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To: Department of Temporal Investigations
From: CMDR Relaani
Subject: Bergeren Incident

For the sake of completeness and to provide context for future reference, I will be discussing the entireset of events that led to our current state of affairs, in rough non-linear chronological order.

Captain Lazu Lukita was abducted from Starbase 130-T by an at-the-time unidentified vessel, the USS Premonition, NX-80189. After being temporally processed to be integrated into the ship's timeframe, Lukita was briefed by the ship's commanding officer asto the nature of the mission; salvaging station K-130 from being destroyed by a Na'kuhl engineered Gorn attack, and ensuring that the timestream resumed in as optimal a fashion as possible, a task that would require moving the station forward over a century. Lukita was selected due to her expertise and experience with paradox-based chrono-displacement.

The transfer proved successful in shunting K-130 forwards in time, leading to its disappearance and erasure from records by DTI at the time to prevent panic.

Back in the present, the Tholians somehow got wind of this operation, and became determined to prevent K-130's arrival for reasons unknown. A task force, possibly originating in the Mirror universe, attempted to seal the other end of the temporal rift; apparently the Assembly is trying to prevent whatever events will follow K-130's reintegration.

Worth noting is that the Tholian flagship is a known force to DTI, codenamed Sanguine Empress. The commander of this vessel showed more guile and subtlety than typically associated with the Assembly, nearly manipulating and confusing the Trust into inactivity. Speculation among the Trust is that a Vulcan by the name of Velekh may be high in the chain of command, although this would be an unheard of example of Tholians integrating humanoids into their operations.

At the incitement of a message from her future self, Subadmiral H'carth assembled a small Trust fleet to investigate the Bergeren system. The RRW Daehlen, USS Himiko and USS Astaroth engaged the Tholian task force despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned, and successfully distracted them for long enough that the remaining Trust personnel were able to breach the chronobarrier erected by the Tholians, enabling K-130 to reintegrate into the timestream, with Captain Lukita aboard. The Tholian fleet immediately withdrew through a dimensional rift, seemingly a Mirror translation.

K-130 took significant damage during the shunt, and Trust personnel are busy bringing it back online. The station's crew were incapacitated by the Premonition through unknown means and placed into stasis units; not all appear to have been Federation personnel, and investigation will need to be carried out once the installation is stable enough to risk reviving them from their stasis pods.

According to Lukita, the Premonition's crew limited her knowledge about them and their ship, and it is my suspicion that this may not have been an authorised operation. Evidence suggests that the Premonition may be a temporal pariah (an object missing part of its timestream, and thus paradoxical in nature), which to my knowledge is something DTI tries to avoid, at least in normal operations.

Until instructed otherwise, I have decided to remain on hand with the Trust to act as an observer while they work with K-130. Given the current state of the Temporal cold war, and the number of incidents surrounding the Trust of late, I don't think DTI oversight is a bad thing.

Further reports as situation develops.
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