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[Pinned] ((RP Thread Guidelines))

I decided I wanted to set out a few guidelines for this thread.1. Any and all Threads on RP should be posted here. Any RP oriented Thread will be moved here if posted somewhere else.2. This thread can be used to submit stories written about you...
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Ten@Farmer42: *You hear a disinterested, almost bored Ten* Help, help. They are coming for me. You must save me"H'vohn@cutthroat_porter: Rule number one Cadet Someone always covers the AdmiralH'vohn@cutthroat_porter: well both of them i supposeE...
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Two weeks ago, Alpha Quadrant, the Tzenkethi Front..."All batteries, fire at will!"The I.K.S. Hammerhead rocked again as another barrage of tetryon particles slammed into her port shields. The command ship was battered, bruised, bleeding atmospher...
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Date Night

Sharp and Domara sit in Domara's quarters aboard the RRW Virinat having diner. It was going very well until Domara asked about Sharp's current commission.Erik's smile faded into a plain expression. "I uh, am doing some work for Commander Dekan. I...
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Ghost Ship

Elle@Farmer42: Ladies and gentleman. Thank you for joining me tonight. Collage, wrong historical. But I appreciate the effort. Tonight, we're running a simulation to delouse Drozana of a bunch of ghosts.Lazu@Basilisk9466: ...historical? *The u...
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Office Hours

Lazu@Basilisk9466: Sup, cyborg.Ten@Farmer42: *Reading her PADD* No need to keep your distance, Spots.Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She thuds into a chair.* So what's news?Ten@Farmer42: Not much has changed. I'm still trying to figure out just who burned y...
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Double Secret Probation

Elle@Farmer42: Earth Spacedock, this is the Federation shuttle Saltmarsh. Ready to pick up the transfer.Lazu@Basilisk9466: [ESD] Copy, Saltmarsh. Energising one passenger and their belongings now.Elle@Farmer42: ESD, we've got her onboard. We're ...
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Erik journeyed to Admiral Quinn's office with an anxious pace. His reply to his request to be reinstated as captain had been quicker than he thought, but he supposed there was good reason. Starfleet welcomed returning officers if they knew they c...
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Hard of Hearing

"The accused will identify themselves for the hearing."Lazu rose, placed her hand on the scanner. "Lukita, Lazu." She swallowed. "Commander, Terran Empire. Executive Intel Officer and Starfleet Intelligence officer for the 130th Combined Opera...
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We have T-Shirts

Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Astaroth sleeps peacefully. She's only woken in brief moments since arriving on the ship, showing signs of malnutrition and shock, but recovering well.*Ten@Farmer42: *Ten types on her PADD while sitting with Astaroth. Next to ...
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On Casperia Prime, Erik and his crew enjoyed a bit of shore leave after taking care of a pretty decent job. Everyone was enjoying themselves immensely. However, Erik couldn't help but feel that something was off with him. He sat at a table in a ...
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Message to Seuna Hart (Contemplation)

TO: Commander Seuna HartFROM: Erik SharpSUBJECT: A ChoiceCommander, if you are able, I'd like to meet with about a few things that have been on my mind as of late. I'm currently on Earth Starbase and believe that you can be of help. If you can't...
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Varzec@deffdog: Varzec stands in the Shuttle Bay Control Room Overlooking the damaged Mirrior fighter in the shuttlebay.Hunter Wykowski@GorillaGrod: *The fighter still shows no lifesigns aboard, damage is consistent with phaser attacks*Varzec@deff...
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[2:05] Ten@Farmer42: *A lone figure in an EV suit jumps from a passing shuttle and lands on the hull of Astaroth. It places it's faceplate against her hull.* "Hey Lady. Let me in. We need to talk.[2:06] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *There is a long pause...
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Of Lizards and Mirrors

[7:45] Lazu@Basilisk9466: [Security] Marshal Briar. Hmm. You're cleared to go in. Please be aware that you will be monitored at all times.[7:47] Briar@kanekasier: Hmph. Already left my weapons and armor to come aboard. I suppose staring at me the ...
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"Lukita, Lazu. Rank, Captain, Terran Navy. Last known assignment, I.S.S. Empress Sato."Lazu looked at the officer with a carefully blank expression. "No, sir. My last assignment as an officer of the Terran Empire was the I.S.S. Hellspite. The...
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Icy Tea

[12:55] Rori@zanethesage: *The ready room buzzer sounds*[12:56] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Enter. *Lazu is staring at her terminal, looking sick.*[12:58] Rori@zanethesage: *Rori walks in, carrying both Love and Fury on her waist and Zapper on her back* Yo...
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Baiting Hooks

[8:39] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *The towering Gorn officer silently indicates for the group to proceed to Lazu's office.*[8:40] Elle@Farmer42: Captain. Ten sends her regaurds.[8:41] Morpak@cutthroat_porter: Marshal Briar, A pleasure to finally put a fa...
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Erik had just transported aboard the Serpents' Gem and asked for Clara to meet him his ready room. There was much to plan with this new task given to him by Commander Dekan especially since it will involve dealing with splintered elements of the ...
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6 weeks ago, Unimatrix 20"Sir... I'm picking up a quantum singularity forming dead ahead."The Tal Shiar captain straightened up sharply. "Identify.""It appears... um... I'm not familiar with the type..."The Romulan commander inwardly groaned. To...
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