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S'anra@Farmer42: *S'anra sits by the fire, sipping her cocoa contentedly.*

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan enters and heads for the bartenders, picking up a simple glass of water*

S'anra@Farmer42: Boy, come over here.

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan turns, confused by the hail, but follows* Uh, can I um, help you?

S'anra@Farmer42: Sit down.

Dekan@kanekasier: *Still puzzled, he also still obeys* Do um, do I know you?

S'anra@Farmer42: *S'anra waves the question away* How is my daughter?

Dekan@kanekasier: Uh, daughter? *His confusion only deepens for a moment, lingers, before realization starts to kick in his mind* Oh, um... The uh, Subadmiral?

S'anra@Farmer42: Who else, boy.

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan frowns, slightly* She's um, well. Doing better, actually. *He trails off, unsure of how much she's technically cleared for.*

S'anra@Farmer42: I don't want a repeat of the reports. I've already read them. Don't be a fool. Your evaluations indicate you have a head on your shoulders. Tell me your impressions.

S'anra@Farmer42: You people are moppets, not idiots.

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan's frown deepens* I'm um, not sure I'm qualified to render judgement on other peoples mental health. Surely the um, reports would be more accurate...

S'anra@Farmer42: *Sighs* Officers these days... Does she seem happy? Generally well?

Dekan@kanekasier: Better since... *He hesitates, before deciding she probably knows anyway, clearence be damned.* Since we killed that Queen. She's... Recovering. Getting better with her new abilities.

S'anra@Farmer42: Good. The Tal Shiar won't be bothering you all much for a while, either. I made sure of that. *She looks own at her now-empty mug* Would you be a dear and get an old lady another cocoa?

Dekan@kanekasier: I, um... *He blinks at the non sequitur, although he's already reaching for the mug* I uh... All right?

S'anra@Farmer42: *Smiles warmly at Dekan* Thank you.

Dekan@kanekasier: *He nods, takes the mug, and returns to the bartenders to have them make whatever cocoa is.*

Dekan@kanekasier: *The request doesn't take long to fill, and Dekan returns in short order to hand the mug back over to the old lady.*

S'anra@Farmer42: Such a good boy you are. A good servant of the Republic.

S'anra@Farmer42: *S'anra sips at the fresh mug and sighs*

S'anra@Farmer42: What brings you to the Embassy, anyway? Weren't you sent out after young Mac an Aba?

Dekan@kanekasier: Thank you, ma'am. *He doesn't say 'I think', at least not out loud.* I um, was. The Daehlen was intercepted by a rogue kazon band, and we needed to return for resupply.

Dekan@kanekasier: Parts and repairs, um, me and my crew can handle. Fabricating whole new fighters... Not as much, unfortunately.

S'anra@Farmer42: And their pilots. You mustn't ignore the people. The soft costs are too often ignored in favor of materielle logistics.

Dekan@kanekasier: We manged to recover most of them. We did, um, loose Lieutenant Kahel, though. Punctured suit. The um, funeral was one of the reasons to come back as well...

Dekan@kanekasier: *That seemed to bother him more than the ships themselves*

S'anra@Farmer42: *Nods* Those letters home are the worst to draw up.

Dekan@kanekasier: Uhlans B'Vek, Jacal, Billel, Toris... *He pauses, shakes himself visibly, and refocuses* We um, we manage. The uh, councilors inform me they haven't run into any ah, troubling cases. Yet.

S'anra@Farmer42: That's good. Be careful if any of your crew has eididic or near memory. You don't want them involved in those. It took Triy years to get over her first.

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan smiles very, very thinly* Yes ma'am.

S'anra@Farmer42: Are you being smart with me, young man?

Dekan@kanekasier: No ma'am. Just agreeing.

S'anra@Farmer42: Good. Too many people dismiss the experience of their elders. And I've been working on ships since before your mother's mother's egg was a twinkle in her mother's eye.

Dekan@kanekasier: The um, Subadmiral's mother is something of a legendary figure, ma'am. Even amongst the uh, Trust fleet.

S'anra@Farmer42: You don't live as long as I have hiding in your quarters. *She looks at him pointedly*

Dekan@kanekasier: No ma'am. I don't um, do that. *Much. Anymore. Really, he's gotten better. Now he just finds something to do in obscure engineering spaces*

S'anra@Farmer42: Good. The Republic needs commanders out there, taking risks. We lost Hobus, and even the servitor races like yourself were hurt.

Dekan@kanekasier: The um, Republic is doing better. We've... Made strides. This... *He gestures around, including the growing city around the embassy* Is better. Getting better.

S'anra@Farmer42: Indeed. And how is your home planet? I don't think I've ever been there.

Dekan@kanekasier: I um... *He hesitated a moment.* I wouldn't know, ma'am.

S'anra@Farmer42: *Shocked* What?

Dekan@kanekasier: I was born off the homeworld. It's um... Identity was never... Important.

S'anra@Farmer42: Of course it's important. Where we come from? It's part of who we are.

S'anra@Farmer42: Have you not looked into it?

Dekan@kanekasier: Ma'am, I know of... Six other individuals of my species in Republic service. All with um, similar stories to mine.

Dekan@kanekasier: *He looks S'anra in the eyes, voice going much softer.* I was born, and raised, in an Empire servitor training facility, in a romulan city. That's... Part of who I am.

S'anra@Farmer42: *Sucks at her teeth* There are far more of you than that. Good engineers, the lot of you. Everyone wanted one on their crews. As good as the Remans and less lippy. Have you not looked into any of

S'anra@Farmer42: the old records?

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan shakes his head* There... Never seemed to be time. Or reason.

S'anra@Farmer42: Of course there's a reason. Don't you want to know where you came from? YOU at least have a homeworld. Why not make the time?

Dekan@kanekasier: Until Hobus, 'homeworld' was irrelevant. After... *He shrugged* I was in the process of changing... Owners... When everything, um, fell appart. After that...

S'anra@Farmer42: *She crosses her arms and looks at him sternly* Ask my daughter. She'll give you resources and time.

Dekan@kanekasier: I'll... Ask her about it. After we um, track down Mac an Aba.

S'anra@Farmer42: *Waves him away* He's a clever boy. Taking a couple of days here won't hurt him. Besides, with that whale you call a ship, send out some shuttles to likely systems. I know you can afford a few

S'anra@Farmer42: Kestrells being deployed.

Dekan@kanekasier: He's stuck at warp 3. Given what we've picked up, I'm worried we'll find them starved to death as it is.

S'anra@Farmer42: There are, what, six likely planents he's heading towards?

Dekan@kanekasier: We've um, narrowed it down to five.

S'anra@Farmer42: See. So send six runabouts. It was a five man crew. It's not like you need a ton of space to rescue them.

Dekan@kanekasier: *He frowns* I'd like to have the Daehlen in the region, at least. There are more hazards than just kazon...

S'anra@Farmer42: *Waves* That's why they have cloaking devices. I'm sure Ten would be willing to send out a support ship, as well. She has that fancy science ship sitting around while she gives the Ishtar time to no

S'anra@Farmer42: normalize before waking it up.

Dekan@kanekasier: I'll... Ask. *He seems doubtful, but he also seems like he's not just brushing off the suggested order*

S'anra@Farmer42: Do. And quickly. I could use a distraction. She's bound to realize I'm here sooner or later, and she's still made about me Shanghai'ing Aelita.

S'anra@Farmer42: And then I'll get a lecture and she'll try to make me do something.

Dekan@kanekasier: Operative word being uh, 'try', ma'am?

S'anra@Farmer42: Last month she tried to convince me to run for the Senate. *She shudders* That would be a disaster for everyone involved.

S'anra@Farmer42: Now go. You have things to do. *Looks at him pointedly* And a request to make.

S'anra@Farmer42: And if I get roped into running an errand for my daughter, I'll make you clean my toilets with a toothbrush. And film it for your crew.

Dekan@kanekasier: I'll request it. *He flashes a brief, small, smile* Getting it would, of course, be within the um, Subadmirals purview.

S'anra@Farmer42: Think of me and all the trouble you're sparing me, if not of your own history.

S'anra@Farmer42: Go, go. Shoo. Go find your own fireplace.

Dekan@kanekasier: *He stands, nods to the elder woman, and turns to the door.*

Dekan@kanekasier: Jolan Tru, ma'am.

S'anra@Farmer42: Yes, yes. Jolan tru.

S'anra@Farmer42: *Makes a shooing motion with her mug*

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