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The Serpents' Gem travels through the starship sized Iconian gateway to the Solanae Dyson Sphere and is escorted to the gateway to the Jenolan Sphere.

Erik sat in his quarters lounging at his desk having a bottle of Guinness. After having a sip, he picks up a PADD that contained a message relayed to him from Nihydron officials. They requested the return of their ship due to tense security issues they're facing. While Erik understood the need for the ship's return, he was extremely reluctant in choosing to hand over the Serpents' Gem. Most of the crew were given leave while a small skeleton crew remained to send the ship on its way and Erik made sure that the last of his cargo was taken care of.

His door chime as he stared out at the view port at the Andromeda class starship that served as his ship's escort.

"It's open," Erik said.

Clara entered and came by his side.

"Oh, do you need a moment?" She asked after noticing the beer bottle.

"No. This is the only bottle I'm having," he replied as he took his feet off his desk and faced her, "We had a hell of a run on this boat."

Clara sat down on his lap and wrapped an arm around him in her sisterly manner. "We did. Don't worry, Rik, we'll be back out here in another fine ship. Got any ideas in the meantime?"

Erik finished taking a sip of Guinness before he grabbed another PADD and held it for both of them to look at. "I have a very good idea. You that place on Risa that makes old sail ships from different worlds?"

Clara turned on the PADD and gasped with excitement.

[a few hours later at Delta Quadrant Command]

Erik and Clara met with Nihydron military and diplomatic officials after an inspection of the Gem.

"After looking over the ship, Captain, we're impressed with what you have done with it. By our standards, it's ahead of some of our younger ships." One of the military officials stated.

Erik gave a head bow. "Glad you like it. I hope it will be a big help with whatever you got going on."

"It definitely will be an asset for us."

The diplomatic official gave his own head bow. "On behalf of my government. I thank you for responding to our message promptly and respect the personal imposition this is for you."

"We understand. While attached we became with the ship, your need is greater than ours."

Erik and Clara exchanged parting statements but not before they received decent compensation for the condition of the ship. They then met up with the rest of the skeleton crew, divided the compensation evenly, and secured transport aboard a Concorde class starship to Risa.
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