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Fleet Officers
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Ten@Farmer42: *Ten sits down on the bridge at 130-T, dangling her feet lazily.*

Ten@Farmer42: *Ten sits down on the bridge at 130-T, dangling her feet lazily.*

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice beams in. Glancing around she hefts her duffle bag and, after stopping to ask for directions, heads in the direction of the commanders station*

Ten@Farmer42: He isn't down there.

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice doedoes a double-take when she sees the....person...seated on the bridge.* "Um...what?"

Ten@Farmer42: Jimmy. He's out playing with a ship in the ship yard. He redid the algorythms in their shield matrix and he wanted to play.

Ten@Farmer42: So he isn't in the command center.

Ten@Farmer42: Ho, Laxu. *Ten waves*

Lazu@Basilisk9466: You know, there's a reason I shy away from having my chief engineers as first officer. They're worse dreamers than science officers sometimes. Hey Triy. *She nods to Alice.* New assignment?

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice looks faintly perplexed.* "Oh is that...normal?"

Ten@Farmer42: Jimmy isn't even an engineer. He just wanted to hear what the shield sounded like. And yes. To both of your questions.

Alice@captaincoffin: "Oh. Well yess I'm new here. If the commander isn't available is there someone I *can* report to?"

Ten@Farmer42: You just reported to two division heads, kid.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: I'm Captain Lukita, the gremlin up there is Subadmiral H'carth. Welcome to the Trust.

Ten@Farmer42: *Ten hops up and bows elaborately* Subadmiral Te-Triy H'carth, head of special operations, at your service.

Ten@Farmer42: Lazu's my top minion.

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice blinks.* "Oh! Umm.....sorry I'm not used to thiskind of...informality. Admiral, Captain, I'm Doctor Alice Coffin. I'm to be assigned to the station medical staff."

Ten@Farmer42: We're spies. We're not, SPECIFICALLY, the most formal division.

Ten@Farmer42: *Ten hops down, landing gently near Alice*

Ten@Farmer42: Oh, nice eye. I have one just like it.

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice continues her theme of confused expressions.* "Ma'am?"

Ten@Farmer42: They didn't tell you, did they? I'm Liberated, too.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She glances Alice over.* The implants, lieutenant.

Ten@Farmer42: I have mine out at the moment. The suit works better with the plain cybernetic eye, not the sensor.

Alice@captaincoffin: "Ah. My sensor suit assists my duties. suits me, I think."

Alice@captaincoffin: "But there is no remaining borg programmig in any of my systems, that's been purged. I can't even connect to or sense a Collective now."

Ten@Farmer42: *Motions at the suit she's wearing* We recently had an...altercation... With. *She seems to hesitate* Anyway. I picked up a new implant and need to have com deadening active, or else I pick up rand

Alice@captaincoffin: "Or a Cooperative, for that matter."

Ten@Farmer42: random electronic signals.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Unfortunately there's not enough left of the good Subadmiral to make that kind of purging an option.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Well, 'good'.

Alice@captaincoffin: "I can see how that would be troublesome." She thinks for a moment. "If you want, Admiral, I could take a look at your systems. Cybernetics is my area of expertise."

Ten@Farmer42: No, I'm pretty comfortable. The recent addition isuseful. Or will be. It lets me talk to her. *Ten points at a strange ship in one of the drydocks.*

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice stares at the peculiar, somewhat intimidating vessel for a moment. "Oh my...."

Alice@captaincoffin: "Admiral I hope you don't mind me saying, your ship is a little bit terrifying."

Ten@Farmer42: Her name is Ishtar.

Ten@Farmer42: Her sister is somewhere out there, too. We haven't been able to wake Ishtar up yet, though.

Alice@captaincoffin: "An intensly appropriate name, ma'am."

Ten@Farmer42: Her sister is named Astaroth. You'll probably run into her. She can project onto the station.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Astaroth's still holed up at the Spire. Not sure if she's being cautious or moping, to be honest.

Ten@Farmer42: I'll go have a talk with her, sooner or later. I'm going to need her help.

Alice@captaincoffin: "Are you referring to the Asteroth's captain or...?"

Ten@Farmer42: No. Astaroth herself.

Alice@captaincoffin: "Oh. Oh, I see."

Ten@Farmer42: She's the product of an Undine who infiltrated the Tal Shiar. She's an amalgam of Tal Shiar, Borg, and Undine tech.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Astaroth is a cyborg AI of sorts. Quite a dangerous one. Fortunately she likes us more than her creator.

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She pats Alice's shoulder.* Pretty everyday around here. You'll get used to it. Where have you been assigned to?

Alice@captaincoffin: "That's reasurring." *She doesn't seem reassured at all.*

Ten@Farmer42: She's a teenaged spaceship.

Ten@Farmer42: But she's nice.

Dekan@kanekasier: Evening, uh, gentlebeings.

Alice@captaincoffin: "The station medical staff, ma'am." She seems releived to change the subject. "Or according to the needs of the fleet, naturally."

Ten@Farmer42: Ah. Evening, commander.

Dekan@kanekasier: How's the uh, suit holding up, Subadmiral?

Ten@Farmer42: Good. Oh, who's that behind you, commander? (There is no one behind Dekan)

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice glances between Dekan and Ten. Perplexed again.*

Dekan@kanekasier: Behind... ? *Dekan glances back, eventually performing an awkward 360 and turning back to Ten with a bewildered expression*

Ten@Farmer42: Never fails. *Ten sighs contentedly*

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She rolls her eyes.* Times like this, I reminded that your promotion was a punishment, not a reward.

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice is standing here, duffle onher shuolder, wonder what in the stars kind of fleet she's ended up in.*

Ten@Farmer42: Look, you can try scaring command, too. But You don't have a S'Anra H'Carth to make them check under their beds.

Dekan@kanekasier: I uh... Oh... I thought... *Shakes his head* Nevermind.

Ten@Farmer42: Anyway, Lt Coffin, welcome to the Trust. I assure you, not everyone is as weird as us.

Ten@Farmer42: This is Commander Dekan, by the way. He's part of the Trust's engineering corps

Dekan@kanekasier: Some are worse. *Deadpans*

Lazu@Basilisk9466: He's far more normal than Ten and me. So long as he isn't flustered.

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice isn't sure she beleives the admiral. Is more inclined to beleive Dekan.* "Thank you, ma'am." She turns to Dekan. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Commander."

Ten@Farmer42: Speaking, of, I want to run some simulations, commander. Would you be willing to play the partt of el Capitan?

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice thinks for a moment then offers her hand to the Commander.*

Dekan@kanekasier: *Takes the offered hand after only a moment's confusion, but quirks a small smile* Likewise, um, Lieutenant.

Dekan@kanekasier: And uh, simulations, Subadmiral?

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice smiles in return.*

Ten@Farmer42: We have the Contrarian. I want to take advantage of her. Comander Duhr will run some of the Trust personel through some traning exercises.

Ten@Farmer42: *Ten goughs delicately* "Helmwhy"

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Lazu tries and fails to suppress a laugh.*

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan looks rather nonplussed* If um, you think that would be the best position...

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice doesn't get it.*

Ten@Farmer42: I do. You're a competent commander. I see that, the fleet sees that, and your crew sees that. Getting you out of your comfort zone should help YOU see that.

Ten@Farmer42: Besides, I gave your first officer override command codes for your cabin. You can't hide there anymore.

Ten@Farmer42: Lieutenant, I encourage you to come as well. It's a good opportunity to work with members of the fleet. Make new friends.

Dekan@kanekasier: I don't hide in my cabin. *Dekan almost looks like he's pouting. Almost* I just... Go find um, something to do...

Ten@Farmer42: *Pats Dekan on the shoulder* Sure, sure. Just don't be a stranger to your crew. They care.

Alice@captaincoffin: "Of course. I can crew helm or science stations...adequetly. Somewhat."

Alice@captaincoffin: "I'm rather better with sciences and sensor stations, really."

Dekan@kanekasier: I know. They're uh, usually the ones who find me.

Ten@Farmer42: You can hardly do worse. The person we usually give those stations to in these exercises is not unlike a weasel on PCP.

Dekan@kanekasier: She's um... Not wrong.

Alice@captaincoffin: "Phencyclidine?"

Ten@Farmer42: Got it in one.

Dekan@kanekasier: Very good, but um... Very... Uh... Unrefined? Am I allowed to ah, say that?

Ten@Farmer42: If she reprograms your replicator, it isn't my fault.

Alice@captaincoffin: "The collective I was once part of often used dissociative anasthetics during cybernetic modification operations."

Ten@Farmer42: That's a moderate dose. You know how higher doses inducer paranoia, loss of a sense of self, general twitchiness, etc? She's kinda like that.

Ten@Farmer42: While also mainling raktajino.

Alice@captaincoffin: "That's a little bit alarming."

Ten@Farmer42: Teenagers. *Ten makes a "what are you going to do" kind of gesture*

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice literally has no response for that.*

Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan shares a look of sympathy with the new lieutenant for a moment* You uh, get used to it. After a while.

Ten@Farmer42: 130-T tends to be pretty calm.

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice wonders if that's necessarily a good thing.* "It seems the what I've heard about this fleet doesn't quite do it justice."

Ten@Farmer42: I'm here "Recovering", and we just finished an op, so many of our stronger personalities happen to be on-station at the moment.

Dekan@kanekasier: The uh, good news is that, from a um, mechanical standpoint, we can start moving ships out again. We uh, didn't get nearly as banged up in that um... Last op as uh, we might have.

Alice@captaincoffin: "Ah, I seem to have accidentally plunged into the deep end of strange and unusual space operations." She shakes her head. "My classmates were right after all."

Ten@Farmer42: It's actually been pretty quiet, to be honest. We currently have a ship out exploring the Delta quadrant and Lazu and I have been reassessing near-warp species.

Ten@Farmer42: We don't want a repeat of the Lukari, where a species decided to NOT embrace warp but was otherwise technologically advanced.

Ten@Farmer42: The Warp capability standard is...flawed.

Dekan@kanekasier: I um, have to agree. Particularly if only one group tends to acknowledge it...

Dekan@kanekasier: But uh, the Subadmiral is right. Well, mostly. *He grins, faintly* There was that uh, last op of ours. That got a little um... Intense.

Alice@captaincoffin: "Mm...well, I should see about being assigned quarters. It was good meeting you all."

Ten@Farmer42: Your PADD should have the information. I set that in motion once I saw you.

Ten@Farmer42: Jimmy should be back tomorrow. You can report to him then.

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice checks her PADD.* "Oh. Thank you, Admiral." She hefts her duffle. "I'll put my things away and return."

Ten@Farmer42: *Ten sketches off a salute*

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