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Elle@Farmer42: *Elle sits in the lounge, drinking some cocoa*

Talvius@Basilisk9466: *A neatly groomed Romulan woman in civilian dress pads through the starbase, approaching the lounge, and leans on the bar cheerfully.* Tarkalian tea, please.

Elle@Farmer42: *Palms two tablets and takes them with a sip of her tea* You might as well come have a seat. I felt you walk into the room.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: *She scoops up the tea, and moves over to sit opposite.* Oh good, you do live up to your reputation.

Elle@Farmer42: Getting a headache around powerful psychics isn't much of a superpower. But it can be useful. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Talvius@Basilisk9466: *She shrugs.* Twenty years of infiltration, and I can count the number of people who can spot me like that on one hand.

Elle@Farmer42: What can I say? This host is one in a million.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: And so of course darling Lazu put a collar and leash on you. What a good little bloodhound. Has she gotten angsty on you about your symbiote yet?

Elle@Farmer42: *Blithely* She doesn't really have a leash that could hold me. I've spent over a century across three hosts chasing Tal Shiar shadows. *Waves her hand dismissively* Besides. Her symbiont isn't a

Elle@Farmer42: problem.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: I said yours, not hers. *Stage whisper* She feels awkward about being a first host.

Elle@Farmer42: That was so many hosts ago for me, that I can't well remember. After your third century, they all sort-of blend together.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: I'm sure. When I start getting old enough to forget things, it'll be interesting.

Elle@Farmer42: It's not forgetting, per se. It's a blending. I have to really focus to separate the earlier memories.

Elle@Farmer42: I went through a period where I couldn't remember if I liked Raktajino. Turns out I didn't. That was Cecelia Duhr that did.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: Mmm. Of course, it helps that Elliana has a mid-range humanoid lifespan, and Duhr is much longer lived. Awkward mismatch of lifespans and neural capabilities. Not something I have an issue with.

Elle@Farmer42: We digress. What brings you out of hiding and skulking in our halls?

Talvius@Basilisk9466: So, I have some information that might be of interest to dear Lazu. And probably Ten as well, whenever she gets tired of playing with the children. But since Lazu hired you to find me, I figured I'd

Talvius@Basilisk9466: go through you. *She grins impishly.*

Elle@Farmer42: *Raises one eyebrown imperiously*

Talvius@Basilisk9466: It's something you Federation types will probably want to destroy, and I'd rather like gone because it's just... insulting.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: There's a Tal Shiar cell that's been playing with my old toys.

Elle@Farmer42: You'll have to be a bit more specific than that, dear.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: The thing I was famous for in the Tal Shiar? The reason Lazu was chasing me originally? They're making more. I don't approve.

Elle@Farmer42: Oh? How are they handling the Undine bits? Did they cut off one of your legs?

Talvius@Basilisk9466: Out of all the ships I made, only two used Undine technology. I'm assuming they're just farming up more Borg parts.

Elle@Farmer42: That doesn't explaine the sentience. How are they achieving that?

Talvius@Basilisk9466: Last I heard, they weren't. Who wants sentient warships? Have you seen my daughter? She's a lovely girl, but hardly the picture of loyalty.

Elle@Farmer42: She works well with Ten and Lazu. I think you just failed to provide a supportive environment where she could work to her strengths.

Elle@Farmer42: Early childhood development is so fickle, after all.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: What, you think the Tal Shiar would provide one? They don't want something they can make into a wholesome individual with appropriate TLC, they want weapons.

Elle@Farmer42: *Strokes Emma lightly* The finest weapons at the product of tender care and affection. That's something the Romulans tend to forget.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: And either way... they're not even close to worthy of my designs. So. *She slides over a PADD.* Enjoy. I'll be in touch. *She stands to leave.*

Elle@Farmer42: You'll want to take the transporter pad. I've had an inhibitor field running since you came in.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: *She pats Elle's head as she passes.* You're so cute.

Elle@Farmer42: *Smiles* Better women than you have tried to get a rise out of me. Come talk once you've spent a century in the game, kiddo.

Talvius@Basilisk9466: *She glances over her shoulder.* And yet you're the errand girl and I'm the intergalactic terrorist. *She winks, and vanishes into the crowd.*

Elle@Farmer42: *Elle leans back and puts her feet up on the table, reading the PaDD* Operations, tight beam to Captain Lukita. High priority. She'll want to hear about this. Oh, and can someone bring me another drink.
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