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[9/25 10:19] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *Zane stares at his reflection through a temporary VISOR, in his uniform, without pips or a badge*

[9/25 10:22] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Captain Zane Seos.

[9/25 10:23] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *looks down, and turns around* Admiral Varzec Shaaded.

[9/25 10:23] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: I have some news for you.

[9/25 10:24] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *looks partially relieved* ...sir?

[9/25 10:24] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Starbase 130-T is back under our control.

[9/25 10:25] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: And with tihat.. all charges against you have been dropped. It appears everything that happened to you was.. out of your control.

[9/25 10:25] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *looks stunned* ...well...That's good...

[9/25 10:26] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: *looks to the guard* Let him out.

[9/25 10:26] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *the guard nods and drops the field, and Zane steps out*

[9/25 10:28] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Lets go have a seat and we can discuss your future.

[9/25 10:28] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *nods* ...very well, sir.

[9/25 10:31] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *adjusts his temporary VISOR a bit*

[9/25 10:31] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: What is with the Visor?

[9/25 10:32] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: Lost my vision, sir...

[9/25 10:32] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: But I have reason to believe it's tempoarary.

[9/25 10:32] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Lost it how, it wasn't like that a few days sgo?

[9/25 10:32] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *nods* It was sir, I just got the temporary VISOR recently.

[9/25 10:33] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: How did you loose your site?

[9/25 10:33] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: sight*

[9/25 10:33] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: I...*thinks about it*...think it was from a blow to the back of the head. I don't quite remember though.

[9/25 10:34] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: But youve been in a holding cell this whole time?

[9/25 10:36] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *shies away slightly* Well...not really...

[9/25 10:37] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Explain?

[9/25 10:38] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: Gabe...broke me out, sir, so I could go after Nara...that's how you were SUPPOSED to get an extra fleet for the recapture.

[9/25 10:39] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Thankfully I had an ace up my sleeve that didn't require much of their assistance.

[9/25 10:39] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *nods* Probably better that way.

[9/25 10:41] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: So Zane, the next question is for you what do you want to do now?

[9/25 10:42] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *looks down* I'm not sure, sir. I don't think command is for me anymore, and I'm certainly not going to be a pawn of SI anymore...I'm not sure.

[9/25 10:44] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Would maybe a a stationary roll be more suting to you for now?

[9/25 10:45] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: I think you humans call it.. a desk job?

[9/25 10:49] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: Peraps

[9/25 10:49] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *perhaps

[9/25 10:51] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: We do have a administrative position available at the Embassy on New Romulus.

[9/25 10:51] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *looks up in interest* Mol'Rihan.

[9/25 10:52] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Yes.

[9/25 10:54] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: *rolls her shoulders* Ahhhh

[9/25 10:55] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Our Ambassador seat has been vacant for some time.

[9/25 10:56] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Hello Minako.

[9/25 10:57] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *blinks in suprise* I'm...flabbergasted to say the least.

[9/25 10:57] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *nods to MIn*

[9/25 10:57] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: *Takes a seat* Admiral.

[9/25 10:58] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: I trust repairs are going well?

[9/25 10:58] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: To be expected Min, but tahts not why we are here.

[9/25 10:59] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: How is your diplomacy skills, Zane?

[9/25 10:59] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *scratches neck* ...I mean it's something I've enjoyed, but I haven't gotten time to really use it.

[9/25 11:00] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Anything I can be of help with?

[9/25 11:01] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: You may be transporting Zane to his next desired location.

[9/25 11:01] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: And thats where?

[9/25 11:01] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Thats what we were discussing when you joined us.

[9/25 11:02] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: *Nods*

[9/25 11:02] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: We need a presence on New Romulus to enhance our standing with the Republic, it may go a long way for a long statning pice in the Alpha Quadrant, between the 3 powes.

[9/25 11:03] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Statnding peace*

[9/25 11:03] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: What do you think?

[9/25 11:04] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *thinks about it then says in Romulan* I believe it's time for me to go to the New Romulus.

[9/25 11:04] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *in English* I'll go to New Romulus. It's a place I love dearly to begin with, so I'll do it.

[9/25 11:05] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Soundslike thers a story I am missing here Zane?

[9/25 11:06] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Why you so close with the Romulans?

[9/25 11:06] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Thats a good question.

[9/25 11:07] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *grins* I've always been fascinated with Romulans. I've been helping with the rebuilding effort, and the world is so beautiful.

[9/25 11:09] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Sounds like a fit then.

[9/25 11:10] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: I'm honored...sir.

[9/25 11:10] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Drops a box infront of Zane. It contains Read Admiral Lower Half Pips.

[9/25 11:11] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *eyes widen at the box* Wh-what?

[9/25 11:11] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Your entering the world of papwerwork that comes with a promotion. *smiles wide*

[9/25 11:11] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Minako would you like to do the honors.

[9/25 11:12] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *mouth hangs open in shock and suprise*

[9/25 11:12] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Aye sir.

[9/25 11:14] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: *The woman takes the pips and gently pins them onto Zane's collar*#

[9/25 11:14] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Congratulations rear admiral.

[9/25 11:15] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *still in partial shock* you...Captain.

[9/25 11:15] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Rear Admiral Seos, Congratulations, now don't dissapoint me.

[9/25 11:15] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: ..And may god have mercy on your soul. *she smirks*

[9/25 11:16] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: And Zane you did earn this.

[9/25 11:16] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *glances to Varzec* ...I'm not sure, sir, but...I will not let you down.

[9/25 11:17] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: You have been a valued member of this Fleet, and will continue as you take on this admiinstrative roll as Amassador Seos.

[9/25 11:18] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *nods* ...thank you. I'm honored and will never be able to repay this kindness.

[9/25 11:18] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: So now you need to tell your Chufeeurr were to drop you off.

[9/25 11:19] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *looks to Min* Well, Mol'Rihan then.

[9/25 11:19] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Indeed.

[9/25 11:19] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Ge aquanted withe facility and the staff.

[9/25 11:20] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *nods* Will do.

[9/25 11:20] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Well be keeping you in touch.

[9/25 11:20] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *nods* Yes sir.

[9/25 11:20] [Trust] Varzec@deffdog: Dismissed.

[9/25 11:20] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: In the time being, I hope you'll find your quarters to your liking.

[9/25 11:20] [Trust] Zane@zanethesage: *snaps to attention, then relaxes and looks to MIn* Let's go.

[9/25 11:21] [Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Yoshiyuki to Stormwind, two to beam up.

If you think a captain is just a captain, you're lacking character development. ~Z

[[Can't even English right now.]]

God doesn't play in dice. And neither does Gabriel Richards. ~Ten@Farmer42


R'eina: "Is that the Ambassador's shuttle?"

Officer of the Watch: "Yes ma'am but-"

R'eina: "Fire!"

Officer of the Watch: "Ma'am I-"

R'eina: "He'll land on his head and be fine, fire!"


Zane: Wow, he really is trying to get himself killed.

Collage: Kinda like you.

Zane: Hush, Collage.


[10/29 1:13] [TrustOOC] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Good night, Admiral.

[10/29 1:13] [TrustOOC] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Good night, Admiral.

[10/29 1:13] [TrustOOC] Lazu@Basilisk9466: wat.

[10/29 1:13] [TrustOOC] Zane@zanethesage: HEY HEY DOUBLE LAME

[10/29 1:13] [TrustOOC] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Good night, Admiral.

[10/29 1:13] [TrustOOC] Lazu@Basilisk9466: THE F**K

[10/29 1:13] [TrustOOC] Zane@zanethesage: OH BABY A TRIPLE

[10/29 1:14] [TrustOOC] Lazu@Basilisk9466: love you too, you typographical demonspawn


[2/12 11:01] [TrustOOC] Zane@zanethesage: ALL my other characters slam my main. It's great, you should try it sometime. :p

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