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((Due to a disconnect I lost everything prior to arriving at the system, if someone else has that please post it.))

Varzec@deffdog: Admiral Crate, are your teams ready?

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Roger that Admiral, prepared to jump on your makr

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: This is the Indy. We're on standby outside the system.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Standing by ready to enter Aelas system.

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: *Meanwhile, onboard the USS Ascension* Set a course for Ge'ak Prime!

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Yoshino to battle group stay frosty only burning hulks i want to see is the enemy.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: Tempest to Sovereign Trust

Varzec@deffdog: Sovereign Trust, here.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: Admiral Crate is arriving on scene. Should I transfer group command to him per Starfleert Regulations sir?

Varzec@deffdog: Yes. Be sure to give him a quick brefing.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: Aye sir...Commander Tala out

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Yorktown to Sovereign Trust, one of my cadets tripped over an EPS conduit and shut down my sensor array. Gonna be late to the party. Give my regrets to the proto-quasi-borg. Yorktown out

Crate@cutthroat_porter: o

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Sorry for the late arrival,

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Stormwind to fleet, all stations report ready, all weapons standing by.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: Tempest stamds ready

Varzec@deffdog: Sovereign Trust to the Fleet. Prepared to enter the system in 5 4 3 2 1.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: Command has been transferred to the Commando

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Move us in slowly helm, steady as she goes.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Yoshino to Sovereign premission for escort to run screen for heavy ships.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Commando group has entered the system, maintain tight formation

[Team] Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Proceeding to Yellow Alert.

[Team] Erik Sharp@Erik-99: MT

Varzec@deffdog: Alright keep Sharp Everyone.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Proceeding to Yellow Alert.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: Illustrious deploying Fighters.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Colborne taking up position in rear

Varzec@deffdog: Stay Close to me.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Yoshino moving to yello alert

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: red alert

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Yoshino, fall in.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT Smith]: *Clamps Cigar in teeth and lights.* Illustrious tracking.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: red alert!

Varzec@deffdog: Romulan Contacts

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Red alert

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Engage

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: Well, he didn't stand much of a chance.

Varzec@deffdog: Everyone back in formation on team alpha.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Let them duke it out.

Varzec@deffdog: Formation!

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Focus fire on the leader

Varzec@deffdog: On me Captains.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: Scan area for ion disruption

Varzec@deffdog: STay Tight we need to make sure we all get inside the shield.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT Smith]: Fighters have him

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: evasive!

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: engineering prepare the metron gas canisters

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: release on my command.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Now!

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Damn

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Keep your eyes open

Varzec@deffdog: Were in the Shield!.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT Smith]: Form Line on Lusty.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT Smith]: Target to my front

Varzec@deffdog: Borg Vessels Behind us!

Varzec@deffdog: These can't seem to get through the shield.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: That got them.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: More Borg inbound

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: They seem to be fighting the Rrrromulans sirrr

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Everyone huddle up behind the shield

Crate@cutthroat_porter: MACO teams Away

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Preparing to beam down.

Varzec@deffdog: Establishing ORbit.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Wait for confirmation from the MACO landing parties before beam down.

Varzec@deffdog: Ackowledged Wait for Crate's Signal.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Yoshino to battle group orbit established.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Indefatigable here. We've acheived orbit.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: *radio chatter of LZ's being cleared start to be heard five minutes after the MACO's land*

Varzec@deffdog: Were chaning the frequency of the shield, hopefully it will take the borg some time to adapt to it.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: All Clear to Transport

Varzec@deffdog: Begin Transporting teams.

[Team] Varzec@deffdog: who we waitng on?

[Team] Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Alaina

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: Beam in point clear.

[Team] Varzec@deffdog: Alain is there a problem?

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: It seems the Borg aren't aware of our presence on the surface, yet.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Ok, we have MACO Teams providing perimeter, Everyone keep sharp, don't hesitate to call for a EVAC, STF is standing by to pull the wounded out

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: These poor people...

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT Smith]: Got it.

[Team] Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Something wrong, Thrall?

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT Smith]: To my front.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: *scouts ahead*

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: *motions the all clear signal*

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: All clearrr Admirrral

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: All clear Admiral.

[Team] Varzec@deffdog: guys whats the problem?

[Team] Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: It was Thrall that time

[Team] Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Still waiting for an invite

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Keep weapons to non-lethal setings, and have them on a randomized frequenzy

[Team] Jessica@Yojimbojohn: i am rd

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Roger.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: *adjusts her weapon settings* Done sirrr

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: *Chews Cigar* Too bloody quiet.

Varzec@deffdog: Team Alpha entering our city now.

[Team] Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * drop in crouch *

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * drop in crouch *

Varzec@deffdog: By the Prophets lookat at this place...

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [assumes an alert posture]

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: *To Crate* Why would they leave this undefended? Something ain't right.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn scans the environment with a tricorder.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Completly different than last time I saw

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: *looks around in awe*

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: I agrrreee...this was too easy to get to

Crate@cutthroat_porter: This is not a normal Borg assimilation

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: They seem to be in regentaive cycle sir.

Varzec@deffdog: Jessica does this look right to you?

Crate@cutthroat_porter: And I would think our opponent thought the initial welcoming party we encountered would be enough

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * scan with with eye *

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Yes

Crate@cutthroat_porter: but stay sharp, though we have MACOs on the ground things still may slip through

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: Are they in Contact?

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: they are regentive cycle it way my infomation gethering from my eye scanners

Varzec@deffdog: The borg has just destroyed this place.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: Contact!

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Ugh

Crate@cutthroat_porter: We've been discovered

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: It seems too quiet.

Varzec@deffdog: The destruction..

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: feels kinda like home. * shivers slightly *

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Incoming

Varzec@deffdog: I hope they can recover...

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: *Activates a flashlight on her shoulder armor to get a better look around*

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Your old forced-upon home

Varzec@deffdog: DEad end.

Varzec@deffdog: Wait.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Alpha team report

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: even now I can here them.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: Clear left!

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: We came under attack

Varzec@deffdog: What do you make of this Jessica?

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Is everyone alright?

Varzec@deffdog: Varzec to Crate, we just found our collective hub.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Central node for collective

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: seems to be active.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: We found a scouting party

Varzec@deffdog: This is probably what we want then.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Yes

Varzec@deffdog: Load the program, well watch your back.

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: Seems too easy.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I got a bad feeling.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: running scan now

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: That seems to have been all of them.

Varzec@deffdog: Icoming!

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: I knew it!

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: incoming

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Great..

Crate@cutthroat_porter: How is everyone on Bravo team

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: *Relights Cigar*

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: That was fun. Did anyone bring a drink?

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: I felt them coursing through my veins...

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: everyone ok

T'Lyn@Kahn345: No severe injuries here admiral.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: more of them

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: I swear I am not getting poked with those nanite tubles again!

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: Shake it off, dearheart. They're all pieces now.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: *Looks at S'ekka, Grinning* You looked like you enjoyed yourself.

Varzec@deffdog: I think that is all of them

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: All part of the serrrvice

Varzec@deffdog: JEssica I do think you can like up into the system.

Varzec@deffdog: Team Bravo Status?

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: *Growls happily* See, Captain Yoshiyuki? This is fun...

Crate@cutthroat_porter: We were ambushed, however the threat has passed for now.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: No casualties

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Not when I felt my humanity slipping away for a moment.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: linking to system

Varzec@deffdog: Have you been able to laod the program into the vicculum?

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: loading programs

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Just about to start

Crate@cutthroat_porter: *looks to his team* who's got the program?

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: Shake it off, kid. You're fine. *Draws on Cigar, Grins*

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: minor resistance

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: *Waves PADD, hands it to Crate.* There you go.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * stiffen slightly face goes ridge*

Varzec@deffdog: Mr. Morris?

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: ((Mr?

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Alright then, upload in progress.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am Morris I am not borg I shall resist.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [Standard address for Officers aboard Ship, or indeed, groundside)

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: ]

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [Old Navy thing]

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Compasting programs

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: That poor woman, I can only imagine what she's going through.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: defeated defensive programs our programs are installed,

Crate@cutthroat_porter: We didn't bring an engineer on bravo did we?

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: *points to Smith*

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: preparing to close link.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: *Growls* Here. Want me to upload it for you...Admiral?

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: Should we take a look around, to make sure it's working?

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: You'd think all that time spent with yourrr wife would rrrub off sirrrr...

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * shakes slightly with blood drain from face. *

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: *chuckles and purrs slightly*

Jessica@Yojimbojohn sits down.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: Done. I *suggest*...we leave. Sharpish.

Varzec@deffdog: Not goign to see a fulleffect until Team Bravo is done.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Heh, you'd think. Download complete.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Give me a moment please that was rough.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: *Commbadge chirp*

Crate@cutthroat_porter: This is Crate, we've finished up over here

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: "sekka herrrre

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: Acnowledged....

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Came very close there for a min. Cpt smith almost got to see me shot.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: Admirrral....Tempest is rrreporting heavy firrre up therrre

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Out of the pan....

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Stormwind is reporting the same.

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: *Taps Combadge* Would have been a shame to ruin that lovely face, Captain.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * close eyes for min. *

Varzec@deffdog: *combadge chrips*

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * stands * I can use a shower later.

Varzec@deffdog: Understood.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Ship Commanders and key personnell return to your vessels.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: ready admiral.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Aye sir.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Stormwind, prepare to beam me back immediately

Varzec@deffdog: Alright everyone party isn't over yet, the Romulans are destroyed, but more borg are emerging from the donduit.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn scans the environment with a tricorder.

Varzec@deffdog: We need to defend this system till its secure.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Roger

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: programs seem to be working.

Varzec@deffdog: Very Good. Right now we need to make sure it has its time to complete. Away team be ready to beam back to your ships.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Indefatigable, one to beam directly to the bridge.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Yoshino to bridge now.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: damn that's a lot of cubes...

Varzec@deffdog: Energize when ready.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Holy,

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Focus your fire!

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Which Target admiral?

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: The tactical cube

Crate@cutthroat_porter: The big one!

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Wow the borg really rolled out the welcome mat.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Logical.

Varzec@deffdog: Move to assist!

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Lexia, prepare the metron gas again

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: What the hell.. they really want this planet.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Damage report

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: Ha. Floating drones. Just the way it should be.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: Minor casualties on the Tempest

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Colborne sustained only minor damage Admiral.

Varzec@deffdog: Team Alpha, Damage Report.

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: We're alive...I think.

S'ekka@steelcurtain96: I think the Rrromulans softened them up forrr us sirrrr

Redbeard@Nathan_Redbeard: [CPT.Smith]: Illustrious is being recalled to Task Force Omega. Hope we helped you with your little infestation, Trust. Be seeing you. *Lights fresh Cigar*.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: What? sensors indicating another warp signature through the debris, federation in origin.

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Minor damage to structural integrity. Nothing my engineers can't handle.

Varzec@deffdog: Well everyone it appears we did it.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: minor damage to forward weapons array. already regenerating.

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: I have a feeling this was the easy part compared to what it'll take to rebuid here.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Lina get a fix on the signature, where did it originate from?

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Minimum damage sustained.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Lina: The Gamma quadrant captain

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Admiral, reccomend returning to New Romulus for debried

[Tell] O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: hey after you get wrapped up let me know... Elijah asked me to help coordinate the call tonight

Varzec@deffdog: I would have to agree Alaina, their planets governement, infrastructure, and cultere are desroyed.

Varzec@deffdog: Now comes the Federation Humaniatiran Effort.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: federation warp signature from the gamma quadrant? who could it have been?

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: But at least they can rebuild and there not borg drones.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: And we did not have to use red matter.

Varzec@deffdog: Yes, we gave them that chane today.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: THat's always a plus

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: And none of us got poked by their nasty tubles.

Varzec@deffdog: Their still the mystery to why the Romulans did this in the first place.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: It came close. I still recovering from the link.

Varzec@deffdog: Granted Captain.

Varzec@deffdog: Err. Admiral.

Varzec@deffdog: All ships report back to the embassy.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Yes sir.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Setting course.

Erik Sharp@Erik-99: Helm, take us to warp.

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: Alright, set a course for the embassy.

[Tell] To @steelcurtain96: when hes wanting to get on?

[Tell] S'ekka@steelcurtain96: ?

[Tell] To S'ekka@steelcurtain96: wrong that

[Tell] To O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: whens he wantong to get on?

[Tell] To O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: the fact everyone was late tonight really screwed up my schedule

[Tell] O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: in about an hour from now

[Tell] To O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: ok good

[Tell] O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: that gonna work for you?

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Entering New Romulus orbit and preparing to beam to embassy.

[Tell] O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: lol when has one of these ever started on time

[Tell] To O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: yea i asked for a delay we originally scheduled now, but the even screwed up my schedule

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: That was damn perculiar.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: What was?

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * nods * still looking pail from experince with the link. *

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Before that tactical cube exploded our sensors picked up another federation warp signature

Crate@cutthroat_porter: In orbit?

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: No, near the cube, upon further investigation we found that it originated from the gamma quadrant

Varzec@deffdog: What is this noew?

Crate@cutthroat_porter: A ship beamed into the sector from the Gamma Quadrant?

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Yes

Varzec@deffdog: Start from the beginning?

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Sorry Admiral, it may not be important but our ship picked up a foreign federation warp signature nearby the tactical cube before it exploded

[Tell] To O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: btw the brexissue has been taken care of he actually doesn't care if p1 is the only distributor

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Which ship?

[Tell] O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: cool

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Unknown but we believe it came from the gamma quadrant

Varzec@deffdog: What is your evidence? How ould a federation ship be from the Gamma Quadrant?

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: We took readings from the warp signature indicating as such

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: Could be a ship captured by the Dominion and then brought into the Gamma Quadrant during the Dominion War, though that doesn't explain why it was there.

Varzec@deffdog: Did anyone else pick up these readings?

Crate@cutthroat_porter: I'm not sure,

Varzec@deffdog: Lets put that aside for now.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: aknowledged.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: zzzZZZzzz...

Jessica@Yojimbojohn falls asleep.

Varzec@deffdog: So we seemed to have had quite the success today, no loss of life.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: zzzZZZzzz...

Jessica@Yojimbojohn slumbers peacefully.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Sorry sir did not detect anything. * Stiffen Slightly face going blank * Then falls to the ground.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Jessica!

Varzec@deffdog: Someone find me a chair.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *taps commbadge* medical team to OPS!

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * seems to be mumbling *

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: and security, on the double

Varzec@deffdog scans the environment with a tricorder.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Security? what for?

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: *Pulls out her gun, just in case*

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am Jessica, I am Jessica. Stop the song please stop the song.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: I'm pretty sure you guys just came back from tangling with the borg

T'Lyn@Kahn345: If everyone will please step back some.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: and she was up close and personal with them

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Oh no, Jessie, please hang on

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am 4 of 8 Resistance is futile.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: She's a liberated who, even though just for a moment, reconnected to the hive

Varzec@deffdog: YEs Ambassador. The borg descided to crsh our party.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: what did she just say?

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: No Jessica! Fight it!

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am jessica.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Computer level six forcefield

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Does anyone have a tricorder available?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Seal the room!

Varzec@deffdog: The Romulan Hive.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: *places her hand near Jessica's neck to feel her pulse.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Must fight the link, I can hear you my queen I can here the song.

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: *Aims her gun at Jessica but keeps her finger off the trigger* It might be a good idea to restrain her, just in case.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *pulls a tricorder from a charging stand and hands to T'Lyn

Crate@cutthroat_porter: That's what the level six is for

T'Lyn@Kahn345: *takes tricorder and begins a scan.*

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: Yeah, but what will the level six do for us if she goes homocidal

T'Lyn@Kahn345 scans the environment with a tricorder.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * suddenly smoke and sparks start to come from the eye piece *

Crate@cutthroat_porter: It will take at least fourty five seconds for a Borg to adapt to a level six

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Elevated activited in the hyperthalmus region of the brain. Over-stimulation of the cererbral cortex.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: I knew it would be too dangerous for her.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: not to mention a squad of troops with remodulators

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: Maybe we could link her mind to a computer or something to take the stress off her brain, or to another person, somehow.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: No

T'Lyn@Kahn345: I would not recommend that.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: *looks to aliana* But who?

Crate@cutthroat_porter: No

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I need the counler to melf with me * said with great restran *

T'Lyn@Kahn345: I am detecting an energy signature. Several dorminant borg pathways are attempting to reactive themselves.

Varzec@deffdog: Definitely Not a Good Idea.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: She wants you to mind meld with her?

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Where is the closest liberation specalist?

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: We can't just let her brain get fried.

Varzec@deffdog: Could that help her? Or just put you at risk as well????

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Admiral, the damage to her implant we just witness seems almost self inflicted.

Varzec@deffdog looks toaward T'Lynn

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * Restrained * It will add strenght to my resistance.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: We have no choice...

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am cutting off link I need to have my mind calm for that.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: There would be no danger to myself. The meld would be telepathic only. SHe would gain strength from the bond I believe.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: With your permission Admiral?

Varzec@deffdog: Is their any other options?

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: I can think of another option, though it isn't much safer.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Unless we have a Liberation specialist on our staff

T'Lyn@Kahn345: I am a psychiatrist not a liberation expert. This is the only option currenlty available that I am aware of.

Varzec@deffdog: *sighs* Do it!

T'Lyn@Kahn345: *nods*

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * With out burst * I am Jessica not borg.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: The rest of us shall clear the space and continue with the debrief

T'Lyn@Kahn345: *places the fingers of her right hnad on pressure poiints along Jessica's face* My mind to your mind...

T'Lyn@Kahn345: My thoughts to your thoughts.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: ...You better pull through...

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: *Points her rifle away from Jessica, but keep it in her hands, in case of emergency*

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Overall it was a cut and dry mission

Varzec@deffdog: Well we were successful, of course in freeing the Ge'Ak.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Resistance is..resistance is.. must keep focus.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: I did not expect to see actual Collective assets there

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am jessica I am not borg. I can feel the calmness. I must resist the song.

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: *Moves her finger on and off the trigger, keep her focus split between Jessica and everyone else*

Varzec@deffdog: Well what could be better for them a planet already assimilated to take resources from they just need to plug in.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am Jessica I am Starfleet I can and will resist.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Think this would scare the Romulans from further Romulan Collective attempts?

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Focus your efforts towards one voice. Towards my voice.

Varzec@deffdog: Did the assimilation of Donatra stop them?

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am Jessica I can here only your voice.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: True

Varzec@deffdog: We can only hope that they learn their lesson.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: How do you think the MACO deployment idea worked out?

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: Romulans never learn their lesson.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: There I found the last link closing path way now.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: I'm hearing after the initial landings there was not much action on our perimiters

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * more sparks * come from eye piece.

Varzec@deffdog: It was definitely a good test of the spacejumping, I don't believe they had to fire a shot to the borg beamed down.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Doctor thank you.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Granted it wasn't for Borg that I brought them along

T'Lyn@Kahn345: *removes her hand from the pressure points.* Of course Captain.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Can you sit up?

Jessica@Yojimbojohn sits down.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: I truly expected more resistace from the Tal'Shiar

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Rest for a moment before trying to get up.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Thank you. I felt like I was lost for a moment.

Varzec@deffdog: IVe instructed Captain Cline to orgainze a humanitarian effort to the Ge'Ak homeworld, and on the return journey I communicated to Captain Vallad of our sccuess. Hes very excited to return home and h

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Thought my defensive where better prepary.

Varzec@deffdog: help with the effort.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: You were able to find the clairity you needed. A testimate to your strength of character and determination.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Any other observations?

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Only with your help doctor.

Varzec@deffdog: He'll probably be the point man for the efforts.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I may need to take time to seek your services.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am afraid maybe there is still some unresolve issues.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Indeed. We will attend to that. But for now I would suggest you visit the medical facilites here at the Embassy for a complete evaluation.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Wait here please. *T'Lyn stands*

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am. my regenative ability is already kicking in.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Excuse me Admiral.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * stands very study *

Varzec@deffdog: I was somewhat suprised of how smooth things went after Borg Drones beamed down, its a testament to all your crews to keep the borg busy enough to not beam down any more reinforcements.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: The Captain is out of any immediate danger. I advise a complete medical examination immediately sir.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * moving with stern expression *

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Are you alright?

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Before I go I wish to apologize sir. I thought my defensive where ready I was wrong I will not let that happen again.

Varzec@deffdog: Undestood, perhaps she should return to her ships doctor for that evaluation

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: I am better Captain.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: Agreed.

Varzec@deffdog: Well with hope we never have to have you interface with a the borg again, Captain.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Thank heaven, you gave us quite a scare.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: My regenative ability is starting to take over. Although my eye scanner is out and will need repair.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Thank you for your concern. Minako.

Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: Us Borg victims gotta stick together

Crate@cutthroat_porter: Good work out there

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: *nods &

Varzec@deffdog: Yes fine work. We happy we all averted a disaster today.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: *nods in agreement

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: Doctor thank you, I am feeling better I will have my emh check everything plus I will upload the logs for him to see what happen today.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: *nods*.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * nods * Yes we stoped them and save a planet.

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: *Walks next to Jessica and quietly says* Captain Morris, can we talk after the debriefing?

Varzec@deffdog: Saved the Federation from another potential attacking force.

Crate@cutthroat_porter: And some combat experience to boot

Varzec@deffdog: Good work. Your all dismissed to return to your nomal duties.

Jessica@Yojimbojohn: * nods to alaina * can we find time later I am still needs sometime to get all my thoughts together but I will scedule time to speak with you.

T'Lyn@Kahn345: *nods in acknowledgement to the Admiral

T'Lyn@Kahn345: *nods respectfully* Ambassador.

Alaina Washington@godofcake1997: *Quietly to Jessica again* Alright, but make it soon as possible, it's important.

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