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Ten of Twenty

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Above Prologue

Part 2:Ten@Farmer42: *Invites herself in* So you've been busy.Lazu@Basilisk9466: I'm your second, I'm always busy.Ten@Farmer42: It's good for your soul. But you know what I'm talking about. I see you recruited Aunti Duhr.Lazu@Basilisk9466: Ah ye...
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Above Prologue

Part 1:Elle@Farmer42: *Sits, paging through a tablet idly*Lazu@Basilisk9466: Evening, Commander. I heard you wanted to see me?Elle@Farmer42: *Elle visibly jumps and struggles to juggle the PADD* DON'T DO THAT!Lazu@Basilisk9466: what?Elle@Fa...
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This Above All Act I

Date: Jun 28, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Category: RP
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Call me when you're sober

Aelita@zanethesage: *beams down onto Risa, already prepared for the festivities*S'anra@Farmer42: That's not the shirt Ten gave you.Aelita@zanethesage: I bought it with the huge latinum purse I had.Aelita@zanethesage: What's wrong with it?S'anra@Fa...
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Bad Old Days

Elle@Farmer42: *looks up from her PADD* Good afternoon, Tiny.Briar@kanekasier: *Open mouth grins* How's the sun been treating you, softskin?Elle@Farmer42: Not bad. My genotype comes from an equitorial region. So while I have thin skin, it's wel...
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Duhr, Ellianna

Name: Ellianna Cornwall Duhr. ElleRank: CommanderSpecies: Trill (Joined)Age: 29 (Host) Unknown, at least three centuries (Symbiont) Specialization: Counter InsurgencySpecial Considerations: Limited TelepathyRecord:Born on trill in 2380 as Elli...
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Would You Like To Play a Game?

Ten scowled at the readout on her screen."Klingon group Alpha, why aren't you in position? And why aren't you cloaked? Federation battlegroup Zeta, Move forward. Klingons, get cloaked!"The coms light blinked briefly."Sub admiral, we're-""That wa...
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