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Ten@Farmer42: Come in, Commander. You wanted to see me?

Dekan@kanekasier: *Nods as he enters* Subadmiral. Yes, I uh, have a... *He pauses, mulling over his words* I was... Encouraged, to um, make a request.

Ten@Farmer42: *Raises an eyebrow artfully* Oh?

Dekan@kanekasier: I... Due to my upbringing, I have um, never known the identity or location of the ah, bomeerathi homeworld. It was um... Recommended to me that I uh, discover this information.

Ten@Farmer42: Oh?

Dekan@kanekasier: Yes, Subadmiral. I've um, taken a cursory check through the datavaults here, but um... *He shrugs* There's a uh, lot of data still unorganized.

Ten@Farmer42: That is true. Why the sudden curiousity?

Dekan@kanekasier: It um, came up in conversation. Two, in a ah, sort of roundabout way.

Ten@Farmer42: And I'm assuming you would like some time to investigate?

Dekan@kanekasier: I was thinking of uh, taking a copy of the files when I resume the um, search pattern for Lieutenant Mac an Aba. Sort of um... multitask.

Ten@Farmer42: And you think you can afford to pull your attnetion away from the search for a companion?

Dekan@kanekasier: Well... Not all of my crew are sensor technicians. I can um, delegate most of the data search to ah, sysops.

Ten@Farmer42: And what do you hope to find?

Dekan@kanekasier: *He frowns in thought* The uh... My, homeworld, I suppose... Or um, whatever might have happened to it.

Ten@Farmer42: And you think this is a worthy distraction from young Mac an Aba?

Dekan@kanekasier: I um... Think it's a manageable side-project. Not a uh, distraction. Subadmiral. *His tone is diffadent, but he's clearly offended by the implications*

Ten@Farmer42: Very good. Dispatch a few runabouts in your search. I'm sidelining you on that, otherwise. I'll send a long range support craft to back them up.

Ten@Farmer42: You're free to search for your home planet.

Dekan@kanekasier: *Blinks at the sudden lack of resistance* Um... I uh, all right. I... *He hesitates a moment, thinking*

Ten@Farmer42: Dekan, how many times have you asked me for something of personal importance?

Dekan@kanekasier: We have some new pilots for the Scorpion wing. Could shake them down with some shuttle time. Get them uh, used to flying with each other. Equip them with external sensor packs for extended range...

Dekan@kanekasier: Uh... Subadmiral? *He blinks, not understanding the question*

Ten@Farmer42: None. I've had a slew of requests from your crew, on your behalf. But none from you. Why did you think I'd turn you down?

Dekan@kanekasier: I um... *He hesitates, for a long moment. There's a lot of emotional baggage associated with that question, which Dekan clearly decides he isn't willing to unpack right this moment, and shrugs*

Dekan@kanekasier: It's... Truthfully? It's not a terribly um... Important question to answer, for me. But there are some considerations in it I can uh, see the use for.

Ten@Farmer42: Take your time and work it out. Yes, they promoted me to keep me out of trouble. But it's still a lot of responsibility, Commander. I take the needs of everyone under me quite seriously. Knowing

Ten@Farmer42: where home is? That's important. *She motions around her* Why do you think we built all of this?

Ten@Farmer42: I have two missions for you on this assignment. Alright?

Dekan@kanekasier: *He nods* Of course, Subadmiral.

Ten@Farmer42: The first is to find your homeworld. The second is to consider why it's important. Can you do both of those?

Dekan@kanekasier: *He frowns slightly in thought* I... Can try, Subadmiral.

Ten@Farmer42: Very good. And commander?

Dekan@kanekasier: Yes?

Ten@Farmer42: Since she's crawled out of her hole, grab my mother and take her with. She can make herself useful. Besides, her old contacts will help. She may even have access codes for old systems if you run in

Ten@Farmer42: Just be sure to pick up some cocoa before you leave.

Dekan@kanekasier: *He smiles faintly* I'll be sure to add it to our supply inventory.

Dekan@kanekasier: Does um, she have a rank? Or uh, some official position?

Ten@Farmer42: Dismissed, Dekan.

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