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Name: Ellianna Cornwall Duhr. Elle
Rank: Commander
Species: Trill (Joined)
Age: 29 (Host) Unknown, at least three centuries (Symbiont)
Specialization: Counter Insurgency
Special Considerations: Limited Telepathy


Born on trill in 2380 as Ellianna Cornwall Telos, Elle was originally set for life as a civilian. She was trained as a gymnast, but studied sociology during her secondary education. It was a good fit with her, as she has a natural facility with social organization. At 18, she was deemed a suitable candidate for the Duhr Symbiont when the previous host, Nidox Duhr, was stung by an insect while on a mission for Starfleet intelligence. Nidox had been keeping an eye on her as a possible assistant, as she was thinking of retiring before the incident. The rushed joining to the Duhr symbiont pulled her out of school, and the transition was not as smooth as it could have been, had there been more time. Still, Elle took to the joining rapidly. Her natural instincts with people were a good match for the Symbiont, and instead of returning to school, she opted for entry into Starfleet Academy.

Her Academy career was uneventful, with no notable incidents or commendations. In fact, she seemed on track to be a reliable, if unassuming, personnel officer. Her first two postings supported this assessment of her Academy professors. While she was good at managing people, it was clear that she was not going to be an exceptional officer.

It was her third posting that lead to her reassignment to Starfleet Intelligence. The joining had an unnoticed side-effect. It turns out that Elle has limited telepathy. She is sensitive to telepaths and shape-shifters. This ability was discovered when she reported to medbay for chronic migraines. The CMO of the ship, the USS Pointer, could not identify any root cause, but did notice elevated brain activity in the pre-frontal cortex. This activity was especially strong when she was near the First Officer, Randall Lee. Commander Lee was, in fact, an Undine infiltrator. Security was able to protect the young Lieutenant, but the undine was able to escape.

Further testing revealed that Elle was able to sense psychic activity, though unable to communicate or do much more than notice. Though limited, her ability is useful for smoking out Undine and Reman infiltrators. Further, she is somewhat resistant to psychic attacks, though she still develops migraines with prolonged exposure to telepaths.

After the attack, she was transferred to Starfleet Intelligence and was put through a full sociology and psychology curriculum. Her natural proclivities served her well, along with the history of her symbiont's prior hosts, many of whom served with Starfleet Intelligence. She has since served with distinction in an counter-insurgency role, working to pacify local populations through both negotiations and covert activity.

In 2407 she was assigned to command the USS Contrarian, NX-1987, a third generation Miranda class light cruiser. She is old and has had a prolonged service history, being one of the last mirandas of her generation out of drydock in 2293, but she'd benefited from development and had many features from the Excelsior and Centaur cruisers built in. She also had an extensive overhaul performed in 2308, fitting the entire ship with holoemitters, enabling the ship to serve as a multi-purpose training vessel. The crew compliment was cut in half and large sections of the ship were cleared in order to support simulation space for engine rooms and facilities of much larger, newer ships. with the large holobays, she is able to perform these simulations while underway with the training crew working in simulation and the actual crew working in the smaller facilities.

This ended up being the downfall of the ship and the test platform, as the internal power requirements combined with the smaller space for actual equipment meant the Contrarian was operating a heavy load on a half-sized warp core.

The continuing war with the Klingons lead to the ship and project being mothballed near the end of 2408. An attempt to use the ship in combat, relying on the holoemitters to mask the sip met similar results, as she simply did not have the power output for modern operations.

Commander Duhr and the Contrarian have been assigned to the Trust per Admiral Samuels in Starfleet Intelligence as a response to recent criticisms of Starfleet's training methods by Subadmiral H'Carth during recent wargames. The commander and her crew jumped at the chance for seeing action and possible refit with modern technology.

Important note: The Duhr Symbiont and it's hosts have extensive history with S'Anra H'carth, having spent a portion of their shared history as lovers and frequent adversaries; both served their respective governments' Intelligence offices. Due to this shared history, it is likely that the Commander has greater access to sealed files than her rights and rank should. Hosts of the symbiont have displayed a blatant disregard for authority and often act independently of command structure. She also likely has access to unknown and unvetted intelligence resources. She could prove to be both an asset and a liability in field operations. Commander Duhr has spent most of her carreer as a training officer or an analyst, so we are not sure how tied into the resources of previous hosts she is. Be warned.
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