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[8:52] Rori@zanethesage: *sees Leina and squees, running after her in a hug* LEINA!

[8:52] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten rolls up her sleeves* alright. Who wants a drink?

[8:52] Leina@Pheonyx: *Looks around then hears her name and gets hugged, hugging back* RORI! What are you doing here?

[8:53] Rori@zanethesage: Trying to see if I could dock at the Spire under cloak. Can't. Ten was here.

[8:53] Leina@Pheonyx: *shakes her head* You really think that was a wise thing to attempt?

[8:54] Rori@zanethesage: *grins* I am an engineer, we can't know until we do it sometimes.

[8:55] Leina@Pheonyx: *laughs* True... scientists are the same way sometimes.

[8:55] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *leans towards Ten, whispering* That attitude is why your Federation ships keep breaking.

[8:55] Rori@zanethesage: *distantly* I heard that!

[8:56] Ten@Farmer42: You give them two warp cores and they tape them together and ask for a third because they blew the first two up.

[8:57] Rori@zanethesage: *back to Leina, beaming* Oh,we have to catch up! I have...*falters for a sec*...w-well...A lot's happened.

[8:58] Leina@Pheonyx: We will catch up, definitely... catches the hesitation* Is... everything alright?

[8:59] Rori@zanethesage: *blinks*'s a long story.

[9:00] Leina@Pheonyx: Well, we'll have time. I am here to check out the spire and the Dyson Sphere. I've never seen anything like this before. It's amazing!

[9:00] Rori@zanethesage: *bounces in place* Isn't it though?! it's all one big interconnected structure!

[9:02] Leina@Pheonyx: Really? My mind boggles at the scientific capabilities that the sphere has, see how it can benefit the Federation.

[9:03] Rori@zanethesage: *shakes her head* Ah. "the Alliance". Remember, same team now and all that.

[9:04] Ten@Farmer42: *Sits across from Lazu and slids a drink over to her* Saurian Brandy, from the special stock.

[9:05] Rori@zanethesage: Cmon, let's go get something to drink.

[9:05] Ten@Farmer42: So, how are things between you and Seuna going?

[9:05] Leina@Pheonyx: Right... still not used to that. It's a wonderful thing, the alliance, for sure. And a drink would be nice.

[9:07] Rori@zanethesage: *nods and walks with her* So, whath ave you been up to all this time?

[9:07] Rori@zanethesage: More fights? *chuckles*

[9:07] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She sips her drink.* Oh... on and off. We don't get to see each other that often. But she seems to be in good spirits last I heard.

[9:08] Rori@zanethesage: *pokes at the replicator* What do you want?

[9:08] Ten@Farmer42: That's good. RORI, STAY OUT OF THE PRIVATE STOCK!

[9:08] Rori@zanethesage: *Squeals loudly* I DIDN'T TOUCH IT, LOOK AT IT, OR BREATHE ON IT!

[9:08] Leina@Pheonyx: My usual... tulaberry juice.

[9:08] Rori@zanethesage: *gets two juices, one uttaberry, one tulaberry, and hands Leina hers*

[9:09] Leina@Pheonyx: *takes her glass* Thanks, Rori.

[9:09] Rori@zanethesage: Mmhhmm!

[9:10] Ten@Farmer42: Anything else I need to know about? I was too busy to read fleet updates.

[9:10] Lazu@Basilisk9466: How about you? How's your mother doing?

[9:10] Ten@Farmer42: My mother is still hiding from me.

[9:10] Rori@zanethesage: *leans on the bar sipping from a crazy straw* So, Leina, heard more abotu your house?

[9:10] Ten@Farmer42: I just have to wait. I know I'm not good enough to find her.

[9:13] Varzec@deffdog: Spire Computer: Holographic Telepresence Activating Connection with USS Alameda. Would you like to allow?

[9:13] Leina@Pheonyx: *sips her juice from the glass* Aline will be the head of House Vance. They finally settled that. Then, once Claudette is no longer Queen Regent, she will take over

[9:13] Ten@Farmer42: [Comms] Allowed, Alameda.

[9:14] Varzec@deffdog: Hologram of Captain Varzec Appears.

[9:15] Leina@Pheonyx: *Loks over to Matt* Evening, Admiral.

[9:15] Lazu@Basilisk9466: But yeah... there hasn't been much going on that you missed. Aside from one thing. *She lowers her voice.* Our Mirror contacts seem to have lost track of the other Lazu.

[9:16] Varzec@deffdog: Looks like a party? Whats the occcasion?

[9:16] Rori@zanethesage: *smiles at Matt* Hey, Matt. What brings you out here?

[9:17] Ten@Farmer42: She'll show up eventually. In the meantime, I'm going to have you tagged. Just in case.

[9:17] Leina@Pheonyx: *Turns to the new voice, taken by surprise at the hologram* Oh, uhm, erm... hello Captain *blushes in slight embarrassment

[9:17] Varzec@deffdog: *Hologram Shimmers* Certainly looks like a party.

[9:18] Rori@zanethesage: *looks at Varzec's hologram* Seraphina,adjust emitter by .02. *stands up a little more* Sorry, Captain, your hologram was a little fizzly.

[9:18] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I doubt she's about to try and do a switch, but yeah... good idea.

[9:18] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: Good evening.

[9:18] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She waves to the assorted newcomers.*

[9:18] Leina@Pheonyx: I just arrived, sir... going to study some of the scientific equipment here on the Dyson sphere.

[9:18] Varzec@deffdog: Thanks... How is everyone.

[9:19] Rori@zanethesage: Good...what brings our big chees out here though? *looks at Matt curiously*

[9:19] Mariko@Erik-99: [holographically materializes]

[9:20] Leina@Pheonyx: How has the exploration been going, Captain? I look forward to the Alameda's scientific reports.

[9:20] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: *Looks at Rori and shrugs* I just came to get some food. I was hoping that maybe we had something different from the usual replicator offerings.

[9:20] Rori@zanethesage: *peers over at Ten* Where's the grub?

[9:20] Ten@Farmer42: You should know I don't serve replicator food, Cline.

[9:21] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: *Turns* I know that, Ten, but I mean something...special.

[9:21] Mariko@Erik-99: [walks in] Never used a holo-presence before.

[9:22] Ten@Farmer42: I think we have crawfish. I tend to keep them, incase Jimmy stopps by.

[9:22] Leina@Pheonyx: *Takes another sip of her juice*

[9:22] Rori@zanethesage: *shivers* Eww.

[9:22] Ten@Farmer42: The left replicator is actually a dumbwaiter

[9:22] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: *Raises an eyebrow* What the heck...I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

[9:23] Leina@Pheonyx: *Looks at Ten* No... it's a replicator.

[9:23] Ten@Farmer42: It will have a more complete menu. I know there are fresh greens and real hot cocoa.

[9:23] Rori@zanethesage: *nods* Crawfish, coming up.

[9:23] Ten@Farmer42: Nah. Just looks like a replicator. I disguised it so that guests don't necessarily know unless I tell them.

[9:23] Varzec@deffdog: I would order something, but of course it would always be synthehol

[9:24] Varzec@deffdog: Being here in the holodeck of the Alameda

[9:24] Mariko@Erik-99: [walks in and up to Varzec] Never used a holo-presence before. This should be interesting.

[9:24] Rori@zanethesage: *pokes at the dumbreplicator, then watches it bring the food up, and she carries it t Matt*

[9:24] Rori@zanethesage: *sets it down* There! *sips her juice out of her crazy straw after*

[9:24] Varzec@deffdog: Impressive isn't it?

[9:24] Leina@Pheonyx: But you called it a dumb waiter. It is not even living.

[9:24] Ten@Farmer42: Remember, Cline. Pinch, push, twist, pull.

[9:24] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: *Looks at the plate* Okay...

[9:25] Mariko@Erik-99: Quite.

[9:25] Ten@Farmer42: Dumbwaiter is an architectural term. It means little lift.

[9:25] Leina@Pheonyx: Oh... sorry. Never heard of it.

[9:25] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: *Picks up the first one and slowly follows Ten's instructions, obviously a novice*

[9:26] Ten@Farmer42: Sucking the juice out of the head is common, but unneccessary

[9:27] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: *Gets first taste* Hmm. Different, but not bad.

[9:27] Leina@Pheonyx: *cants her head at the plate of crawfish* They look like Gainosian slimebugs. Not enough legs, though.

[9:27] Mariko@Erik-99: I've been doing some work on the Aero-shuttle and I believe I found something that might be perfect for a test flight.

[9:28] Rori@zanethesage: Oh, Leina...we can go talk about, the, um...thing if you want.

[9:28] Varzec@deffdog: Oh?

[9:29] Leina@Pheonyx: Oh, sure, Rori... good to see you, Captain, even in a holographic capacity.

[9:29] Rori@zanethesage: *nods* Over here.

[9:29] Ten@Farmer42: Nods to lazu. I'll be right back.

[9:30] Varzec@deffdog: Thank you. Its definitely an intersting experience since all we are seeing is just holograms, but its a lvie transmission from the spire.

[9:30] Ten@Farmer42: *Types into the menu and waits, as a very large slice of cheesecake come up*

[9:30] Mariko@Erik-99: [nods] I looked ahead on our course in Astrometrics and found a rare phenomenon that hasn't been seen by Starfleet in over 30 years.

[9:31] Varzec@deffdog: What you find?

[9:31] Ten@Farmer42: *Sits down and begins to eat the cheesecake with obvious pleasure*

[9:31] Mariko@Erik-99: A subspace compression anomaly.

[9:32] Varzec@deffdog: *Thinks* isn't that an anomaly that shrunk an runabout durring the dominion ar?

[9:32] Ten@Farmer42: *Motions with her fork* You have no idea how much I missed this.

[9:33] Lazu@Basilisk9466: You can't get cheesecake out... where you were? *She raises an eyebrow.*

[9:33] Mariko@Erik-99: Indeed. The USS Defiant was on scene trying to study it but were unsuccessful thanks to a Dominion surprise attack.

[9:33] Ten@Farmer42: You can only do so much to preserve dairy.

[9:33] Ten@Farmer42: We didn't have supply ships available to bring in comodoties.

[9:34] Ten@Farmer42: So I was stuck with the replicated stuff and fresh veggies from hydroponics.

[9:34] Varzec@deffdog: I believe it took a specialized tractor beam to make sure every shrunk and return to proper size.

[9:34] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: *Continues eating and showing marginal improvement in speed and technique*

[9:35] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: *Grabs plate and sits down at a table*

[9:35] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I suppose that would do it.

[9:36] Mariko@Erik-99: Actually a tractor beam was used to help ease the runabout into the anomaly. We would have to return the same course we come if we enter it.

[9:36] Varzec@deffdog: So.. your wanting to take it out and study it?

[9:38] Mariko@Erik-99: [nods] The crew from the Defiant weren't able to get clear readings thanks to their surprise guests. If we can build on what they managed to collect, it could help in creating more efficient transwarp

[9:38] Mariko@Erik-99: conduits.

[9:38] Ten@Farmer42: You can only have so many salads before giving in and eating replicator food. Which is fine...but not as good.

[9:38] Seuna@grgrafitti: *vaults the counter and disappears beneath it*

[9:39] Varzec@deffdog: Have you brought this to ur science officer attention?

[9:39] Ten@Farmer42: My first officer actually punched someone in the name of a cheeseburger.

[9:39] Varzec@deffdog: our*

[9:39] Leina@Pheonyx: So... what about this "thing", Rori?

[9:39] Mariko@Erik-99: [raises a brow at Seuna's action, but doesn't address it]

[9:39] Lazu@Basilisk9466: That sounds a little extreme. *She shakes her head.* Never been that bothered by the replicator/real argument. I have better things to worry about.

[9:39] Varzec@deffdog: What the..

[9:40] Ten@Farmer42: It doesn't taste the same. Especially alcohol.

[9:40] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: *Continues to eat, appearing oblivious to anything unusual happening*

[9:40] Mariko@Erik-99: Not yet. She's been tied up in other stuff.

[9:40] Seuna@grgrafitti: *reappears with a bottle of something she hid*

[9:40] Varzec@deffdog: One moment...

[9:41] Varzec@deffdog: *Looks at Seuna* Everything alright down there?

[9:41] Ten@Farmer42: Should we be worried that we lost track of Rori?

[9:41] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I know it doesn't, I just... there's only so many hours in a day. *She leans back, grinning towards the bar.* Having fun, pretty lady?

[9:41] Seuna@grgrafitti: *pulls the cork with her teeth* Dandy. Just "retrieving an artifact" if Minako asks... Which she won't.

[9:42] Mariko@Erik-99: [raises a brow again]

[9:42] Seuna@grgrafitti: *spits the cork into the recycler* Want some? Are you even here?

[9:42] Varzec@deffdog: Back to Mariko, try and get with her and see if she can assign a science team to accompany you.

[9:43] Mariko@Erik-99: Afraid it would only go right through us...literally.

[9:43] Ten@Farmer42: *Nods at the bottle* What is mine is yours.

[9:43] Mariko@Erik-99: [to Var] Aye, sir.

[9:44] Varzec@deffdog: Well to you were holograms, to us your holograms *chuckles*

[9:44] Seuna@grgrafitti: Pff, did you show up 6 inches tall again?

[9:45] Varzec@deffdog: Not this time, I think we got most of the bugs worked out

[9:46] Seuna@grgrafitti: Most of them?

[9:46] Varzec@deffdog: Nothings ever perfect *Smiles*

[9:46] Mariko@Erik-99: Well, there are always those hidden snags we can't always acount for.

[9:47] Ten@Farmer42: We will also be running more wargames, Lazu. This time open for everyone to participate in. Should be fun for everyone.

[9:48] Seuna@grgrafitti: If it keeps happening your snag might be a certain Lieutenant

[9:48] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Fun is relative.

[9:48] Mariko@Erik-99: [corrects her] Commander.

[9:48] Seuna@grgrafitti: No I was referring to Chi

[9:48] Mariko@Erik-99: No my bad.

[9:49] Ten@Farmer42: Nah. These will be more individual in nature. I think they made an obstacle course for ship teams, even.

[9:50] Mariko@Erik-99: Oh*

[9:50] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *dryly* My comment stands.

[9:50] Seuna@grgrafitti: *pours herself a glass and wrinkles her nose at the smell*

[9:53] Ten@Farmer42: *Looks over at Seuna* You grabbed the Aldeberan Whiskey instead of the Irish Whiskey, didn't you?

[9:53] Seuna@grgrafitti: No this is something I nicked from Gabe once upon a time. Hid it here.

[9:54] Ten@Farmer42: Ah.

[9:54] Lazu@Basilisk9466: It's hard to confuse the two, Ten, one's green.

[9:54] Ten@Farmer42: Not all of my bottles are clear, dear Lazu.

[9:54] Mariko@Erik-99: If you will excuse me, my break is about to end. [to Var] I'll meet with Fulgrim first chance I get, sir.

[9:54] Seuna@grgrafitti: *sips it* Ugh, tastes like it should be named something terrible like Hobo's Delight or Rusty Mule Kick

[9:55] Ten@Farmer42: Is it Boone's Farm?

[9:55] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She gets up, sliding onto the counter to sit next to Seuna.* Then why are you drinking it?

[9:55] Seuna@grgrafitti: It doesn't have a label

[9:55] Mariko@Erik-99: *T'Lai

[9:55] Ten@Farmer42: You can alway try my Skitterer's delight

[9:56] Varzec@deffdog: I should probably get back to the bridge myself...

[9:56] Mariko@Erik-99: [walks off and dematerializes]

[9:57] Seuna@grgrafitti: *scoots over and gives Lazu a peck on the cheek that smells like something you'd spike a generator with*

[9:57] Seuna@grgrafitti: How far out ar you V?

[9:57] Ten@Farmer42: *Sniffs towards the bottle* I feel like we should probabbly scan that before consuming it.

[9:57] Varzec@deffdog: maybe about 30 lightyears into unexplored space.

[9:58] Seuna@grgrafitti: Nice, have you encountered man eating arthropods or neon women who need to be taught to love? *sips her drink*

[9:59] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She wrinkles her nose.* Oh wow, Seuna darling... your breath could tarnish deck plating.

[9:59] Seuna@grgrafitti: And I haven't had that much. I know the old man makes moonshine, but this is more rot gut than anything.

[10:00] Varzec@deffdog: No.. we are studying a possibly inhabited system, but were trying to scan from a distance.

[10:00] Ten@Farmer42: Anyway, Lazu. I'm off to bed. Keep on keeping on, but you can take some personal time if you need it.

[10:00] Seuna@grgrafitti: Good plan

[10:00] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Sleep well, Ten.

[10:00] Ten@Farmer42: *Waves* Have fun.

[10:01] Lazu@Basilisk9466: And seconded, the last time I went near an uncharted inhabited system in the DQ, I lost my ship.

[10:01] Varzec@deffdog: Were trying to be careful incase its a Voth aligned system.

[10:03] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She finishes her glass, leaning back a little.* Everyone's favourite angry dinosaurs...

[10:04] Seuna@grgrafitti: I always like Baryonx better.

[10:05] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Utahraptor.

[10:06] Varzec@deffdog: Anyway I probably should get back to the Bridge.

[10:06] Varzec@deffdog: It was good seeing everyone though.

[10:07] Seuna@grgrafitti: Take care V

[10:07] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Stay safe, V, don't get eaten by anything.

[10:07] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She peers at the large new arrival.* Not sure I've had the pleasure... commander?

[10:08] Seuna@grgrafitti: *looks to Ayle* I swear to God I have a joke for this but you terrify me too much to make it. Want a drink?

[10:08] Ayle@Avalonia: glances at the small group, "Casy and water is fine."

[10:10] Seuna@grgrafitti: *gets her drink* Really? I make a mean Snu Snu on the Beach

[10:10] Seuna@grgrafitti: How about you Dadmiral, want anything?

[10:11] Ayle@Avalonia: shakes her head, "Waters fine, Thank you."

[10:12] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: Hmm...Pina Colada?

[10:14] Seuna@grgrafitti: *makes a pina colada and refrains from humming the song*

[10:17] Seuna@grgrafitti: *passes Matt his drink*

[10:17] Lazu@Basilisk9466: So, how's New Romulus?

[10:18] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: Thanks *takes a sip*

[10:18] Seuna@grgrafitti: Its New Romulus, lots of New, quite a bit of Romulus. Want a drink love?

[10:19] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I'd say surprise me, but I'm a little scared. Then again, I usually like your surprises. Eventually.

[10:21] Seuna@grgrafitti: *chuckles* I've got a good one in mind *makes a drink under the bar*

[10:22] Seuna@grgrafitti: *hums something vaguely russian sounding then leans her head towards the replicator* Ginger candy please

[10:24] Seuna@grgrafitti: *reaches back, takes the candy, and tosses it into the air, catching it in a copper mug where she spears it with a toothpick* here you go. *places the drink on the counter*

[10:24] Matthew Cline@InhumaneKitten: Hmm...I need to get going. Good night everyone. *waves*

[10:24] Lazu@Basilisk9466: G'night, Admiral. *She rather suspiciously takes a sip.*

[10:24] Seuna@grgrafitti: Night Matt, I'll tell Collage you said hi.

[10:25] Seuna@grgrafitti: *its a little sweet, with a sinus clearing kick*

[10:26] Seuna@grgrafitti: Sure you don't want anything fancy CommanDDer?

[10:26] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She coughs, eyes watering." Ok then, that's pretty... intense.

[10:26] Ayle@Avalonia: nods, "I'm fine."

[10:27] Seuna@grgrafitti: That's why they call it a mule, all the ginger gives it some oomph.

[10:29] Lazu@Basilisk9466: So, Casy was it? Forgive me, I've had a long day. I'm Captain Lukita, but I'm off duty, so Lazu will do.

[10:31] Ayle@Avalonia: nods, "It was Captian. Seems like it has gotten quiet suddenly."

[10:32] Seuna@grgrafitti: Yea, kinda killed the party I guess

[10:32] Lazu@Basilisk9466: It's about that time. What's your posting?

[10:34] Ayle@Avalonia: "I was ordered to guard the Commodore."

[10:35] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She snaps her fingers.* Oh, so you're on the team I arranged for her. You certainly have the bodyguard look down, I know I wouldn't want to get past you.

[10:36] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She takes another drink of the mule, coughs.*

[10:36] Seuna@grgrafitti: Let it never be said Rori wasn't adequately guarded

[10:37] Ayle@Avalonia: chuckles dryly, "There are times she is, I have been told I need to... socialize is what she called it."

[10:38] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Not your forte, then?

[10:39] Ayle@Avalonia: shakes her head, "I find the interaction not required for what my orders require of me."

[10:40] Seuna@grgrafitti: To be fair, her family socializes with their bits and bobs. I don't encourage following the Seos/Kitano example.

[10:41] Ayle@Avalonia: tilts her head a questionable look crosses her face, "I do not fully understand the meaning of that sentance."

[10:41] Lazu@Basilisk9466: You're better off that way, Commander. Believe me.

[10:42] Seuna@grgrafitti: RRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLLYYYYY Oh this could be fun,

[10:43] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She groans.* I could technically order you to be quiet. But I won't hear the end of it, so fine, traumatise the woman.

[10:43] Seuna@grgrafitti: No no, order me, I dare you *cheshire grin*

[10:44] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She finishes the mule, wipes her eyes.* Fine. Be silent, Commander Hart.

[10:44] Ayle@Avalonia: ponders on what was said while the others talk, "So... she eats others then to understand them better?"

[10:47] Seuna@grgrafitti: In a manner of speaking if what I heard about her and Katrina is true

[10:48] Ayle@Avalonia: nods, "I am not sure with what Katrina is, But I have have not tried much of the food the Alliance has offered."

[10:49] Seuna@grgrafitti: I encourage you to try as much as possible

[10:50] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I don't even know what this conversation is any more. *Clearly a little tipsy.*

[10:50] Ayle@Avalonia: nods, "I will take that under advisment."

[10:51] Seuna@grgrafitti: *makes another drink* Here sweetheart, drink this.

[10:51] Lazu@Basilisk9466: What are you feeding me now? *She sips obediently.* Anyway, I gave you an order.

[10:52] Seuna@grgrafitti: Oh honey, we'll get back to that. *its a fruit cocktail of some type, way weaker than the mule... or at least that's how it tastes*

[10:54] Ayle@Avalonia: picks up the drink and sniffs it then sets it back down. "This is not something I would risk ingesting."

[10:55] Lazu@Basilisk9466: That's probably wise, but I... trust my girlfriend. For some reason. *Sip*

[10:55] Seuna@grgrafitti: Its not a risk, its how damaged people supress the feelings that make them want to leap out of the window.

[10:56] Ayle@Avalonia: "Would it not be quicker to just jump?"

[10:57] Lazu@Basilisk9466: To damaged people! *She glances to Casy.* That'd be unprofessional.

[10:57] Seuna@grgrafitti: And CAPTAIN Lukita is nothing if not professional.

[10:57] Ayle@Avalonia: shakes her head, "If a unit is broken removing and replaceing is quicker."

[10:58] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Damn straight. *She pauses.* Except I'm really not. Straight. Oh well. *She takes another sip of her drink. It -must- have been a long day.*

[11:01] Seuna@grgrafitti: *turns back to the replicator and gets a tin of pretzels and puts them on the table*

[11:01] Seuna@grgrafitti: counter*

[11:02] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Nibbles?

[11:04] Seuna@grgrafitti: You do need to soak up the alcohol at some point

[11:04] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Good point. *She begins crunching on a few.*

[11:05] Seuna@grgrafitti: I have them from time to time *sips her own drink* SO where are you from Cass?

[11:07] Ayle@Avalonia: looks up from her water, "Steropa. It is located in the Delta Quadrent"

[11:08] Seuna@grgrafitti: Interesting, are you considered average for your people?

[11:09] Ayle@Avalonia: "We are the same, Unlike you people who are so varied."

[11:09] Seuna@grgrafitti: like exactly the same? No genetic deviation?

[11:09] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She frowns a little.* Huh. That's... kinda odd...

[11:12] Ayle@Avalonia: shakes her head, "Differances can cause problems so we do not vary. Unless it is a needed change."

[11:13] Seuna@grgrafitti: Now is that part of your genetics or do you plan it that way?

[11:15] Ayle@Avalonia: "We change if the situation depands it. Units will die off and new ones with harder bodys will take their place."

[11:15] Ayle@Avalonia: Demands*

[11:16] Lazu@Basilisk9466: So... some kind of... test tube reproduction?

[11:17] Ayle@Avalonia: looks at Lazu, "Test Tube?"

[11:18] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *gestures vaguely* Y'know. Grown in labs. As opposed to old fashioned... biological stuff.

[11:19] Seuna@grgrafitti: *sips her drink to hide the grin at "biological stuff"*

[11:20] Ayle@Avalonia: "We are created on the life world..." she seems puzzled trying to find the wording for what she wants to say.

[11:22] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She finishes the cocktail, ponders the ceiling for a moment, then nods.* Yeah, 'created' sounds like an important word there.

[11:28] Seuna@grgrafitti: So does your species have gender diversity?

[11:29] Ayle@Avalonia: shakes her head, "Based on my understanding of your people no. We are all the same."

[11:30] Lazu@Basilisk9466: So... an entire species... of gigantic women. *She ponders this in meditative silence for a while.*

[11:31] Seuna@grgrafitti: Roadtrip.

[11:32] Ayle@Avalonia: "It is my understanding that it is everyone else who is small. The tiny stature you all have must make combat hard."

[11:33] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Makes us smaller targets. And I have a nice array of big guns when I need 'em.

[11:33] Seuna@grgrafitti: *bites her lip*

[11:33] Lazu@Basilisk9466: You've used some of them, haven't you, Seuna?

[11:35] Ayle@Avalonia: ponders what is said, "I can see the rational of that."

[11:36] Seuna@grgrafitti: *turns a little purple from supressing her laughter. She picks up her drink and finishes it off*

[11:38] Ayle@Avalonia: glances between the two women she appears confused.

[11:39] Seuna@grgrafitti: *clears her throat* So are your people able to mix with the other species?

[11:41] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *It's her turn to suppress laughter.*

[11:41] Ayle@Avalonia: "We are mixing now are we not?"

[11:43] Seuna@grgrafitti: Oh honey, you wouldn't be abl to talk straight if we were. I mean genetically.

[11:43] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Helpfully* She's talking about hybridisation.

[11:43] Seuna@grgrafitti: *makes herself and Lazu a pair of rumrunners*

[11:44] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I should... probably ease off...

[11:45] Ayle@Avalonia: "I do not know, It was not part of my training. However there have been parts of none Steropians being added to the base in the past."

[11:46] Seuna@grgrafitti: That's not the way we were thinking of, but I guess it counts *sips her drink *

[11:47] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I guess it's possible that they're no longer... anatomically designed that way. *Despite her words, she sips her drink.*

[11:49] Seuna@grgrafitti: I guess if you reproduce asexually it makes sense. Kind of a bummer though

[11:53] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She finishes her drink, stretches.* Ok... I think... I'm officially too drunk to be in polite company...

[11:54] Ayle@Avalonia: "Hmmm?" she glances at Lazu.

[11:54] Seuna@grgrafitti: *offers her hand to help Lazu down*

[11:56] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Intoxication. It's a terrible thing. *She takes Seuna's hand.*

[11:57] Seuna@grgrafitti: Come on you lightweight *puts Lazu's arm around her shoulders*

[11:58] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Uhhhh huh. *She kisses Seuna's cheek.* Bite me.

[11:59] Seuna@grgrafitti: Oh I will, just not here *helps her down* Commander, its been interesting getting to know more about you.

[12:01] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Yup. You keep up the good work. Rori dying would be bad.

[12:01] Ayle@Avalonia: nods, "It has been... interesting."

[12:02] Seuna@grgrafitti: *blows Ayle a kiss, then walks out with Lazu*
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