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Crate@cutthroat_porter: *carries a vintage bottle of Tranya* They really spared no expense for the rec facilities in the embassy

Dekan@kanekasier: *Sits typing at a PADD, glancing up at the officer when he enters. Dekan blinks a moment at the comment, then offers a small thin smile* Romulan sensibilities, I would uh, venture to guess.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Yes Romulan sensibilities. you know I am old enough to remember when Romulans and the Federation weren't shall I say friendly. Though I'm much happier in the current arrangement

Dekan@kanekasier: I was... Young, during that time. I um, honestly don't remember much outside of... Well, my training and duties. Then Hobus happened and well... *He shrugs*

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Everything changed. Then we were in war after war. Makes an man tired.

Dekan@kanekasier: Just one was ah, more than enough for me. *He sighs* Never mind everything that happened before... But I uh, digress. I um, don't recognize you, ah, Admiral?

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Crate, Admiral Dylan Crate, I'm an old friend of The Trust. Flew her banner for a while.

Dekan@kanekasier: Commander Dekan. Sort of a uh, Republic officer on loan to the Trust. *He smiles again, briefly* A um, pleasure to meet you, Sir.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: The pleasure is all mine Commander. I'm having a grand ole time keeping up with Trust's actions. they keep a lot of undesirables busy. Makes my job a lot easier as well

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *walks in past the door screen and into the room, stopping then looking around the room, taking in the sights. then with a little shrug continues on to the bar*

Dekan@kanekasier: Personal experience, uh, Sir? *Not an offensive question, just a curious one*

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Quite a bit I'm afraid. I was the big stick thrown at the problems when they got to large.

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *asks the chef what drinks and food he can offer, the question being inaudible to anyone beyond 10 meters*

Dekan@kanekasier: The problems always seem to be too large... But um, that might just be my ah, particular viewpoint. *He shrugs*

Crate@cutthroat_porter: You can see my point of view then.

Crate@cutthroat_porter performs the Picard Maneuver.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Well I just came to see how things were. Commander if things get hairy remind Fleet Command that MACO forces are at their disposal.

Dekan@kanekasier: Aye, uh, Sir.

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *orders a klingon raktajino not feeling up to anything else currently and waits for her drink. brings up her little wrist computer and starts typing on the screen*

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan sets his PADD on the bar, eliciting a glass of water from the bartender without a word*

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *notices someone approaching and turns her head, seeing Dekan, she then puts on a smile.* did you have an interesting conversation over there?

Dekan@kanekasier: With the uh, Admiral? Um, yes ah... Ma'am.

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *taking notice of how initially Dekan sounded and talked* oh no need to be formal with me. Names Reva

Dekan@kanekasier: Yes um... *Stops a moment, almost visibly shakes himself, and tries again* All right. I'll uh, try. *He flashes a little smile* Sorry. I um, I'm not usually good with firsts, outside of formal. I'm Dekan. *He offers a small hand gesture of greeting*

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Hey it's you! and other person I don't know

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *still has a smile on her face* takes his hand and shakes it* Nice to meet you Dekan *Hears H'vohn voice* oh hello there again

Dekan@kanekasier: Oh! Hello again uh, Captain.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: If I knew there'd be all kinds of people hanging out at the bar I would have come sooner.

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: hmm sorry i would have called but i did not get your number *using and old human saying while having a stright smiling face on*

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Bartender! Three Bolian Ice Whiskys! Huh?

Dekan@kanekasier: Oh I uh, usually don't drink... *He trails off, apologetically*

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *was going to chuckle a bit but stops herself in finding out the saying was not understood* Oh right sorry that is an old human saying meaning if i had contact details i would of contacted you to inform you of what was going on other here.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: *the bartender places three metal glasses that are fizzing and slightly smoking*

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Oh! Human phrasing, I've tried to pick up some to interact with my crew but I don't get why anyone would beat a dead barn, or why one would be dead in the first place

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *looks to her left and sees her Klingon Raktajino there. she thanks the bartender*ah yes that human saying are endless...

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: there are different forms of it too

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: *grabs a metal glass and knocks it back.* Ahh that is good.

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan eyes the drinks warily* I um... I remember this ah, one human captain who would continue to use... Very odd phrasings. Then get very uh, depressed when nobody caught his um, references.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: My tactical officer politely requested I no longer try to use human sayings

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *takes a two sips of her raktajino* hmmm you know... at first i never liked Klingon Raktajino but after having drank a lot of it at one point with no other choices it sort of grew on me...

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: I have a hard time with drinks that aren't of Bolian make

Dekan@kanekasier: I um, usually stick with water. *The glass of which he'd ordered, he carefully snags to fill his hands*

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *has a thought and just says it* you know those doors with the scanner screen? *she hints to the door to her left. while taking another sip of her drink*

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Scanner and force field. Seems standard equipment for a diplomatic conference area

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan nods* I remember looking up the um, schematics. They're quite effective, but uh, slightly impractical. For um, more casual use, I should say. Power requirements and um, emitter size, mostly.

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *chuckles a bit* very true but of interest did you know that you can turn these scanner and force fields to your advantage in a passive way? *waits to see if they get interested*

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Let me guess keying them to only let in people with a certain key or reversing the polarity to keep people in

Dekan@kanekasier: I'm ah, not sure that would qualify as um, 'passive'. *He flashes a quick smile*

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: one of the possible uses but that is more active, i am talking passive, want to hear an example? *Knows of ways and other things but will not say trade secrets*

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: I'm a pilot, I don't know what passive means

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: *looks to Dekan* want to explain for difference to him or should I? Your call *does not mind either way but is not sure if H'Vohn was saying the truth if he did not know what passive was*

Dekan@kanekasier: I um, think you'd better let us know, uh, Revaa. *He chuckles slightly*

[6:36] Revaa@dawnalan#7310: well then ok in that case *takes a pause and has another sip of her drink* passive is doing stuff while not doing anything yourself and just observing in a sense.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Is passive like actually preforming a Yeager loop instead of pulling of a perfect Kolvoord Starburst?

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: depends but hear is an example i think you will get. Being passive as a pilot you could be just flying to somewhere normally to the eyes of everyone else but you are actually doing some observations or very light scanning without any indication that you are doing it to the others

Dekan@kanekasier: I think the uh, human phrase for something um... Passive, might be ah, "running dark". If you're uh, familiar with the term.

H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: I know the definition of passive, just clarifying the context

Revaa@dawnalan#7310: hmm well that is fair play i guess. *takes another sip of her drink* now then back to that door and its scanner and it's force field. *holds for a second to make sure everyone is back on track*

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan almost jumps when his PADD beeps, and turns to check it* Oh. I'll um, have to have you explain your theory later. I've um... Got a meeting to attend. *He picks up his PADD, leaves the water on the bartop, and nods to both present* Captain. Um, Revaa.

-[ Dekan left at this point. If anyone else picked up the log, feel free to attach what happened next below. ]-
Chi@grgrafitti: *cackles* Oh man I can't wait to see the crater we make!

Zorim@fulgin: Compensating for the asymmetry in the warp field.

Dekan@kanekasier: Helm. Helmplease.

Rori@zanethesage: This is gonna be a photo finish!

Chi@grgrafitti: Hehehehehe! Everyone throw your hands up in the air before we crash, best black box footage ever!

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