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Erik and his senior crew give the Husnock warship a look over as Erik deals with the Ferengi contact Captain Lukita gave him. The contact seemed annoyed at Erik's insistence at looking over the ship in person, but he knew it would be a big payout if he sells it. Erik had to admit that it was unfortunate the Husnock were extinct, they knew how design starship interiors.

The ship was next to pristine condition. When Erik asked, the Ferengi dealer said he salvaged the ship from an old Husnock world. He had no interest in it, but knew it would sell for a fortune. He about given up on it until Erik showed up. Thanks in large part to Agent Richards's payment for those psycho-plants, Erik had more than enough to purchase it.

"Surely your people have made the same conclusion you did: that this ship is working order. So, shall we get to finalizing the payment?" the dealer asked a bit nervously.

Erik made a mental note about it. "Keep your head band on. I gave my crew a couple hours to look over the ship. We only have a few minutes left. Now you said something about the ready room making the ones Starfleet uses look like a simple office?"

That seemed to calm him down. "Oh, indeed. The Husnock spared no expense at making this ship built for strategy as well as for battle."

When they reached the ready room, Erik gave an impressed whistle. It was a bit bigger than an Intrepid class ready room and was set up in a manner that reminded Erik of the NX class's situation area to the rear of the bridge.

"Impressive. I see what you mean," Erik said as he walked around the room.

After about a minute, Clara called to ask Erik to meet her and the others in the conference room. The room was located a little ways behind the bridge.

"Thank you for the tour, Krem. Once I'm done conferring with my crew, I'll give you my final answer about this ship." Erik said after entering the conference room.

Krem gave a quiet huff and left.

"What's up his butt?" Cara asked.

"Probably just wants to get rid of this ship and paid right away. That is if you didn't find anything odd in your inspections?" Erik replied.

Sheln handed him a PADD. "We did at that. I recognized the handiwork immediately. It shouldn't be too much trouble to neutralize."

M'Ril spoke next, "I found a number of devices that would sabotage us upon command. Likely the work of the same honorless Pla'Qtak."

"I've looked over a lot of them, I can take care of them so that they send any red flags to their makers." Nathan added, "As for the ship itself? All I can say is that I'll love going to work on her."

Erik and the others gave him a look.

"Yes, I know how that sounds. Shut up. What's your take, Cap'?"

Erik smirked and answered, "I share your enthusiasm. This ship is a marvel. A little more than what one is used to in our line of work, but we could use it after some of the trouble we've stirred up."

"Does that dealer know we suspect something?" Siathi asked leaning against the wall.

"No, but he's close to sweating bullets about it. I'll accept this ship, no question, I just needed to be sure of what you all just told me."

"On an unrelated note, there are still data entries made by Husnock personnel. They're quite encrypted though." Leanne said.

"Those should prove interesting readings, but let's not worry about those unless it affects the workings of the ship. Make preparations while I meet with Krem to cement the deal." Erik replied before ending the meeting.
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