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Admiral's personal log stardate 90059.1

For the past two weeks I have been on an undercover operation in a search for Vata and my daughter.
Today we found them. Upon the Hotspur's arrival near the nav beacon in the Aokii system I alerted Trust
forces to rendezvous and engage the target and her escorts. On arrival to the system we were contacted by one
of O'Ryon's spies who informed us that The Hotspur were carrying experimental Klingon weapons. We had another reason to capture the ship.

The battle was fierce but we prevailed and advanced on the Hotspur. Her shields fell unexpectedly and allowed our boarding parties the ability to begin the assault.

Our forces split into two groups, one to find Vata and Rose and the other to find the weapons. Though there was the expected resistance between the beam in point and the objectives, each member of the assault force preformed above expectations. After a final confrontation with Vata and her lieutenants I was reunited with my Rose. Each squad member returned to their own vessel.

Approximately seventy five light years from the recovery point Lieutenant Commander Cobol noticed the weapons we recovered and stored aboard the Valkyrie were overloading and he was unable to stop the process. I had the crew evacuate to the recently arrived Vanguard. I could only watch as my ship and home for the past year was destroyed. To add insult to injury We discovered Vata had escaped in the chaos of abandoning ship and is probably laughing her way back to Tian.

So While I have gotten my daughter back and We recovered a lost Starfleet asset, the Klingons are raiding our supply lines in the Alpha Trianguli sector, Vata escaped to cause havoc another day and the Valkyrie was destroyed. Did the risk and rewards equal out? For me they have.
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