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[8:12] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten puts her bag on the ground and sighs* It's good to be home.

[8:13] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She doesn't look up from her terminal.* Long time no see.

[8:14] Ten@Farmer42: Indeed. How have things been while I was gone? I see you've been keeping m seat warm.

[8:16] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Eh. Busy. Arrested Rori for being stupid. Keeping things ticking over. It's a nice desk.

[8:16] Ten@Farmer42: Isn't it? I had to search EVERYWHERE for the burl top.

[8:17] Ten@Farmer42: What did Rori do?

[8:19] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I always said that you had a bit of Ferengi in you. She fraternised with a Tal Shiar operative. Unknowingly, but she put herself in a very vulnerable position and I had to clean up the mess.

[8:19] Ten@Farmer42: Oh. She slept with Hiven, didn't she?

[8:20] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Got herself pregnant, no less. *She shakes her head.* Honestly, Ten. I'm mostly into women, I'm in a relationship with one, and I -still- get my monthly injections, what's her excuse?

[8:21] Ten@Farmer42: You're talking to a woman who can LITERALLY turn that part of herself off. I'm the wrong person to query.

[8:22] Lazu@Basilisk9466: True. Regardless, I dealt with it and she was cleared of wrong-doing.

[8:23] Ten@Farmer42: Good. You have a long chat about not being her brother and ensuring she gets the injection?

[8:23] Lazu@Basilisk9466: More or less. She looked like she wanted to smack me. I also strongly advised her to have an abortion, but last I heard she hadn't decided.

[8:24] Ten@Farmer42: So it goes.

[8:25] Ten@Farmer42: You'll find you have a new subsection in your terminal. The results of my labors.

[8:25] Ten@Farmer42: I was pulled to run inter-fleet wargames.

[8:26] Ten@Farmer42: Alliance command wants to prevent a repeat of the Iconian war disaster.

[8:26] Rori@zanethesage: *a very quiet sneeze is heard*

[8:26] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I was reading about them. I wondered how Astaroth got redeployed, did you put in a word or something? Hi Rori.

[8:26] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten instantly turns, draws her pistol and shoots two feet to the left of the sneese*

[8:27] Rori@zanethesage: EEEEEEEEEEP! *Rori leaps out of hiding looking like she jumped out of a comic strip*

[8:27] Rori@zanethesage: I SURRENDER!

[8:27] Ten@Farmer42: You know better than to try and sneak up on me, Rori.

[8:27] Rori@zanethesage: I wasn't sneaking, I swear! I was eavesdropping!

[8:27] Lazu@Basilisk9466: You're lucky. If Ten hadn't done that, you'd probably have Wyrm attacking you in a few seconds.

[8:28] Rori@zanethesage: *lowers her hands and stands up* But...for your information...I did, Lazu. Thought you would have known that already.

[8:28] Leina@Pheonyx: [Comm to Traffic control] This is the Regent's Blade, requesting permission to dock.

[8:28] Ten@Farmer42: There are no eaves there, Rori. And yah. I pulled Astaroth out because I thought she might like to have some fun.

[8:29] Ten@Farmer42: [Control] Regents' Blade, this is control. You're cleared for docking. Be aware, the Admiral is on-station. The Command office is closed to access at the moment.

[8:29] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I'm glad, she's been mopey as hell for months. Not that I blame her. And unlike our darling robot overlord here, I don't tend to poke into medical files without good reason.

[8:30] Rori@zanethesage: *doesn't say anything*

[8:30] Ten@Farmer42: I only access your medical files when you're in sickbay. Otherwise, I figure you or the CMO will find me

[8:31] Ten@Farmer42: Short version, though, Lau, is that we're a mess.

[8:32] Ten@Farmer42: *Lazu

[8:32] Lazu@Basilisk9466: I could've told you that before you left.

[8:32] Ten@Farmer42: Yeah, but command needed to see it.

[8:33] Rori@zanethesage: See what? *looks curious*

[8:33] Ten@Farmer42: Many Romulans are still stuck in the 24th Century, the Federation has no idea what to do with some of the alliance tech, and the Klingons are...Klingon...

[8:33] Rori@zanethesage: *snerks softly*

[8:33] Ten@Farmer42: I actually had to fight a duel to get one of their generals to order mass cloak usage.

[8:34] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Seriously? Someone clearly forgot all their Dominion War lessons.

[8:34] Rori@zanethesage: Wish I had known. I would have put down a brick of latinum.

[8:34] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Rori, where the hell did you get a whole brick of latinum?

[8:34] Rori@zanethesage: *smiles* Brother's coffer.

[8:35] Ten@Farmer42: He wanted to argue about honor. You know their cloaks are actually better than ours? A fraction of the size of a romulan cloaking device.

[8:35] Ten@Farmer42: And half of their officers refuse to use the damn things.

[8:35] Leina@Pheonyx: *Beams in, looks around the spire's central room in awe*

[8:36] Rori@zanethesage: *coughs* Ten. Story?

[8:37] Ten@Farmer42: We fought. I bruised two of his kidneys and scratched one of his corneas. He followed orders after that.

[8:37] Lazu@Basilisk9466: That's very precise.

[8:37] Rori@zanethesage: *nods* He chose poorly.

[8:37] Ten@Farmer42: I didn't want to kill him.

[8:39] Rori@zanethesage: Too much cleanup, right?

[8:39] Ten@Farmer42: The Romulans were the worst. Captains were either too young or too old. The Admirals were too old. They're still stuck in the war with everyone mentality of the Empire.

[8:40] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She closes up her terminal.* Remember T'rehu? I remember one of my predecessor's logs talking about her refusing to fly with Klingons any more.

[8:40] Rori@zanethesage: Oh, they're not that bad.

[8:40] Ten@Farmer42: That doesn't surprise me. Older Romulans didn't view them as equals to begin with, so they were loath to duel them.

[8:41] Ten@Farmer42: And sometimes you have to prove your superiority to Klingons.

[8:41] Rori@zanethesage: *nods*

[8:41] Ten@Farmer42: Hell, half the time just the willingness to do so is all it needs.

[8:41] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Don't remind me of the time I had to meet with Klingon Intel on Qo'nos... the hangover from hell.

[8:42] Ten@Farmer42: He was expecting me, wasn't he? He gave you the big mug, right?

[8:42] Rori@zanethesage: Kay

[8:42] Ten@Farmer42: First rule of meeting with the Klingons: Don't drink like the Klingons.

[8:43] Rori@zanethesage: Or at all. Works out fine for me.

[8:43] Lazu@Basilisk9466: There aren't any friendly Klingons back home, so I had to learn that one the hard way. Anyway, I'm done with the paperwork here.

[8:44] Ten@Farmer42: Good. If it's any consolation, They didn't warn me, either. The orders came in and I was told to scoot.

[8:44] Ten@Farmer42: They didn't want too many people knowing that a good chunk of the alliance fleet was out on maneuvers.

[8:45] Rori@zanethesage: A lot of my starbase staff was moved too. Without any warning.

[8:46] Ten@Farmer42: Federation captains kept breaking their ships.

[8:47] Ten@Farmer42: We've been outfitting more ships with cloaking devices, and chief engineers aren't used to the power demands.

[8:48] Lazu@Basilisk9466: You know, say what you like about the Empire, but their ships usually worked. Of course, the penalties for screwing up were higher. *She shakes her head.* Who wants to get drunk? I'll get some of

[8:48] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Wyrm's special for you, Ten.

[8:48] Ten@Farmer42: God, no. Thank you, though. I still have reports to file. But I'll come with to keep company

[8:49] Rori@zanethesage: I'm no drinking class, but I'll wet my whistle.
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