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[Pinned] ((RP Thread Guidelines))

I decided I wanted to set out a few guidelines for this thread.1. Any and all Threads on RP should be posted here. Any RP oriented Thread will be moved here if posted somewhere else.2. This thread can be used to submit stories written about you...
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RP Frequency

Late Night Physicals

Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice sits at the med-bay duty officer desk, working. There's not much work to do so she's actually doing research while reviewing personnel medical files via her implant. Not that anyone can tell.*Dekan@kanekasier: Um, excus...
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RP Frequency

First Night

Ten@Farmer42: *Ten sits down on the bridge at 130-T, dangling her feet lazily.*Ten@Farmer42: *Ten sits down on the bridge at 130-T, dangling her feet lazily.*Alice@captaincoffin: *Alice beams in. Glancing around she hefts her duffle bag and, after...
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RP Frequency

New Crew

Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [sips Jenaran Tea and glances at his PADD]Kinavi@kessentai: [Enters the bar and sees a face she vaguely remembers. She recalls the brief encounter she had and soon remembers his name]Matthew Erik Sharp@Erik-99: [looks u...
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RP Frequency

New Purchase...with Bonus

Erik and his senior crew give the Husnock warship a look over as Erik deals with the Ferengi contact Captain Lukita gave him. The contact seemed annoyed at Erik's insistence at looking over the ship in person, but he knew it would be a big payout...
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RP Frequency

Message to Trust Fleet Commander

Fleet Embassy, New RomulusStardate 47634TO: FLEET CMDR, TRUSTFROM: CO USS KEARSARGE NCC-991219Sir:I am reporting to you that the ship under my command, USS Kearsarge Exeter-class assigned to the Trust, suffered a catastrophic engine failure shortl...
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RP Frequency

Temporary Workspace

Erik walked the corridors of the USS Firenze on his way to Captain Ryan's ready room. It's been a while since he set foot on a Sovereign class starship - since the Indefatigable B - and he allowed himself to fall into nostalgia. He felt a chill ...
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RP Frequency

Warp Rush

Rori jumped to a start, realizing she had taken an unscheduled nap in one of the plush chairs by the fire. The looming ceilings and excessive decoration of Baseplate made her skittish and restless, she thought the environment lacked easy access to...
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RP Frequency


In his cliff face hotel room, Erik sat on his bed rolling and stretching his arms after unexpectedly having the most relaxing time he's had in years. He still reeling from the aftermath of it all."I must say, I never saw this coming with us two. ...
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RP Frequency

Old Warhorses and Young Idealists

Rori@zanethesage: *looks around, and sees Seuna, scurrying up to see her* Hey Auntie!Rori@zanethesage: *looks around* Where's Lazu?Seuna@grgrafitti: *is sitting with her feet up on the table* No idea, wherever work has her.Rori@zanethesage: Oh. Th...
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RP Frequency

Call me when you're sober

Aelita@zanethesage: *beams down onto Risa, already prepared for the festivities*S'anra@Farmer42: That's not the shirt Ten gave you.Aelita@zanethesage: I bought it with the huge latinum purse I had.Aelita@zanethesage: What's wrong with it?S'anra@Fa...
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RP Frequency

Bad Old Days

Elle@Farmer42: *looks up from her PADD* Good afternoon, Tiny.Briar@kanekasier: *Open mouth grins* How's the sun been treating you, softskin?Elle@Farmer42: Not bad. My genotype comes from an equitorial region. So while I have thin skin, it's wel...
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RP Frequency

Sharktoothed Gifts

Elle@Farmer42: *Elle sits in the lounge, drinking some cocoa*Talvius@Basilisk9466: *A neatly groomed Romulan woman in civilian dress pads through the starbase, approaching the lounge, and leans on the bar cheerfully.* Tarkalian tea, please.Elle@Fa...
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RP Frequency

Return What Was Given

The Serpents' Gem travels through the starship sized Iconian gateway to the Solanae Dyson Sphere and is escorted to the gateway to the Jenolan Sphere.Erik sat in his quarters lounging at his desk having a bottle of Guinness. After having a sip, h...
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RP Frequency

New Faces

[9:43] Elle@Farmer42: *An old Miranda warps in system near the Angelfire* Angelfire, this is the Contrarian. One to beam aboard for posting report.[9:44] Lazu@Basilisk9466: [Aviel] Acknowledged, Contrarian, you're clear to transport. I'll inform...
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RP Frequency

The Spire, After Dark

[8:52] Rori@zanethesage: *sees Leina and squees, running after her in a hug* LEINA![8:52] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten rolls up her sleeves* alright. Who wants a drink?[8:52] Leina@Pheonyx: *Looks around then hears her name and gets hugged, hugging back* R...
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RP Frequency


[8:12] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten puts her bag on the ground and sighs* It's good to be home.[8:13] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She doesn't look up from her terminal.* Long time no see.[8:14] Ten@Farmer42: Indeed. How have things been while I was gone? I see y...
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RP Frequency

Would You Like To Play a Game?

Ten scowled at the readout on her screen."Klingon group Alpha, why aren't you in position? And why aren't you cloaked? Federation battlegroup Zeta, Move forward. Klingons, get cloaked!"The coms light blinked briefly."Sub admiral, we're-""That wa...
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RP Frequency

The Heist

(This is belated as I've been busy off and on since I posted Back into the Fire)[Slek's Logistic Offices]"I'm pleased you chose to see reason, Mr. Sharp." Slek said smugly.Erik replied almost immediately, "Save the praise. Let's just get this over...
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RP Frequency

Telepresence Visit

Varzec@deffdog: Computer Holographic Telepresense Request coming from USS Alameda, Captain Varzec. Do you wish to allow the connection?Seuna@grgrafitti: Allow.Seuna@grgrafitti: Hey V... *sighs* I mean, Captain. *salutes half-heartedly*Varzec@deff...
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