Captains chair?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [gives a side smile] Aye. The request is sent. Now I just need to wait for the next formality.

Seuna@grgrafitti: Probably a fitting end. Good evening gentlemen.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Thanks for coming, Seun. It's helped.

Seuna@grgrafitti: *Nods* Any time

Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: "Live long and prosper" as they say.

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