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Fleet Officers
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With the Iconian War over, and many of the more violent incursions of the Temporal War beginning to fade, new problems loom.

Accident-prone Intel officer, Captain Lazu Lukita, was kidnapped by an unknown Temporal force. After weeks of stonewalling by the Department of Temporal Investigations, Commander Relaani is despatched to coordinate with the Trust in the search for the missing officer.

Despite initial friction, Subadmiral H'Carth, better known as Ten of Twenty, worked alongside Relaani in recovering a vessel from the mysterious Sphere Builders to allow better analysis of Lazu's disappearance. While surveying, the Trust engages a Tholian scout in the ruins of Bergeren IV, a planet destroyed during the events of the Nightmare Veil.

In an ensuing tense standoff with a Tholian warship demanding the return of their vessel, a Vulcan referring to herself as Velekh attempts to negotiate unsuccessfully on behalf of the Tholians, revealing that Starbase K-130 used to exist in the Bergeren system, before it vanished and its entire existence was concealed by DTI. Soon after, the Trust receives a message from a future incarnation of Ten, advising the fleet to make best speed to Bergeren.

Upon arrival, a vicious fight with a Tholian armada takes place while Trust forces attempt to secure a mysterious temporal anomaly before the Tholians can seal it. With the aid of a message from Lazu Lukita, the Trust is enables the long lost station of K-130 to complete its time warp to the present.

Lazu explains that she was assisting a DTI agent in abducting the station for unknown reasons. Now repairs are slowly being conducted on the station; perhaps when the crew can be brought out of stasis, answers to the many questions left behind can be found...
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