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Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [is in the primary engineering lab running a comparison analysis of the time of the Undine bomb placement]

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [rubs his eyes, feeling greif from hearing about Seuna]

Varzec@deffdog: Enters ops checking in wth the officer of the watch.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [finds something in his analysis, then taps his comm badge] Sharp to Varzec. Can you join me in the primary engineering lab?

Varzec@deffdog: Yes I can On my way.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [examines a section of the sensor feed] Mmm.

Varzec@deffdog: Find something?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [turns to face Var] Ah, sir. I think I may have found a rough time when the bomb may have been placed.

Varzec@deffdog: Go on?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I've been running through the station's sensor records from the point of the Undine invasion to now and I found a slight abnormality during an ion storm that hit a month after the invasion.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I've ran what I could and so far it shows some consistancy of matching with Undine anomalies. Would you know of any technique to help clear this up further?

arzec@deffdog: Clear what up?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: My analysis of the abnormality detected during the ion storm. Might be a wild shot, but this kind of abnormality isn't typical of this kind of storm.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [brings up the sensor record and the unusual readings taken during that storm]

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: engineering level if anyone wants to join this.

Varzec@deffdog: Have you tried filtering out the gamma radiation?

@grgrafitti has logged on.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: To a degree, yes, but I'm not versed in scientific analysis. Hence the other reason I asked you to come.

Varzec@deffdog: Inother words oyu couldn't finish your homework with out some help.

Varzec@deffdog: *Taps at the console remodulating the frequencie, filtering out interference

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [pauses for a moment] Sir, I've done what I could do and now I'm asking for expertise I don't pocess.

Varzec@deffdog: I'm sorry im a bi t on edge..

Varzec@deffdog: I think that should clear up the signal.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks at him] Because of Seuna, sir?

Varzec@deffdog: Because of everything Captain.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Sorry I asked. [hits a few panels] That managed to increase the consistancy with Undine to nearly 60% likelihood. If anything I may have narrowed when the Undine chose us as a target.

Varzec@deffdog: I think this has what were looking for.. detecting several bio readings now.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] May have sent in their covert ops team during this.

Varzec@deffdog: The Undine or Dylan?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [narrows his brows slightly] The Undine.

Varzec@deffdog: Thank you.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Unless Admiral Crate was running something during this storm.

Varzec@deffdog: This doesn't disaprove that we might have imfiltrators on the station.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Indeed not. Though I'm not seeing anything that indicates the bomb signature on the station in this record. Though that's not surprising given the amount of interference ion storms put up and our comp

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: uter being shut down during this.

Varzec@deffdog: However... they prepared for us, they might of had a little surprise from the empire.

Varzec@deffdog: So maybe the empire caught the infiltrators...

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Don't think so, sir. I didn't hear anything while I was here.

Varzec@deffdog: Perhaps they would of kept that quiet Captain.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: True, but I'm sure my counterpart would have been informed immediately of such occurance.

Varzec@deffdog: Perhaps.. Perhaps not.

Varzec@deffdog: But that doesn't change what we need to do.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] It's... possible they went down with Admiral Cline's ship.

Varzec@deffdog: Too many possibilities.

Varzec@deffdog: We need facts.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] My crew is doing what they can. I haven't heard anything from Hunter yet.

Varzec@deffdog: Continue to keep this quiet.

Varzec@deffdog: Anything else to report?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Not at [shoulders suddenly raise and his face clenches slightly] this time, sir.

Varzec@deffdog: Are you alright?

Varzec@deffdog: Don't think i didn't notice that episode.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [sighs] Yeah. Just a rather nasty twitch I've had since returning to the Indy. My CMO says it should be old hab once I'm... more settled back.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Call it a lingering side affect of my time with them.

Varzec@deffdog: Oldhab?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Old habbit.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: It'll fade.

Varzec@deffdog: Do you need some time off Captain.?

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I've had enough.

Varzec@deffdog: Have you sploem with a counslor?

Varzec@deffdog: *spoken

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Yes. I've been having sessions with one on my ship. There's... progress. My neice has been the biggest help so far. [logs out of the console, saving the data on a chip]

Varzec@deffdog: Your Niece

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [nods] She transferred over to the Indy shortly before the Undine invasion.

Varzec@deffdog: It might be not be proper for oyu to be having her as your official counselor...

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: She's not my official conselor.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: She's just been helping me along the way.

Varzec@deffdog: I need you to be seeing an official Counselor, that snds me reports Captain.

Varzec@deffdog: I.. need all my captains at 100%Mentally.

Varzec@deffdog: I would accept reports from your Niece and can make her your official Counselor

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [rubs his eyes] I'm well aware of the need for full functionality among officers at this time, Admiral. As I said I have been seeing one of my ship's counselors.

Varzec@deffdog: Its not proper, but being family you might open up to her more then a counselor

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I've openned up to my counselor. I've had one personal session with my neice, sir.

Varzec@deffdog: Oh.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: She provided a necessary push to my recovery.

Varzec@deffdog: Thats fine. Go get some rest Captain.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [exhales] I won't argue that. I too apologize for being on edged.

Varzec@deffdog: Get some rest.

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: No promises. [heads off]
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