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Elle@Farmer42: *looks up from her PADD* Good afternoon, Tiny.

Briar@kanekasier: *Open mouth grins* How's the sun been treating you, softskin?

Elle@Farmer42: Not bad. My genotype comes from an equitorial region. So while I have thin skin, it's well adapted

Elle@Farmer42: How's the basking?

Briar@kanekasier: Ah, good. To both. *Sits across from her, heavily.* Contrary to popular belief, sun doesn't make us useless.

Elle@Farmer42: I'm glad you found the cottage. Ten rents the whole area out for her family, and since I'm out here, I'm coming as her doting auntie.

Elle@Farmer42: *Screws up her face* That's weird to say, since we're about the same age.

Briar@kanekasier: Hah! I doubt that would work for me. For now, I'm just visiting.

Briar@kanekasier: 'Uncle Briar' does have a ring to it though... Doubt anyone would believe it, but eh.

Elle@Farmer42: There are stranger things.

Briar@kanekasier: True enough. Speaking of strange things, I hear you got nudged by our shapestealer of interest not long ago.

Elle@Farmer42: Funny thing? Ten's actually about six months older than me. But my past two hosts have been *coughs delicately* friends of her mother.

Elle@Farmer42: Yes. She actually approached me. Apparently the Tal Shiar have been trying to recreate her experiments.

Briar@kanekasier: They haven't briefed me on what those were, exactly. The gist of it seems to be nasty sentient warships though.

Elle@Farmer42: Take a fast attack warbird, splice in a bunch of borg bits, then put an Undine brain in it.

Elle@Farmer42: They don't have the brain part down. I've been poking around, and it looks like there is a lot of Tal Shiar activity near known hubs of Borg activity.

Briar@kanekasier: *Shakes his head* Because that sounds like a grand idea...

Elle@Farmer42: I think they may be trying to create gestalt minds. Mini collectives, as it were.

Briar@kanekasier: The number of times messing with Borg shit has turned out well I can count on one hand.

Elle@Farmer42: Excluding my neice, I'd have to agree.

Briar@kanekasier: Honestly, it sounds like those Tal Shiar might just wreck themselves faster than we can. But I suppose that might be wishful thinking.

Elle@Farmer42: The "Successful" version managed to kidnap the Captain in a fit of childish infatuation.

Elle@Farmer42: God only knows what some combined mind of a mess of confused civilians is going to produce.

Briar@kanekasier: Something dangerous to everyone, and they'd be better off dumping it in one of their singulo drives.

Elle@Farmer42: *Shrugs, helplessly*

Briar@kanekasier: But hey, that's the Tal Shiar for you I guess. Just gotta find that one big superweapon to bring back The Old Empire...

Briar@kanekasier: But I'm getting off track for our purposes.

Elle@Farmer42: Yes. We need some eyes out there. Eyes that they can't easily slip an infiltrator onto their ship. Can you send a ship or two the the coordinates I just sent you?

Elle@Farmer42: Preferably ones with cloaking devices and captains who aren't afraid to use them?

Briar@kanekasier: Depends on if you trust my contacts or not.

Elle@Farmer42: Captain Lukita trusts your bona fides enough to trust you on this. I have no reason not to.

Briar@kanekasier: *Opens his mouth in that smile again* I know a captain or two with some skill at deception. And I've still got enough pull to get them to do what I want. I'll get some eyes on for you.

Elle@Farmer42: I'm not really a field work type of girl. This host is better at analysis. So I need you and your people need to be my eyes, ears, and hands in this matter.

Briar@kanekasier: More than happy to do the heavy lifting. It's what I'm good at, or so I'm told.

Elle@Farmer42: You make a good substitute for a wall in a pinch, I imagine, too.

Elle@Farmer42: I'm combat rated, but I leave the messy stuff to others.

Briar@kanekasier: I may or may not have done just that once or twice before. Let's just say it's how I know what phasers feel like on 'kill'.

Briar@kanekasier: So, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'm assuming there's a reason you didn't call us in when the shapethief made contact.

Elle@Farmer42: Kind of itch, don't they?

Elle@Farmer42: Four hosts ago and Andorian got me. Two seconds of agony. They were able to get me into another host long enough to get the Symbiont back to Trill.

Briar@kanekasier: Hah! Lucky you. I had to live with mine for half an hour before we could even get a field medic over. Back during one of our cycles of unpleasantness with the Federation.

Elle@Farmer42: Which one? Was that the one where I headbutted one of your ancestors?

Elle@Farmer42: That hose was about 1.7 meters tall. Red hair.

Briar@kanekasier: Nah, one of the more recent ones. I was there, for one. My grandmothers by then were all stationed as home guard.

Elle@Farmer42: *Nods, smiling fondly* Good times.

Briar@kanekasier: I admit, there are days I miss those wars. But only sometimes.

Elle@Farmer42: We're still fighting them in many ways. The Tzenkethi are still around. And the Tal Shiar are like roaches. I've spent the last century and a half dealing with them. Same issues, different decade.

Briar@kanekasier: Hmph. True enough. And I suppose we'll be fighting each other sooner or later again anyway. Someone somewhere will do something dumb, and everyone will get all up in arms again...

Elle@Farmer42: Ehh. Only another century or two. Things settle down eventually. But you didn't hear that from me.

Briar@kanekasier: Careful with that. I'll hold you to your prediction. And I'll probably still be around to do it. *He chuckles*

Elle@Farmer42: *Seriously* Who said it was a prediction?

Elle@Farmer42: You live long enough, sometimes some interesting people come to ask you questions about the "Bad old days".

Elle@Farmer42: Just remember: we all want a better future.

Briar@kanekasier: Eh, I leave the 'better future's and and 'era of peace's to other people. Me, I like to fight. Just too many people who take it too seriously.

Elle@Farmer42: You should spend some time with Ten. She met her last boyfriend when she dislocated his knee sparring.

Briar@kanekasier: I like her already. *He smiles again* Of course, the romulans tend to be a bit more scrappy than most Federation types. Just as a bit of a generalization.

Elle@Farmer42: She's also part borg and was raised by a retired Tal Shiar assassin.

Elle@Farmer42: So it isn't really fair to place the blame on her being romulan.

Briar@kanekasier: And that would make her... Less scrappy?

Elle@Farmer42: No. But you're not really prepared for her if you just view her as "Romulan". It leads to dangerous assumptions.

Elle@Farmer42: Especially since most of her implands are subdrual. A trait she tends to use to her advantage, right before tearing someone's arm off and beating them with it.

Briar@kanekasier: Really? *Leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees* Now I'm really interested.

Elle@Farmer42: A drunk Nausicaan got handsy with her and she took corrective action. I THINK there's still a bounty out for her because of it.

Elle@Farmer42: She was 17, at the time, and still living with her mother, so no one had the balls to try and claim it then. And now? Well. Intelligence officers are dangerous. Flag more so.

Briar@kanekasier: I'm not much of a bounty hunter myself. The Empire pays well enough anyway, surprising though that may be to hear.

Elle@Farmer42: Not really. Marauding is very profitable.There's a reason Ferengi fly warships.

Briar@kanekasier: It's more fun if they shoot back. *He flashes that toothy grin this time* But I suppose for ah, what's that phrase... Plausible denyability? I shouldn't say more.

Elle@Farmer42: I've been given lifetime bans from Drozana five times. I'm not in a place to judge.

Briar@kanekasier: Oh pfft. Drozana will ban you if you look at the bartender the wrong way.

Elle@Farmer42: You know the big meter long gash in the plating above the bar? That was Emma.

Elle@Farmer42: In my defense, I was aiming at S'Anra at the time, and she was holding the Dabo girl hostage.

Briar@kanekasier: Why is it that whenever I visit Drozana, nothing that interesting is happening?

Elle@Farmer42: Mostly because S'Anra retired and the bar staff has special training on how not to "Piss off the geriatric assassin" these days.

Elle@Farmer42: Last time we were there, they comped us drinks in hopes that she woldn't disturb the peace.

Briar@kanekasier: Figures. *He honestly looks a little glum* My grandmothers have all these stories about how lively places like that used to be. Seems like I missed out on all the good brawling spots.

Elle@Farmer42: There's still Nimbus. And with the Alliance there are all the Federation species you can regularly spar with if you want to attend cross-faction operations trainings.

Elle@Farmer42: That's one of the reasons the Contrarian exists, actually.

Briar@kanekasier: Oh I've been working on the operations. That part at least is still fun. Nimbus though...

Elle@Farmer42: Nimbus always needs some cleaning up. Anyways, I have a hammock with my name on it and some reports to file, and you need to mobilize some ships. Any time you want to talk to an old crone about days

Elle@Farmer42: of yor, though, I'll be here. I'm decamping and giving the crew some time off.

Elle@Farmer42: S'Anra and I will probably do our damnedest to get banned from a few bars here, too.

Briar@kanekasier: If you see any KDF Honorguard-looking folks around with a little hammer sigil somewhere, those are mine. I'd appreciate it if you tried to keep them in one piece.

Briar@kanekasier: Was a nice chat though. I'll let you get to that hammock.

Elle@Farmer42: I'll keep an eye out. But you don't seem like the type to keep fools and idiots around long. Live long and prosper. And all that jazz.

Elle@Farmer42: Good day, Marshal.

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