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Aelita@zanethesage: *beams down onto Risa, already prepared for the festivities*

S'anra@Farmer42: That's not the shirt Ten gave you.

Aelita@zanethesage: I bought it with the huge latinum purse I had.

Aelita@zanethesage: What's wrong with it?

S'anra@Farmer42: No gorn.

Aelita@zanethesage: *flatly* Figures.

Aelita@zanethesage: Hardly my idea of a joke.

S'anra@Farmer42: *Smiles* Ah, youth. As usual, my daughter has reserved this suite for the family. She'll be here soon, but is stopping off on Vulcan to take care of some business. *Looks around* It looks like Elle

S'anra@Farmer42: got here already

Aelita@zanethesage: Elle?

S'anra@Farmer42: You remember the Trill I met with on Drozana a few weeks ago? She an old..."Acquaintance" of mine. Ten grew up with her last host as an "aunt." She was just assigned to the Trust.

Aelita@zanethesage: Oh. Great. More of Ten's family.

S'anra@Farmer42: Ten calls her "Auntie" Durh to piss her off, since she's actually a couple months older than Elle.

Aelita@zanethesage: *grins* Damn, really? That's awesome.

S'anra@Farmer42: She's a data weenie, so she's probably off somewhere reading. Avoiding any telepaths

Aelita@zanethesage: She need a tin hat or something?

S'anra@Farmer42: No. She's telepathically sensitive. Telepaths give her headaches.

Aelita@zanethesage: Huh. Then maybe instead I bring her a neurosupressor.

Aelita@zanethesage: Give her something for that.

S'anra@Farmer42: No, they use that ability, much to her frustration. She's a like a dowsing rod for Undine.

Aelita@zanethesage: *raises eyebrow* Unconventional, but from what it sounds like, effective.

S'anra@Farmer42: Yes. She's also the person who introduced me to cocoa.

Aelita@zanethesage: *chuckles* I see.

S'anra@Farmer42: Just be careful of hers. She tends to use pepper.

Aelita@zanethesage: *snerks* Sokay. I like a little kick.

S'anra@Farmer42: Think more like a mule. She once made Ten a cup with enough heat her medical nanites activated.

Aelita@zanethesage: *looks interested* THAT I would have liked to see.

S'anra@Farmer42: It was pretty funny.

Aelita@zanethesage: Sounds like it.

S'anra@Farmer42: One of her hosts served with a woman from India on Earth and developed a taste for mind numbingly spicy foods. It appears to pass down with the symbiont.

Aelita@zanethesage: *nods* I had some of that Indian food. It's really fricking good.

S'anra@Farmer42: Indeed. So. Ground rules. No alcohol. No boys in the bungalow. No syncing with strange ships.

Aelita@zanethesage: *crosses her arms* Kay.

S'anra@Farmer42: That last one was more important when I had to set rules for Ten. *Looks up, remembering* But otherwise, you're free.

Aelita@zanethesage: *blinks* Wait, free? Like, that's it?

S'anra@Farmer42: More or less.

Aelita@zanethesage: You mean I'm just done? like that?

S'anra@Farmer42: I'm done with you. If you want to crew with me, you're welcome to. But let's be honest, do I need to keep forcing sobriety on you?

S'anra@Farmer42: Or have we moved on from that part of your life?

Aelita@zanethesage: You kind of welded a patch on me that prevents that. Pretty sure I can't take it off and if I do, the space boogeyman will come and scold me for the rest of the day.

S'anra@Farmer42: No. The space boogeyman will just be supremely disappointed in you.

S'anra@Farmer42: And I can radiate disappointment through hull armor.

Aelita@zanethesage: Figures.

S'anra@Farmer42: You might want to be careful with Ten at first. She might be agressively clingy. She's been lighting up my coms with worry since I nabbed you.

Aelita@zanethesage: *looks suprised* Wait...really?

S'anra@Farmer42: *Holds up a pad filled with angry message headers from Ten, usually a variant of, "WHERE'S MY KID?!"

Aelita@zanethesage: *looks at it genuinely suprised* ...Oh.

S'anra@Farmer42: You had other issues you were working out, so I didn't tell you.

Aelita@zanethesage: I feel bad.

S'anra@Farmer42: She'll understand. Probably after she does something nasty to my bed while I sleep.

Aelita@zanethesage: *looks skeptical* I can...try and convince her to not to.

S'anra@Farmer42: *Raises an eyebrow*I don't think there's a force in the known universe with that power.

Aelita@zanethesage: I can try

S'anra@Farmer42: Let her get it out of her system. She's been worried, and I caused that worry.

Aelita@zanethesage: Alright...

S'anra@Farmer42: You not drinking yourself to death, I think, is probably worth a few fish in my sheets.

Aelita@zanethesage: *nods relucatantly* ...yeah, thanks.

S'anra@Farmer42: Now. Sentimentality aside, go. There are monkeys to chase. Birds to capture, and strange, contrived sex idols to collect. Go. Be a kid. You have too many years of responsible adulting ahead of

S'anra@Farmer42: you to waste this time.

Aelita@zanethesage: *nods* Okay. *cracks a smile for the first time in a while* See you later, grandma. *runs off*

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