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<Part of the log was eaten. The Trust fleet has successfully infiltrated Unimatrix 20, during a major Undine assault. Avoiding contact with both sides by navigating a radiation field, the task force approaches the heart of the area.>

[9:57] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I did say they were unhappy.

[9:57] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Still a fine sight.

[9:58] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Picking up a large structure ahead.

[9:58] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Which one.

[9:58] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Looks like... an old Federation starbase...

<An Undine squadron detects and engages the Trust.>

[10:00] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Undine are down. I had a feeling they wouldn't like us.

[10:00] Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] Well, at least we uh, handled it.

[10:00] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: That could have been worse.

[10:01] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Patched up the holes. Let's go for the starbase, that looks important. I wonder which it was?

[10:01] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Picking up energy signatures...

[10:01] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Captain Ryan] Aye, lets not keep em waiting.

<Tal Shiar forces decloak.>

[10:01] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I had to say it.

[10:02] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [sends a signal and a couple ships join in]

[10:02] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Well, that looks like the defences. Those hybrids pack a punch.

[10:02] Dekan@kanekasier: [Comms] Merciful elements! Where did they come from?

[10:03] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Well they're scrap now.

[10:03] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Don't underestimate the Tal Shiar's ability to hide. Likely defending this place.

[10:03] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Ten, I hate to ask, but... is she on there?

[10:03] Leina@Pheonyx: Let's get in there quickly... don't want to sit here too long.

[10:03] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Sharp to freelance ships, collect what non-Borg salvage you can.

[10:04] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten closes her eyes, then points* There. *She moves her arm a bit* And there's something...Pulling from over there.

[10:04] Dekan@kanekasier: [Comms] Still picking up a lot of fighting around us. But, if the Borg didn't notice us before, they certainly have now.

[10:05] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I'm not sure the warp core plan will work. This isn't one structure, it's about half a dozen. Too distributed. But we might be able to do something from the command node.

[10:05] Lazu@Basilisk9466: If we drop our surgical strike teams, and tell our ships to hide and come get us...

[10:05] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: A cascade affect might work.

[10:07] Lazu@Basilisk9466: It's not a great plan, but this whole thing has been difficult from the start. Scanning for a drop zone...

[10:08] Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] Maybe. It uh, depends on if they linked them all together. But I um, think the Captain's right. I'd need... Two other Daehlens to sneak strike teams to those cores.

[10:09] Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] Since I've ah, only got the one...

[10:09] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I've got troops as well, but... massed incursions on Borg facilities -never- go well.

[10:09] Lazu@Basilisk9466: There's just too many of them.

[10:10] Lazu@Basilisk9466: All right. Gear up, people.

[10:10] Dekan@kanekasier: [Dekan] Agreed. Combat engineers standing by.

[10:10] Leina@Pheonyx: Ready when you are *picks up her case and heads to transporter*

[10:11] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [grabs his Torg Bat'leth and MACO rifle]

<Surgical strike teams beam over to the assimilated Starbase.>

[10:13] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [flattly] I love what they did with the place.

[10:13] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten pumps her shotgun, then mutters under her breath* I'll kill this bitch...

[10:13] Dekan@kanekasier: *Checks his rifle, before glancing to the rest of the party and nodding*

[10:13] Lazu@Basilisk9466: This isn't even the bad area. Weapons ready, go slow.

[10:14] Leina@Pheonyx: *Scans quickly with a tricorder* I got a quick scan of the area so we have a map." *opens the case to pull out her antiproton shotgun*

[10:14] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [check the rifle's settings and modulaation]

[10:14] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Five drones down, thousands to go.

[10:15] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Up ahead. Careful.

[10:15] Lazu@Basilisk9466: ...I think the alliance is over.

[10:15] Ten@Farmer42: Assimilated Tal Shiar ahead

[10:15] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Or this is a behind the scenes action.

[10:15] Dekan@kanekasier: *Shakes his head* I still can't believe they didn't know this wouldn't happen.

[10:16] Lazu@Basilisk9466: They were desperate. And stupid.

[10:16] Dekan@kanekasier: I uh, get that, but still...

[10:16] Dekan@kanekasier: -This- stupid?

[10:16] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Reprimes her carbine.* Keep moving. I've got more Borg ahead.

[10:16] Leina@Pheonyx: Apparetly, they were.

[10:17] Leina@Pheonyx: *Holsters the shotgun, pulls out her sword*

[10:17] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Great minds, Leina.

[10:17] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Tac drone. Careful.

[10:18] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Uh... oh boy.

[10:18] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Gorn!

[10:18] Dekan@kanekasier: Whatis, ohelements

[10:18] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Suddenly I wish Briar was here.

[10:18] Dekan@kanekasier: I've uh... I've um, never uh... SeenTHATbefore...

[10:18] Leina@Pheonyx: It's like a Gainosian Sting Beetle.

[10:18] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: A what?

[10:18] Leina@Pheonyx: But in humanoid form

[10:19] Dekan@kanekasier: What's that um, human expression? Nuke it from orbit?

[10:19] Ten@Farmer42: Big. It was big. Let's focus, people.

[10:19] Leina@Pheonyx: Earth has something similar... they call them 'scorpions'."

[10:19] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Let's hope there aren't any more.

[10:19] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Force field ahead.

[10:19] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Wait...

[10:20] Lazu@Basilisk9466: That drone. I recognise the face. It's that Tal Shiar commander we ran into.

[10:20] Leina@Pheonyx: "On it..." *pauses* "What?"

[10:20] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten's eyes narrow, and she growls unintelligibly*

[10:20] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I guess she outlived her usefulness as an individual.

[10:21] Dekan@kanekasier: Can't say I uh, feel any sympathy for her... But still.

[10:21] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Leina, can you take down that force field?

[10:21] Leina@Pheonyx: "Of course." *goes over to the console, tapping furiously until the force field powers down*

[10:22] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I got this.

[10:22] Leina@Pheonyx: *Leina's blade begins to glow as she fights the Borg*

[10:22] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Well this seems... easy.

[10:22] Leina@Pheonyx: The Goddess is watching over us."

[10:22] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [rips through drones like paper] Thank you Klingon training.

[10:22] Lazu@Basilisk9466: And surprisingly unmodified.

[10:23] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Don't sing praise yet

[10:23] Ten@Farmer42: Lazu.

[10:23] Ten@Farmer42: Never say tht

[10:23] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I'm looking for silver linings.

[10:23] Dekan@kanekasier: Why do I suddenly feel like we're being watched?

[10:23] Ten@Farmer42: Because we are

[10:24] Lazu@Basilisk9466: ...ok, -now- we're in assimilated territory.

[10:24] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Creepy.

[10:25] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Another force field.

[10:25] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Looks like... what's that on the left?

[10:25] Leina@Pheonyx: Sensors picking up another force field... disabling now.

[10:25] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Seems to be... a variation on your armour, Ten.

[10:26] Ten@Farmer42: I'm recieving...Cross talk? They were failed experiments.

[10:26] Ten@Farmer42: I think

[10:26] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Dead now, either way.

[10:26] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Or undesirables.

[10:26] Dekan@kanekasier: Well, they still uh, die. So there's that.

[10:27] Leina@Pheonyx: Getting unusual readings ahead.

[10:27] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *groans* Oh no... another Gorn...

[10:27] Ten@Farmer42: We've got another Tiny up ahead

[10:27] Dekan@kanekasier: Oh...

[10:27] Leina@Pheonyx: Disabling force field... be prepared

[10:27] Dekan@kanekasier: *Shudders* I really uh... Don't like the look of those things.

[10:27] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [readys his sword again]

[10:28] Dekan@kanekasier: No uh, no wonder we couldn't get a good hull map of this place... It's like a maze in here.

[10:28] Ten@Farmer42: Neutralized

[10:29] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks around] Let's regroup real quick.

[10:29] Lazu@Basilisk9466: There, up ahead. That's a data node, we might be able to get something from it.

[10:29] Dekan@kanekasier: I was uh, gonna say... That looks important.

[10:29] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten stops* I can't get much closer. I'll watch our back.

[10:29] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Same.

[10:30] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She hooks up a tricorder, and begins working through the datastream.* Well... we were right.

[10:30] Leina@Pheonyx: About what in particular?

[10:30] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [remodulates his rifle] That should do it.

[10:31] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Queen is ahead, just keep following the pathways. The other thing is that codename Ishtar is inside the facility. Locked inside a construction bay, not far off.

[10:31] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten points* She's over there.

[10:31] Dekan@kanekasier: *Glances at Lazu* Are we uh, still considering... Grand Theft Warship?

[10:32] Ten@Farmer42: I've been able to feel her since we arrived.

[10:32] Lazu@Basilisk9466: If the opportunity arises.

[10:32] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Keep moving.

[10:32] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Let's just blow this place and its figurehead.

[10:32] Leina@Pheonyx: Let's move on.

[10:33] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Another force field. Is that... that's a Starfleet officer, older uniform. Maybe one of the original crew.

[10:33] Leina@Pheonyx: I have a plan to take out the queen... once we get through this portion, I will fill you in.

[10:33] Leina@Pheonyx: Disabling force field on your mark.

[10:33] Ten@Farmer42: *Growls* The queen is mine.

[10:33] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Do it.

[10:33] Dekan@kanekasier: *Glances worriedly at Ten, but says nothing*

[10:34] Leina@Pheonyx: *taps on the console*

[10:34] Leina@Pheonyx: Wait... allow me

[10:34] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *checks the officer, removes some ID, moves to rejoin the group*

[10:34] Dekan@kanekasier: Should we uh, try and find logs of this place? Report it to Starfleet?

[10:35] Lazu@Basilisk9466: with that later. She's ahead. Past that force field.

[10:35] Leina@Pheonyx: *Her blade glows, and she swings her blade in front of her, sending a crescent of energy cutting through the Borg guards in the hallway*

[10:35] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [works Borg console]

[10:35] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Leina, make it fast.

[10:36] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten shoots one of the fallen borg in the head* Adapt to this. *Ten kicks the corpse and moves forward.

[10:36] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Ah. I'm out of touch. [gestures to Leina]

[10:36] Leina@Pheonyx: *Closes her eyes for a moment* Goddess, protect us.

[10:36] Ten@Farmer42: *With a scream, ten charges the queen*

[10:36] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Let's end this. Open fire.

[10:37] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten bends over and begins smashing the borg queens head against the floor.*

[10:37] Leina@Pheonyx: *Begins slicing through the guards while Ten attacks the Queen*

[10:37] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *carefully shoots down the other drones, avoiding Ten and the Queen*

[10:38] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [cuts down drones alongside Leina, covering her]

[10:38] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Adapt. To. This!

[10:38] Ten@Farmer42: Who's...the queen...NOW?! *After several seconds, Ten picks up a piece of circuitry she broke off of the queen's head*

[10:38] Dekan@kanekasier: I think she's gone, Subadmiral. *Dekan says quietly, covering the team's rear*

[10:39] Ten@Farmer42: *Standing up, she looks at Dekan* Commander, can you confirm this is a command module compatible with this suit?

[10:39] Leina@Pheonyx: When we're ready, you beam out and I will destroy the control console... don't worry about the explosion, just beam me out when my vitals show me as unconscious."

[10:39] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Lazu doesn't even look, jacking into the Queen's interface with her tricorder.*

[10:40] Dekan@kanekasier: Here? Now? *Shakes his head, negating his own comments to eye the scrap* Well... It -looks- like a command module.

[10:40] Ten@Farmer42: Waves with the hand holding her shotgun* Best guess, Commander?

[10:41] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I've got some less suicidal ideas, Leina. Morning Star, we could use a pick up. ETA?

[10:41] Dekan@kanekasier: At uh, first glance, yes. *He shrugs* If nothing else, I can uh, make it fit one way or another.

[10:41] Lazu@Basilisk9466: [Aviel] I'm sorry, Captain Lukita, but pickup will not be possible. Fighting has moved to encompass the area around the assimilated starbase.

[10:43] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Pause.* Well. That's a problem.

[10:43] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Well, that's just great. Tell me there's still a shuttle craft on this heap.

[10:43] Leina@Pheonyx: "Is there some sort of defense system we can use to our advantage?"

[10:43] Ten@Farmer42: *Cracks her knickles and rolls her shoulders* Time to steal a warship?

[10:43] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She looks at Ten flatly.* Can you control that thing? No guesses, no bravado, yes or no?

[10:44] Dekan@kanekasier: *Makes an unhappy noise, but doesn't lodge any real protest*

[10:44] Ten@Farmer42: We're about to find out.
Commander, can you insert this chip into port gamme on my back? *Hands the circuit to Dekan*

[10:45] Dekan@kanekasier: *He takes the chip, shakes a bit of the excess gore off it, before sliding around to Ten's back* Fair warning, Subadmiral. This is uh, probably going to feel a little weird.

[10:46] Ten@Farmer42: No. Really?

[10:46] Ten@Farmer42: *She snaps* Do it, commander.

[10:47] Dekan@kanekasier: Don't say I didn't warn you. *He locates the port and slots it in, muttering incomprehensibly to himself*

[10:47] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Just be quick before more drones show up.

[10:48] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten's eyes glow briefly, then she sighs loudly* Systems syncing. Shields...optimal...Warp core...ready...Lifesupport is on. Central computer is in...standby mode.

[10:48] Ten@Farmer42: We can fly her out, Lazu. She isn't...awake?

[10:48] Ten@Farmer42: Something's still missing from her. But we can fly her.

[10:48] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Good. *She taps a command, and the other four are beamed out to the Ishtar's command deck.*

[10:51] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Captain Ryan] This is the Firenze, we're holding up, but ye better be quick about it.

[10:51] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten moves and settles in the command chair* Hello, beautiful.

[10:52] Leina@Pheonyx: [Comms] This is the Queen Regent... taking fire, but holding on for now.

[10:52] Lazu@Basilisk9466: [Comms] All right, everyone. I've unlocked the transwarp network, sending encryption sequence now. Get out as soon as you have it.

[10:52] Ten@Farmer42: Not without you, Captain.

[10:52] Leina@Pheonyx: *Sits down at what appears to be the science station*

[10:53] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks at a console and judge it to be the tactical station]

[10:53] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Got no intention of suicide, Triy, but someone has to open the doors for you. Unlocking control collar now, you should have power.

[10:54] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten settles into a near fugue state* Warp core at 110% output. Engines are primes. I have...30% weapons.

[10:55] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [works console] I can get that higher.

[10:55] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Opening bay doors. *Faint sound of weapons fire.*

[10:55] Dekan@kanekasier: [Daehlen] We're holding, platforms and fighters are deployed... We're holding the line, but that exit would be real nice soon.

[10:55] Leina@Pheonyx: *Taps a few places on the screens* Sensors operational, feeding sensor input to tactical for targetting.

[10:56] Ten@Farmer42: Daehlen, send us targetting data.

[10:56] Dekan@kanekasier: [Daehlen] Affirmative! Syncing now!

[10:56] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Transmitting transwarp codes now. Encoding viral matrix... energising.

[10:57] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [finishes working console] There, I've done what I can to bring weapons up more.

[10:58] Leina@Pheonyx: [Queen Regent] Codes received, proceeding evasive pattern beta

[10:58] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten taps the air in front of her* Tactical, I've marked priority targets. Hit 'em while we flyby. Trust Forces, time to scoot. Follow the white ship flying my flag colors.

[10:58] Lazu@Basilisk9466: [Aviel] Morning Star is engaging transwarp.

[10:59] Ten@Farmer42: All trust forces, engage transwarp.

[10:59] Ten@Farmer42: Helm, take us home.

[10:59] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Oh. I hope we scrap this thing after this. Weapons standing by.

[10:59] Dekan@kanekasier: *Eyes the engineering console* Power levels look good, Subadmiral.

[10:59] Leina@Pheonyx: [Oslei] Queen Regent, engaging transwarp... mark!

[10:59] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Captain Ryan] Aye, we're ready. Give the word.

[11:00] Dekan@kanekasier: [Daehlen] Auto platforms deployed, and we're recovering fighters. Preparing to scoot!

[11:01] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She slowly sinks to the floor, exhausted.* Ok. I'm done. So long as we don't die, I consider this a fine mission all round. Good job people.

[11:02] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Again, don't sing praise yet. We ain't out of here yet.

[11:04] Ten@Farmer42: Commander, get us home. Engage.

[11:04] Ten@Farmer42: Trust fleet, engage

[11:04] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [USS Firenze falls into formation]

[11:04] Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan steps over to the Conn, tapping a few commands and gets the ship underway.* Aye, Subadmiral.

[11:05] Leina@Pheonyx: "Picking up various targets coming towards us... still outside of their weapons range, but closing."

[11:06] Ten@Farmer42: All power to engines.

[11:07] Dekan@kanekasier: All power, aye.

[11:07] Dekan@kanekasier: [Daehlen] All ships recovered! Forming on you, Subadmiral!

[11:07] Ten@Farmer42: Commander, take us into the Transwarp gateway. Third star to the right. Straight on to morning.

[11:07] Leina@Pheonyx: "Twenty seconds until they are in within extreme weapons range."

[11:08] Ten@Farmer42: Ignore all targets.

[11:08] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks at her, but says nothing]

[11:08] Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan coughs a little chuckle* We'll be gone in five. Engaging transwarp in 3...

[11:08] Dekan@kanekasier: 2...

[11:09] Ten@Farmer42: Disengage and get home. Anything that decides to follow us is in for a rude awakening when they hit the rest of the fleet.

[11:09] Dekan@kanekasier: 1...

[11:09] Dekan@kanekasier: Mark.

[11:12] Dekan@kanekasier: *Pushes the ship through the transwarp gate, before pulling an elegant curve out the other side that brings the ship into lead formation of the assembling Trust forces*

[11:12] Ten@Farmer42: *The Trust fleet emerges in space around 130-T*

[11:12] Leina@Pheonyx: "Sensors are not showing anyone following us through the transwarp gate."

[11:13] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [crosses his arms]

[11:13] Ten@Farmer42: All Trust vessels, this is Subadmiral Triy H'Carth. Ready weapons and prepare for anyone following us. Attack fleet, Status report?

[11:13] Lazu@Basilisk9466: They shouldn't be. I left them a catalytic virus as a going-away present. They're dealing with a total memory wipe of core data. That's the last we'll see of the hybrid project.

[11:13] Dekan@kanekasier: *Dekan brings the ship to a halt, before switching power back to a balanced load*

[11:14] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Not quite. There's still this ship.

[11:14] Leina@Pheonyx: Which means we need to decide what to do with it."

[11:14] Ten@Farmer42: And Astaroth. Lazu, care to give me back command authority?

[11:15] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Well, seeing as the operation is finished, and Ten's fit for duty again... I'm relieving myself. Go wild.

[11:15] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [to Leina] Isn't it obvious? We destroy it.

[11:15] Dekan@kanekasier: [Daehlen] Daehlen checking in; We've got minor damage across the ship, and we lost two fighters. All in all, not a bad operation, Subadmiral.

[11:16] Ten@Farmer42: I'm so glad to hear how cavalier you are to kill a sentient being, Captain Sharp.

[11:16] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [Captain Ryan] The Firenze is well. Sustained moderate damage, no fatalities.

[11:16] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: What good will come of this thing still being active.

[11:17] Leina@Pheonyx: [Oslei] Queen Regent here... sustained minor damage to hull and port nacelle, several shield arrays are also damaged, but otherwise functioning fine.

[11:17] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Astaroth has proved herself. And Ishtar I'm not convinced is sentient.

[11:17] Ten@Farmer42: I don't know. I'm curious to see what good would come of letting you live. Are you volunteering for the live experiment?

[11:18] Leina@Pheonyx: We cannot make a decision until that has been determined.

[11:18] Ten@Farmer42: And I can confirm she is. Her core personality is still in lockdown. *Ten points down* She's just like Astaroth.

[11:19] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Excuse me? You had no problem with us taking out the other ones.

[11:19] Lazu@Basilisk9466: The others were just normal warships with some extra guns.

[11:20] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: This thing is Borg tech. Which is strictly prohibited by the Alliance.

[11:20] Dekan@kanekasier: So is um, Astaroth. *Dekan says, quietly*

[11:21] Dekan@kanekasier: So is the uh, Subadmiral. Looked at in a certain light.

[11:21] Ten@Farmer42: That certain light being anything in the visible spectrum.

[11:21] Lazu@Basilisk9466: That's been window dressing legislation for years, Sharp.

[11:22] Leina@Pheonyx: All of this can be discussed with Ror... I mean the Commodore... before any decision is rendered."

[11:22] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Yeah. Like I have any say.

[11:22] Dekan@kanekasier: *Now that the danger has passed, Dekan doffs his helmet and tucks it under an arm*

[11:23] Dekan@kanekasier: I know the uh, Republic is doing better. But, from my end, there was a time where any ship with plasma banks was um... Useful.

[11:23] Ten@Farmer42: There's no discussing it. We're taking Ishtar into a docking ring. Rori can have a look at her and we can try to figure out why her core is in lockdown.

[11:24] Dekan@kanekasier: We didn't exactly have the option of not using a warship, just because we didn't like how it was made.

[11:24] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: The escape was necessary, but I feel this ship is too dangerous to keep active.

[11:25] Ten@Farmer42: Your concern is noted, Sharp.

[11:25] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: We'll see.

[11:25] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Whatever else may be true, Sharp's right that there's a discussion to be had. But not here and not now.

[11:26] Dekan@kanekasier: To uh, be honest... This ship is still kind of unfinished anyway. Um, issues with a locked up core aside.

[11:26] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Let's get off this hulk.

[11:26] Ten@Farmer42: Dekan, take us on. Leina, will you send a message to Astaroth at the Spire? Let her know we brought one of her sisters home? Also, tell her I'm thankful for her concern.

[11:26] Dekan@kanekasier: Aye, Subadmiral.

[11:26] Ten@Farmer42: Also, Leina, let her know she can come home anytime she feels like it.

[11:27] Leina@Pheonyx: I think for now, we should just go back to the station, file the after action reports and get some sleep." *hears Ten's request* "Sure thing... sending off a message to the Spire now."

[11:27] Dekan@kanekasier: Dry-dock? *He asks, pushing the engines into a lazy curve towards them*

[11:27] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [works the console for a moment, then just stands idly]

[11:27] Ten@Farmer42: Yes. Drydock 45. Outer ring. *The drydock highlights on Dekan's screen*

[11:27] Leina@Pheonyx: *taps on the console quickly, typing in a message for Astaroth, relaying what Ten asked to relay*

[11:28] Dekan@kanekasier: Drydock 45, aye.

[11:28] Leina@Pheonyx: "Aaaaand... message sent."

[11:28] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten seems to focus and stand up* Okay, weird.

[11:29] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten plops down on the ground next to Lazu* That was exciting.

[11:29] Ten@Farmer42: Let's not do it again. Anytime. Ever.

[11:30] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I doubt we'll need to. There'll be more Borg out there, but... Unimatrix 20 is out of commission.

[11:30] Ten@Farmer42: *Nods* Indeed.

[11:30] Leina@Pheonyx: *Slumps back into her chair, closes her eyes and whispers almost inaudibly as a smile creeps on her face* "We're home, Rori... mi daresh."

[11:31] Dekan@kanekasier: 130-T, this is the uh... Ishtar. Requesting docking clearance for um, drydock 45.

[11:32] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks down at his wrist tech and just taps a couple panels]

[11:32] Ten@Farmer42: [130-T] Granted, Ishtar.

[11:32] Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [USS Firenze enters one of the shipyard births and repairs begin]

[11:33] Leina@Pheonyx: *The USS Queen Regent berths at its designation location as repair drones start to work on the hull*

[11:34] Dekan@kanekasier: Ishtar on approach. Um, stand by for docking.
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