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Lazu looked at herself. It was a surreal experience, to look across a room and feel like one was looking in a mirror... except that her reflection was wearing a different uniform, and wasn't copying her motions.

"How does the Terran uniform feel?" she asked.

Her counterpart made a face. "Feels a bit exposed compared to the Starfleet one. Maybe I should enforce some changes, the Empire is a bit more lax about uniform regulations, and I am a captain. Well, Commander, but you know what I mean."

"Are you going to be all right? You don't have to do this. There's room in this universe for both of us, y'know."

"It's not about that." Commander Lukita shook her head, gestured vaguely. "This... this isn't where I belong. I need to do this. I think I can do some good over there."

Captain Lukita sighed. "The Hellspite's crew will be suspicious. Probably try to assassinate you as a Federation collaborator or something."

The other just smiled. "I can handle them. What about you? What are you going to do? It's going to be tough around here for you."

"I'm not the one facing potential assassination." She sighed quietly. "I guess I'll work it out. Somehow. I'm going to turn things around. Reach out to the family. Too long spent with violence and lies. It's time to build something... better." She sighed quietly. "Are you sure you don't want to stay for a bit longer? Zane is still off grieving, Ten's in a coma... don't you want to say goodbye to them? To anyone?"

"No." The Terran Commander shook her head. "It's easier this way. Better this way. I'll just... slip into the night and life can get back to normal for the Trust. Besides, if I take the fly-by-night approach, it might give me an easier run with the crew and command back... home."

The Starfleet Captain nodded. "Be careful, ok? We're going to meet again, assuming you don't do anything stupid."

"Likewise," was the dry response. She calmly nudged the controls beside her, turned to Lazu. "Goodbye. And good luck."

Then the transporter claimed her, and Captain Lazu Lukita was alone.

Slowly she sat at her desk, tapped a control. "Computer... connect to Federation central database. Locate Mephin Rikana."

The computer burbled for a moment. "Individual located."

"Open transmission."

There was a long pause, and then a dark-haired Trill was staring at her from the screen. "...Lazu?" she breathed. "But... you... they said that..."

Lazu took a deep breath. Smiled. "Hello sister."
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