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Security Footage
Starbase 130-T (Lounge)
Stardate 90400.1

<Begin Transcript>

Cane@Shadow1710: *perks an eyebrow*

Yahta@rayvenwing: *comes into the bar*

Cane@Shadow1710: {would lean on the bar drumming on the bar seems to be deep in thought}

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *Bishop to Queen's Level 3*

Yahta@rayvenwing: *notices Uncle Tarius at the table and heads over*

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *Knight to King's Level 2*

Cane@Shadow1710: *Looks behind at the Ambassador and Yahta then nods to the barman taking some drinks and approching the table*

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: oh, an audience...

Cane@Shadow1710: *offering one to O'Ryon and Yahta}

Yahta@rayvenwing: *looks at the person he is playing* I suggest rook to knights level 1

Cane@Shadow1710: "would energized beverages help your concentration?"

Yahta@rayvenwing: *takes a drink* thank you sir

Cane@Shadow1710: would an*

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: oh, and an opinionated audience at that... *declines drink*

Cane@Shadow1710: *nods* "along with an overthinking one*

Ragnal@deffdog: Ge'Ak Spirits.

Cane@Shadow1710: {would sip his drink}

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *Rook to Knight's Level 1.... Counselor takes Rook*

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: oh curses

Ragnal@deffdog takes a his drink.

Yahta@rayvenwing: i was suggesting she move rook to level 1

Yahta@rayvenwing: especially since you had her on the run *smirks*

Cane@Shadow1710: "Who is currently the victorian party so far?"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: oh, well that explains it

Cane@Shadow1710: {would sip his drink}

Yahta@rayvenwing: and i stress had

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: well, I was just hoping for a way to pass the time

Cane@Shadow1710: "a better form of time passing then other kinds that one can think apon"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: I'm waiting for a message

Yahta@rayvenwing: *looks at the Captain* Speak for yourself Sir

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Samarian Sunset

Cane@Shadow1710: {Looks to Yahta} "Other time passing kinds I was referring too"

Thrall@InhumaneKitten grabs glass and takes a swig

Ragnal@deffdog: Captain.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: You see, *Knight to Knight's level one ... takes the Queen that took the Rook*

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: sometimes the game changes while you're waiting

Cane@Shadow1710: "is this related to that human theory about butterflys and hurricanes?"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: for example... our Mr. Bolton has agreed to a rather risky plan at my suggestion

Yahta@rayvenwing: Sometimes Risk has the greatest rewards.

Cane@Shadow1710: "I should know, I've taken a few myself" {he sas before appoching the bar sliding past Ragnal}

Cane@Shadow1710: *would look to O'Ryon *

Yahta@rayvenwing: i dont trust "Mr. Bolton"

Cane@Shadow1710: "I doubt anyone does"

Cane@Shadow1710: "but I am sure he Ambassador has...unique interests in mind invoving our swindler"

Ragnal@deffdog looks over at the mention of Bolton.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: No. No one does. well, just like the Lieutenant here suggested a risky ploy... well, she suggested it to my opponent, but it got me thinking...

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: I don't trust Bolton, Bolton's friends don't trust Bolton, Bolton's partner's don't trust Bolton... who does trust him?

Ragnal@deffdog: his mother?

Cane@Shadow1710: {would then put the second drink drown and he swigs his drink down then reurns to the group

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *Counselor moves Rook to King's Level 4... Check* His mother has been dead for nearly 200 years

Cane@Shadow1710: "200 years?"

Cane@Shadow1710: "then how old is he?"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: it's a long story

Yahta@rayvenwing: where Bolton is concerned it usually is

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Suffice it to say, I doubt even she would trust him.

Cane@Shadow1710: *looks to Ragnal and Yahta then looks backto O'Ryon* "only a fool trusts a swindler such s Mr Bolton...."

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: No, I'm pretty sure that there's an exclusive club that trusts him... his enemies

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: That club is exclusive?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *Pawn to King's Level 3... Checkmate*

Cane@Shadow1710: "the seek the enemy of your enemy quote"

Cane@Shadow1710: "I presume"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: It's pretty exclusive... Bolton's living enemies are not great in number. and their greatest mistake is... anyone?

Cane@Shadow1710: "Does his enemies also include those of the trust's walls?"

Cane@Shadow1710: "or any other being within the federations barricade?"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: trusting Bolton to act as an enemy

Cane@Shadow1710: "Hm"

Yahta@rayvenwing: i dont trust him to act as an enemy i trust him to do exeactly what is best for him.

Cane@Shadow1710: "Hm"

Yahta@rayvenwing: sometimes that might help me

Yahta@rayvenwing: most of the time it will screw me

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: That's the thing... he's not our enemy... well, not today anyway

Cane@Shadow1710: {looks to Yahta} "Do you think he's also manipulatable?"

Yahta@rayvenwing: *reaches out picks up the pawn* only if you can sneak a pawn behind his lines

Cane@Shadow1710: "Or acquire some hormones to seduce him"

Cane@Shadow1710: {Ahem}

Yahta@rayvenwing: *turns and glares at Cane*

Cane@Shadow1710: "No offence"

Cane@Shadow1710: "Apologies"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: His enemies think he betrayed the meeting to me... but we know better, don't we Lieutenant? *winks at Yahta*

Yahta@rayvenwing: *looks at Tarius* yes sir

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: and I consider you more of a Rook then a Pawn

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: don't sell yourself too short, Mr. Yahta

Yahta@rayvenwing: *nods*

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: So, while this group thinks he betrayed them and wants to kill him, he spends two weeks getting his ship fixed at a Starfleet facility, only further cementing the illusion of betrayal

Cane@Shadow1710: "I am guessing Mr Bolton is involved in a plan of yours today?"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: and so I cut him loose today and told him to make a nusciance of himself at Argelius 2

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: it's public, it's a long way from the KDF frontier and heavy pirate activity, it's busy.... and they can't possibly miss him

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: whoever *they* are

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: so.... who's up for a little stakeout?

Cane@Shadow1710: {looks between the 3}

Cane@Shadow1710: {then says to O'ryon*} "What shall we need to do sir?"

Ragnal@deffdog: Of course.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: get a good book to read and clear your schedules.... then follow me to the Argelius System

Cane@Shadow1710: "Ships?"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: I don't know who's coming to the party, so I'll take any dance partner I can get

Cane@Shadow1710: "I was meaning should we need our ships or shuttles?"

Ragnal@deffdog: Will their be specific duties for the Yorktown Squadron sir?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Commander Ragnal... I've sent Yorktown on an ... errand, shall we say. I'd like you to fly Republic's wing

Ragnal@deffdog: Yes Sir.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Unless there are any other questions?

Yahta@rayvenwing: I'll inform Capt Harrison that you will need Salem sir
O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: thank you Lieutenant. Send him my compliments

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: let's rendezvous at Argelius then

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Movek to Stormbringer. One to beam up.


<End Transcript>

Communications Transcript
Starfleet Channel 92.9
Stardate 90400.1

<Begin Transcript>


O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: All ships set course for the Regulus Sector

Cane@Shadow1710: "Oceanic copys"

Ragnal@deffdog: Understood.

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Affirmative, sir.

Yahta@rayvenwing: *Captain Harrison course laid in for Regulus Sector* *Very Good Lt. D'ian. Engage*

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Republic to all ships... stand by. Go to radio silence.

Cane@Shadow1710: "Oceanic copys"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Oceanic take point

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Salem follow her in and strike targets of opportunity

Yahta@rayvenwing: *signals acknowledged*

Cane@Shadow1710: "Reinforcements approching!"

Cane@Shadow1710: "hm"


<End Transcript>

Federation Merchant Vessel Eternal Agitator
Flight Recorder - Engineering Deck
Stardate 90400.2

<Begin Transcript>


Yahta@rayvenwing: *looks around* my god how old is this ship?

Ragnal@deffdog: Orders Sir.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: take a peek around the corner, Mr. Ragnal

Cane@Shadow1710: "I would say 22-23 century bridge type to me"

Ragnal@deffdog: Yes Sir.

Ragnal@deffdog: Romulans!

Yahta@rayvenwing: whats holding her together? string and prayers?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: gotcha commander

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: everyone ok?

Cane@Shadow1710: "Romulans?!...but they were Nausiccian ships!"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: thalaron weapons...

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Romulans, indeed.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: huh.

Ragnal@deffdog: Why are they here.

Cane@Shadow1710: "By Stok'varr"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: well, well

Cane@Shadow1710: "they must be his clients"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: in a roundabout way... I think you're right, Captain

Yahta@rayvenwing: *looks back at Tarius* This thing really flys?

Cane@Shadow1710: "We can focus on what is holding this ship"

Cane@Shadow1710: "later"

Yahta@rayvenwing: umm do i really have to trust this death trap of a turbo lift?

Cane@Shadow1710: "For now let us find our ageless swindler"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: she's old, but she's good enough for what Bolton does with her

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: are we ready with our distraction?

Cane@Shadow1710: "indeed"


<End Transcript>

Federation Merchant Vessel Eternal Agitator
Flight Recorder - Bridge
Stardate 90400.2

<Begin Transcript>


O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Fire!

Cane@Shadow1710: "Go now to the sea"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: clear forward!

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Let's play a game

Cane@Shadow1710: {looks to O'Ryon}

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: called "corner Bolton into spilling his guts"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Mr. Thrall, why don't you go first

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: With pleasure sir

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: everyone gets a turn, don't worry

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: ask away, Mr. Thrall

Ragnal@deffdog: Captain I am going to return to my fighter and keep watch while you interoggate him.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Understood, Commander

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: I'm a man of few words Bolton, but I'm also a man of many kills under my belt. Wouldn't mind adding you.

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: However, you have an option.

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Talk and live, or be silent and remain so for all eternity.

Bolton: "Oh, come now... you know I'm not going to take death threats seriously from a uniformed starfleet officer"

Bolton: "I told you , the Romulans surprised me as much as they apparently surprised you"

Bolton: "I honestly have no idea what they were doing here"

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Then speculate for us

Bolton: "Why should I do that? You military types have access to all kinds of knowledge us mere civilians don't have. You can just go speculate yourself!!"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: OK, Mr. Thrall... thanks

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Mr. Cane, your turn

Cane@Shadow1710: {would then point his rifle to Boltons head and slowly approches him} "I am known to be a peaceful person...but I can also be violent to those I find you have 2 choices"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: MR. CANE!!!!

Cane@Shadow1710: {looks to O'Ryon}


Cane@Shadow1710: {would look at his rifle} "yes its too intimidating"

Cane@Shadow1710: {would put it down then looks back to bolton}


O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *calms himself a bit*

Cane@Shadow1710: {looks to O'Ryon with a bit of a suprised expression}"My Apologies!"

Yahta@rayvenwing: *just looks at the two captains*

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Mr. Cane.... we will discuss your understanding of treatment of civilians who are not in custody at a later time

Cane@Shadow1710: {looks back to Bolton} "anyway, aside from the Ambassador giving me that warning"

Yahta@rayvenwing: *Walks over to the Conn and puts her rifle in it*

Cane@Shadow1710: "you have two choices, you can confess and live with good health....or you could end up in worse health....with many sins apon your back"

Cane@Shadow1710: "for example, Why are the romulons playing toy with your life"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Mr. Cane, that's enough... first an overt threat which should put you in the brig for assault and then a covert threat that Mr. Thrall found ineffective... let's move on

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Mr. Yahta, you're up

Yahta@rayvenwing: yes Sir

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Stay frosty, Mr. Thrall, you're up next

Cane@Shadow1710: "I'll head to the starbase brig myself"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: where are you going?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: You haven't been dismissed, Mr. Cane. I said it "should" put you in the brig, not that it "would"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: you'll get another turn

Cane@Shadow1710: "I know, I need to have a think for a moment"

Yahta@rayvenwing: Mr Bolton. Unlike my superiors *glances at the captains* i dont believe in threating people.

Yahta@rayvenwing: that said lets talk about Romulans.

Yahta@rayvenwing: Your a very knowlegable man. very intellegent from what i gather.

Bolton: "Oh, yes I like to think so"

Yahta@rayvenwing: As you and i both know Romulans dont do anything without a plan.

Bolton: "that is certainly my experience"

Yahta@rayvenwing: So here we have Romulans in Non Romulan ships attacking you deep in federation space.

Bolton: "um, yes. I agree with you."

Yahta@rayvenwing: which is funny cause lets face it *as she looks around* the if they just wanted you dead they could have waited for your ship to fall apart

Bolton: "well, young lady, both me and this ship have been around for over a century... not even Romulans are *that* patient"

Yahta@rayvenwing: So

Yahta@rayvenwing: they board your ship. So it is obvious they where trying to take you into their.... custody?

Yahta@rayvenwing: Why would they want you in ... custody?

Bolton: "you know it's funny you say that... there was some tension about what to do with me when they boarded"

Yahta@rayvenwing: And what was the contention?

Bolton: "on the one hand, they were trying to booby-trap the warp core, but on the other hand they weren't vaporizing me"

Bolton: "it seemed to me that their plan, whatever it was, got knocked completely out of kilter when you all showed up"

Bolton: "but if they meant to kill me, I would be dead right now."

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: So you must have or know something they want.

Bolton: "that stands to reason"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: very good, Lieutenant

Yahta@rayvenwing: why would they need to booby trap this ships warp core?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: ah, ah, LT

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Mr. Thrall's turn

Yahta@rayvenwing: sorry sir

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: no problem, Lieutenant

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Anything come to mind that the Romulans might want? Anything at all?

Bolton: "well what don't they want? their homeworld is smashed, they are on the brink of civil war, their populace is impoverished, their infrastructure nonexistent..."

Bolton: "so yeah, I can think of a few thousand things the Romulans want"

Bolton: "but they didn't need a fleet to rob my cargo holds"

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: *sigh* I'm afraid I don't possess your finesse Admiral. Even I am struggling to find the tactical advantage of the Romulans' attack. A vital piece of the puzzle is missing here and I don't know what it is

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: well... let's chase this "what the Romulans want" angle

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: The attack was overkill, and easily undone.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: not easily undone... it took four starships and the element of surprise

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: of course, they showed up in 2nd rate Nausicaan castaways...

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Well, then quickly would be a better word.

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Nausicaans...

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Hmm...

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: A bounty?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Dad, they came after *you.* And I know the biggest pot you're stirring these days has to do with supplies on the Federation border

Bolton: "all perfectly legal and above-board. I am a humble mover of goods"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: But this makes twice in two weeks that a "humble mover of goods" has been the target of assassination or kidnapping. First by mercenaries disguised as Klingons and now by Romulans disguised as Nausicaans.

Bolton: "boggles the mind, doesn't it?"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: what's the connection Mr. Thrall?

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: The Klingon Empire

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Not quite... what ties the mercenaries - who were working for the merchants that Bolton supposedly betrayed - to the Romulans?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: what is the common interest between our humble mover of goods, the merchant shipping corporations and the Romulans?

Bolton: "look, sonny, I'm just hauling goods from the colonies back to the core worlds. now that may not please the bureaucrats and the economists, but I don't really care about them"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Yeah, you're hauling supplies AWAY from the places that need them TO the places that don't

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: so the question is: who's your customer?

Bolton: "what a stupid question! I don't know who eventually buys this stuff! It's all done by computers! I get an order from a broker, I buy the goods, I deliver them"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Come on. Guess, Dad.

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Are the Romulans buying it?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *points to Thrall* Exactly.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Their industrial base is shot to hell, they've got a civil war on their hands and they see their 2 biggest rivals in the sector start to cozy back up with the ongoing Borg threat taking precedence....

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: over the war

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: why not kill six birds with one stone?

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: So, let their enemies wear each other down to buy time while they rebuild.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Not only that, they weaken our civilian frontier and corrupt our shipping companies

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: all the while obtaining the supplies they need to rebuild their industrial base without anyone being the wiser

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: they won't take charity, but by God if they can sneak it out from under your nose, they'll do it

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Typical Romulan cloak and dagger...

Bolton: "how perfectly hideous of them!"

Bolton: "I love it."

Bolton: "Even though, you know... I had no idea I was being used as a dupe"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Are you buying that, Mr. Thrall?

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: If experience has taught me anything about him, no more than I would from the Romulans themselves

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Claiming ignorance is an old cover story

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: I agree. As a matter of fact, I think he went right along with being a dupe because it suited his purpose of sewing dissent and unrest along the frontier

Bolton: "little old me? why would I do such a thing? those colony worlds are my suppliers. why would I want them to be unstable?"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: That's the part I haven't figured out yet... and that's what scares me.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Anything else you want to touch on Mr. Thrall?

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: What do we do with him now?

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Send him on his merry way.

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: ....I see.

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: unless you can think of a reason to hold him?

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Without a motive behind our theory, holding him would gain us nothing.

Bolton: "*snorts* motives and theories.... I'm a humble freighter captain! and even if you could, I would just turn around and file a complaint about that trigger happy interrogator you brought with you"

Bolton: "so really, you're better off letting me go... oh and Terry?"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: What?

Bolton: "Don't you think it's time you gave me my Far Star back? I mean, this ship is great and all but... honestly it's not ideal for running from packs of Romulans"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *sighs* and I suppose if I don't....

Bolton: "you're little captain friend might find himself in a bit of a sticky wicket"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: *nods* I'll start the paperwork

Bolton: "bless you, child"

O'Ryon@KineticImpulser: Alright... Mr. Thrall, let's get out of here

Thrall@InhumaneKitten: Yes, sir.


<End Transcript>
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