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Name: Alice Coffin
Race: Human(Liberated Borg)
Age: 28
Date of Liberation: 89203.07
Rank: LTJG
Cybernetic Rating: 39%
Cybernetics: Neuromuscular, Skeletal, External Memory, Sensory Enhancements, Left Eye(passive multispectal sensor), Left Hand(active medical scan).

Biography: Formerly a member of a Cooperative Cluster. As part of her cooperative, served as the primary medical caregiver for over a year before making contact with Federation personnel and seeking admittance to Starfleet. Excelled at Starfleet medical, specializing in combat medicine/triage and cybernetics. Graduated third in her class with honors.

Her past is mostly unknown, as her memories before assimilation are sketchy at best. She seems to be from a mixed race colony situated outside Federation boundaries called New Cairo. Records indicate the colony was assimilated around the time Alice recalls the event, but no records of it's population exist in Federation databases. Other data sources indicate the colony traded primarily in ore and agricultural products, and was established nearly eighty years ago by a group of private colonists who chose not to register their colony effort and founding with their home worlds. Alice has provided names and descriptions she remembers, but thus far, no other survivors of the colony have been located.

[[Restricted: Counselor, Commander Officer]]

Psych Profile: Alice demonstrates remarkable resilience and determination in the face of challenges. She often shares these qualities with those around her, encouraging and helping wherever she can. While at the Academy, she regularly tutored classmates and junior cadets in her best subjects, prioritizing their needs over her own free time. Unlike most former drones, she seems quite at peace with her remaining cybernetics, displaying little to none of the physical dysphoria others endure.

Alice's motives are very much driven by her emotions, and her drive to help others seems to stem from her experiences as a drone modified specially for assimilation, repair, and disposal of unrecoverable drones. Future counselors will be relieved to learn she is not shy about seeking out help when she needs it.

Her CPTSD, stemming from her time as a drone and the early days of her liberation, is well managed with regular counseling sessions supplemented as needed. Psychopharmacological interventions are not indicated.

Psych Assessment: LTJG Coffin is considered fit for duty in all capacities.

Medical Profile: LTJG Coffin has no special dietary or physical therapy requirements following surgeries and rehabilitation during her time at Starfleet Academy. She has demonstrated the expertise needed to maintain her implants as required, and does not require the use of a regeneration alcove. This is in part due to modification some implants to be self-maintaining, and removal of other implants that require regular regeneration. As such she requires no special maintenance most of the time, including long term survival situations.

No native Borg physical exploits have been detected in her cybernetics. It seems most of these were removed by her own Cooperative, while others were removed after she entered Starfleet Academy(the details of these exploits were transmitted to her old Cooperative). Furthermore, the programming of her nanites and remaining cybernetic systems has been overwritten. This was a supervised project undertaken by her and eight other senior students in her final year, as part of their graduate thesis. This project supplemented ongoing work to fully utilize recovered Borg technology without the threat of accidental assimilation.

LTJG Coffin has opted to retain some of her active cybernetics, including her left eye sensor(a passive multispectral array), and the active sensors in her left hand, which serve as a medical scanner.

Special Considerations: In part due to her assimilation and subsequent surgeries to regrow her skin after liberation, Coffin suffers from a mild sensory processing disorder. Her skin, regrown by her collective, has a 28% higher than normal nerve density, leaving her hypersensitive to touch. Neurological damage from her assimilation and the circumstances of her liberation have exacerbated this condition, resulting in a tendency to hyperfocus on the intensified sensation of touch. As a result, Coffin is required to wear a specially designed dermaplastic garment under her uniform.

Medical Assessment: LTJG Coffin is considered fit for duty in all capacities, though some environments may require special precautions where possible.
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