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[Pinned] ((RP Thread Guidelines))

I decided I wanted to set out a few guidelines for this thread.1. Any and all Threads on RP should be posted here. Any RP oriented Thread will be moved here if posted somewhere else.2. This thread can be used to submit stories written about you...
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RP Frequency

Above Prologue

Part 1:Elle@Farmer42: *Sits, paging through a tablet idly*Lazu@Basilisk9466: Evening, Commander. I heard you wanted to see me?Elle@Farmer42: *Elle visibly jumps and struggles to juggle the PADD* DON'T DO THAT!Lazu@Basilisk9466: what?Elle@Fa...
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RP Frequency

Call me when you're sober

Aelita@zanethesage: *beams down onto Risa, already prepared for the festivities*S'anra@Farmer42: That's not the shirt Ten gave you.Aelita@zanethesage: I bought it with the huge latinum purse I had.Aelita@zanethesage: What's wrong with it?S'anra@Fa...
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Bad Old Days

Elle@Farmer42: *looks up from her PADD* Good afternoon, Tiny.Briar@kanekasier: *Open mouth grins* How's the sun been treating you, softskin?Elle@Farmer42: Not bad. My genotype comes from an equitorial region. So while I have thin skin, it's wel...
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RP Frequency

Sharktoothed Gifts

Elle@Farmer42: *Elle sits in the lounge, drinking some cocoa*Talvius@Basilisk9466: *A neatly groomed Romulan woman in civilian dress pads through the starbase, approaching the lounge, and leans on the bar cheerfully.* Tarkalian tea, please.Elle@Fa...
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RP Frequency

Return What Was Given

The Serpents' Gem travels through the starship sized Iconian gateway to the Solanae Dyson Sphere and is escorted to the gateway to the Jenolan Sphere.Erik sat in his quarters lounging at his desk having a bottle of Guinness. After having a sip, h...
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New Faces

[9:43] Elle@Farmer42: *An old Miranda warps in system near the Angelfire* Angelfire, this is the Contrarian. One to beam aboard for posting report.[9:44] Lazu@Basilisk9466: [Aviel] Acknowledged, Contrarian, you're clear to transport. I'll inform...
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RP Frequency

The Spire, After Dark

[8:52] Rori@zanethesage: *sees Leina and squees, running after her in a hug* LEINA![8:52] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten rolls up her sleeves* alright. Who wants a drink?[8:52] Leina@Pheonyx: *Looks around then hears her name and gets hugged, hugging back* R...
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RP Frequency


[8:12] Ten@Farmer42: *Ten puts her bag on the ground and sighs* It's good to be home.[8:13] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *She doesn't look up from her terminal.* Long time no see.[8:14] Ten@Farmer42: Indeed. How have things been while I was gone? I see y...
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RP Frequency

Would You Like To Play a Game?

Ten scowled at the readout on her screen."Klingon group Alpha, why aren't you in position? And why aren't you cloaked? Federation battlegroup Zeta, Move forward. Klingons, get cloaked!"The coms light blinked briefly."Sub admiral, we're-""That wa...
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The Heist

(This is belated as I've been busy off and on since I posted Back into the Fire)[Slek's Logistic Offices]"I'm pleased you chose to see reason, Mr. Sharp." Slek said smugly.Erik replied almost immediately, "Save the praise. Let's just get this over...
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RP Frequency

Telepresence Visit

Varzec@deffdog: Computer Holographic Telepresense Request coming from USS Alameda, Captain Varzec. Do you wish to allow the connection?Seuna@grgrafitti: Allow.Seuna@grgrafitti: Hey V... *sighs* I mean, Captain. *salutes half-heartedly*Varzec@deff...
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RP Frequency

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The door chimed, and Lazu sat up sharply, checking her wristband. You could never be too careful, especially when her first officer had been trying to get her off guard lately. She'd probably need to shoot him soon. Then she threw back the covers,...
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Settling in and diplomatic business

[Trust] Minako Yoshiyuki@minakoyoshiyuki: *Min relaxes in her command chair as the Stormwind makes it's final approach to K-13*[Trust] Rori@zanethesage: [K13 Control] Stormwind, we have you on final to the station. The Commodore is awaiting your d...
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Teatime at K-130

[10:54] Rori@zanethesage: *quietly sits, sipping water, reading a PADD and looking out at the expanse*[10:55] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Evening, trouble.[10:57] Rori@zanethesage: *she looks back and smiles warmly* Hey troublemaker.[10:57] Lazu@Basilisk94...
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RP Frequency

Rori's Release

[10:01] Rori@zanethesage: *Rori opens the door and peers into the room, looking around, then entering, seating herself in view of the door, patiently waiting*[10:02] Lazu@Basilisk9466: *Lazu enters a minute later, glancing over a PADD, and settles...
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RP Frequency

Tal Shiar Blues

Talvius@Basilisk9466: *A figure looms out of the Drozana crowd.* Well well well. Hiven Rajan. It's been a while.Hiven Rajan@grgrafitti: Y'hhau pretty lady, I'm afraid you have me confused with someone else. I'm but a humble freighter captain *swir...
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Mol'Rihan Outcasts

Lenessia@zanethesage: *Len walks slowly through the field, all the eppohs jumping and racing around her, as she pokes at a board-sized PADD, taking measurements*T'rehu@Basilisk9466: Just tell me if I'm in your way. *A Romulan sitting in a field an...
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Tough Love

[10:53] Rori@zanethesage: *is poking a black tricorder, looking out the window at all the personnel*[10:54] Lazu@Basilisk9466: Rori. *She somehow entered the conference room silently.*[10:54] Rori@zanethesage: *yelps loudly and half-flings the tri...
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RP Frequency

Planning Ahead

Elysia Mariko sat in her quarters having a replicated meal and looking over star charts on PADD tablets after having finished unpacking her belongings. The charts were the ones first recorded by the USS Voyager when they first brought their astro...
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