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Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [sips Jenaran Tea and glances at his PADD]

Kinavi@kessentai: [Enters the bar and sees a face she vaguely remembers. She recalls the brief encounter she had and soon remembers his name]

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks up and then notices Kinavi] It's been a while.

Kinavi@kessentai: That.. it has... Erik, right?.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Yes. I remember meeting you on Risa. Kinavi, right?

Kinavi@kessentai: "Yes," She says a little startled at his recollection of her.

Kinavi@kessentai: "I'm sorry, I seem flustered...." [She eased herself to where her elbows rested on the bar counter]

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: No need to apologize.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [gestures out to the lounge] Shall we find a table?

Kinavi@kessentai: [laughs a bit] "Well if we intend to have a longer conversation than just a simple introduction then sure, I could use a seat anyways. Tired of standing."

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: My thoughts exactly. [picks up is tea and finds a table]

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [sits down] I'm glad you could make it. I have an offer to extend to you.

Kinavi@kessentai: [raises an eyebrow in a very Vulcan mannerism] Oh?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] I just acquired a new ship and find myself needing some more crew members. I remembered some of what you said on Risa and would like you join us.

Kinavi@kessentai: [once again her face remained impassive as the woman thought about his offer.] "I have two questions for you then. You know who and what I am, that much is apparent or you wouldn't have requested me.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: You're perceptive.

Kinavi@kessentai: "The question is, why. What would a free trader need with someone of my skill set?" She sighed. "And the other question are you sure you want the consequences?"

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Well, us freelancers get into our own share of trouble. [smirks] About half as much as the Trust Fleet, frankly. I believe you would be a great addition to my crew. Not just for your expertise.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: As for the consequences, I have accepted consequences when I tangled with associates of the Orion Syndicate.

Kinavi@kessentai: [her impassive face cracked as a skeptical look took its place] I see, so you are just as reckless as some of the other famous members of your kind." [she sighs. and seems to mull it over for a bit in her head before finally nodding] "Very well, what would you have me do?"

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: No. I'm sensible.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: The times I have gotten in trouble were when I was doing the right thing.

Kinavi@kessentai: [laughs a bit] we Romulans call that reckless.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [smirks] It might be, but if I believe it's the right thing to do, I do it. From my understanding you deal with weapons and some ordnance, right?

Kinavi@kessentai: [shrugs] If its in the arsenals of any of the major powers ive most likely tinkered with it. At least the non classified ones.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [leans in slightly] How would you like to tinker with a Husnock warship?

Kinavi@kessentai: [ponders for a moment] "That's one of those retrofitted restored things i heard Starfleet discovered right? I don't know much about them."

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: This one ain't retrofitted, not yet at least. It was found intact on a former Husnock world.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I haven't gone through them in depth, but it's weapons and ordinances are plenty powerful to this day.

Kinavi@kessentai: [She seems like she is about to ask a question but shuts her mouth for a moment] "So alien tech, I'm not a scientist but with weapons i can usually tell which side is the pointy end"

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I currently have my crew working on her now. Translating consoles, ordering parts, etc. Sound like something you might be interested in?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: It would a nice change of pace from contract killing and sabotage.

Kinavi@kessentai: [grumpily] "Sure, it beats lounging about on star stations looking for something to occupy my time..."

Kinavi@kessentai: "Actually... I have managed to stay out of that business for a while now..."

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [brows furrow slightly] Something you're unsure of about this?

Kinavi@kessentai: "Eh, its just been.... an interesting two years.... lets leave it at that." [her eyes fall away almost in embarrassment.]

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [leans back in his chair] Fair enough. Whatever it is, it's nothing to be embarrassed about I'm sure. Regardless if you've been out of the game a while, I'm sure this would be a nice change. I have a former contract killer on my crew.

Kinavi@kessentai: [lowers her head a little before she looked back up at him once more impassive] "Apparently so."

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Something wrong?

Kinavi@kessentai: "Not at all" she makes a small smile. "It will be a pleasure working with you. Should I call you sir?"

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [smirks] Haven't been called that since I wore the uniform. I prefer Erik, Rik, Captain, or Cap. If you think of something that helps you with addressing me, and if I don't mind it, you can use that.

Kinavi@kessentai: "Very well then, I shall Erik. I think i will enjoy working with you."

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [smiles] Great. My crew is a supportive bunch, they too will help you settle in.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Anything I should know about you as a member of my crew?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Any personal preferences while interacting with the crew? I like to make sure of stuff like this. Helps with a lot of new members in my experience.

Kinavi@kessentai: [she mulls over a few things in her head before shaking it] No, other than the fact that I need some time to myself every once in a while."

Kinavi@kessentai: [she mulls over a few things in her head before shaking it] No, other than the fact that I need some time to myself every once in a while."

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: You'll certainly get that. Everyone has those moments.

Kinavi@kessentai: "Other than that, no"

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [smirks] Take your time with that.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [sips his tea]

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [pulls out an isolinear chip from a pouch and slides it across the table to her] When you're ready, the base location for the Serpents' Gem is on this.

Kinavi@kessentai: "Thank you, Erik" She said taking the chip."I will be there as soon as I collect my belongings"

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] I'll send word ahead that you're on your way. I still have arrange supply shipments.

Kinavi@kessentai: [she stands up from the table before inclining her head.] "Then by your leave captain."

Unknown command "UIOption1".

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [bows his head and then extends his hand] May you find what you've been seeking on the Gem.

Kinavi@kessentai: "Oh, umm...right.." [Takes his hand]

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: While she's not the original, a number of my crew have found something from being with us that they haven't before. Sounds like a fantasy, but it's true.

Kinavi@kessentai: [she shrugs] "I guess Ill find out wont I?

Kinavi@kessentai: "Well thank you then, Erik, i will go get my stuff now."

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] See you on the ship.

Kinavi@kessentai: [with that she begins to leave]
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