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Kyle Shran's Personal Log

::Personal Log::I have finally returned to duty aboard K7 after my "detached duties" out in [OPSEC] space. My final duty as a [OPSEC] to the house of Taj'Duq has been fulfilled, and one final enemy fell to our house's blade. Jod'mos, my brother, h...
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Captain's Log: Varzec

Captain's Log Inaugural, Stardate 47634.44It is definitely satisfying to be able to say that again… The Alameda is getting its final preparations for its launch. Majority of the crew will arrive in the next few days. We are still missing some k...
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Seriphina Administrator Log, Rori Katano

Personal Log, Rori.Um...there is definitely a stardate.So, uh...I was told I have to start making these logs since I'll be a command officer! I think I should have been making them a little more before...oh well. I'm sure Seraphina's recordings ar...
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Lazu Lukita's Personal Log

So I met with one of the senior officers of the Trust.Expect the unexpected has always struck me as a trite phrase, but I suppose it applies here; an interview with a Romulan officer - former drone if the implants were anything to go by - for a tr...
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Saying hello to an old friend

While the Paladin Class starship sure lived up to expectations, Minako knew that this was not a ship she reconized, her crew knew it too, morale and performance had started to drop and she had to do something, thusly she made a formal request to t...
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Felix Seuna Hart's Personal Log

<First Entry>Its been two weeks since the Lady Luck was lost, two weeks of nothing. I've been sent to Risa for some recovery, and I can't help but wonder who's idea this was. Their festival is amazing, but I find myself spending more and mor...
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Supplemental Log, Lt. Mac an Aba

Stardate...Uhh... Kligel, what's the stardate? My terminal is still fried from the storm. Right. Yours is, too. Of course. Anyway. Stardate doesn't really matter. It's the second day, I think, since we were hit by an unmapped plasma storm. ...
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Lieutenant Commander Elysia Mariko's Logs

First two: CONN Officer's Personal Log: Stardate 91539.50. My posting on the Aquarius is going well so far and I've met some of the other senior staff and bridge crew. I must say, even with ...
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Captain Matthew Sharp's Logs

Captain's Log: August 26, 2409We have finished responding to an urgent call from the Xindi Council. One of their colonies was attacked by an unknown force and, being one of the only ships in the area, they asked for our assistance. A couple other ...
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Personal Log: Ten of Twenty

Personal logStardate 92196.3I met with the leadership of The Trust today, as part of the officer exchange program. I'm going to serve with them, at least on a temporary basis for the next few weeks; if it goes well the assignment might be longer....
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Personal Log : Dekan

ENTRY 1NO DATEOh! So um... This is on now?Yes, yes it is. I see it. I, um...Ok. I was um, encouraged to start these. Keep logs for myself. Things that have happened. A um... Journal. Or diary. Whatever a diary is. Ivan said it was a human thing. O...
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Captain Kathryn Ryan's Logs

Captain's Personal Log: Stardate 94431.38.Encrypted EntryIt's been a month since my crew and I found ourselves in this century and we're still trying to adjust, but so far we haven't roused any undo curiosity. The Department of Temporal Investiga...
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Captain's Log: Captain Taran Ledan

<FX> Taran eases into his chair in his ready room aboard the Iowa.Computer, begin log.<FX> The computer beeps in acknowledgementCaptain's Log, Stardate 93200.9. We have been having a very interesting week. After spending three months m...
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Arra's Letters Home

Soourashejez mother,I apologize for not sending you a message when I first arrived in this Alpha Quadrant. I know you will forgive me though it has been almost a year. Our friends on the USS Kurosawa have long left for another mission and I have n...
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From one Storm to another.

The U.S.S Stormwind NX-97785-A pulled into earth space dock, the old sovereign vessel looking quite antiquated as she pulled up into her docking bay, coming to a halt as thrusters go to station keeping. Captain Minako Yoshiyuki stepped off the bri...
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Jasper Morello Personal Log

Morello, Personal log, 94050.43Here I am, Risa, Jewel of the Fed, the World for the Rich and Famous of the Quadrant...and I don't get it.I know, for all the Rules of Acquisition, I don't get why someone would want to spend their latinum here. Bet...
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Varzec Shaaded's Logs

Stardate 88629.61Its been a busy past few days, so this log will be a run down of what we have been engaged in.2 days ago we received orders to pick up Industrial Replicators to assist the Deferi in their rebuilding efforts on their home world and...
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Lt. CMD Revikk Logs

Personal Log, SupplementalStardate: 84101.8I arrived on the station today and had an interview as to my qualifications. A logical process by which a command officer may correctly evaluate an officer's potential. Due their nature reports are inco...
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Heavy thoughts.

Minako stood staring out of the window of her ready room, gazing at the dark blackness of space, the stars twinkling in the depths, however the woman had a lot of thoughts weighing heavily on her mind. "I hope this is all worth it, I am risking e...
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Personal Log Zim Drex

Stardate 93541.8I need to get this off my chest. Finally. So I can move on.Yesterday I met with Admiral Wright. My best friend from my academy days. He helped me through all kinds of things way back then. We helped each other. The man lost both of...
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