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Mar 03, 2016 at 08:23 PM
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The Trust

Hello my STO friends and comrades! My name is Zane Seos, Fleet Ambassador for the Trust. I have to thank my fleet leaders for giving me this opportunity to promote our fleet. My personal ideas are much bigger than that, but I'll get to them in a moment. Right now, we are but a small respectful Medium RP fleet that is among the oldest of STO.

Now then, I assume that you've read this far! If you're still interested, we've got a ways to go.

Who We Are

The Trust, a fleet that is on the front lines day and night, quietly waits to counter any new and current threat to the Federation and her interests. We are vigilant, and we stand ready for diplomacy or defense. Our mission is to explore the worlds that we find, work as a team and as friends, and provide for the common good, all while upholding the beliefs of the United Federation of Planets.

Our starbase, 130-T, has seen the best of times and the worst of times. It has been both a shining protector and a beaten soul. It is run by some of Starfleet's finest officers of many creeds, races, and species. They help the loyal Captains of the fleet by providing intel,fostering assistance, and providing a place to call home away from home.

The recently established embassy on New Romulus, known only to the ensigns as Baseplate, has provided us a link to our Romulan friends, to help and to teach them how they must now go about their lives. Here our Federation and Romulan counterparts work to rebuild the Romulan society under a banner of peace and prosperity, and to work with our new Klingon allies to secure their interests and protect them from the Imperial Romulan State.

Our Focus

We want you and your stories to be a part of the Star Trek Universe. We pride ourselves on having a very firm but loving grasp on the canon of Star Trek. Our members enjoy that they are able to roleplay in comfort, and are able to ask questions that a dedicated group of Fleet Veterans can answer. And if we can't tell you the answer, by the Prophets, we'll find one. Within these bounds, our creativity can soar to new heights and we can tell stories of our own generation.

Who We Want

~~~ People with stories to tell!
Surely many of you have reached endgame, completed or are on your way to completing the Reputation systems, and running STFs or PvPs non-stop and are starting to ask "What else can I do in this game?" Well, my friends, an answer is right here, and right now. Roleplay. The Star Trek universe is perfect for roleplaying and is capable of telling trillions upon trillions of unique stories that need not have an end. To assist with this, we've created a group of our own members that will create and brainstorm new stories to tell and new lives to lead for our characters and our fleet as a whole.

~~~ Leaders who are friendly and devoted!
Our leadership is undergoing changes right now that will make us stronger and help us to grow. What we need is people that are able to prove themselves as leaders both in and out of character, to help where it is needed and to be the bright shining faces that encourage people to log in, even if it's just to chat.

~~~ Foundry braniacs!
Having a good handle on roleplay isn't the only thing you can be good at! We need people with extensive knowledge of the Foundry, and all its capabilities. I myself have been a regular visitor to the Foundry and have been absolutely blown away at what people can produce with their limited resources. I've played stories that I've loved so much, I've gone back and replayed them numerous times. That kind of creativity would be well at home here. I'm proud to say that over the course of our fleet's history, we've had five ARCs, giant stories that involve quite a bit of time in their creation and execution (through the Foundry, video trailers, fleet involvement and planning) that have been successfully started and completed, and each time, we've had resounding results in both character development and fleet story development as a whole.

Our Current Leaders

Since you've made it this far, I'd say you're pretty interested. I would now like to introduce our fleet's leadership. These people have had a vision and have always lead us, in one form or the other, in character or out of character, through just about whatever comes our way.

Matthew Steven Cline, Admiral and Commanding Officer of the Trust
Zane Argent Seos, Ambassador and Executive Officer of the Trust and Baseplate
Ten of Twenty, Romulan Intelligence and Commanding Officer of the DQ Spire

Our Future

Now we get to the good part: Why are we saying we're looking for other roleplay fleets, and not just members? Quite simple. We have an idea: Make friends with other fleets, share our stories, and make new joint campaigns that we all can be a part of. This may sound bold and perhaps even outlandish, but I'm confident that in this community, if you find people like you that enjoy similar things in game, you'll never be bored or alone!

How to Join

If any of this intrigues you, if you've heard of us before, or even if you want to give the roleplaying experience a shot, here's what we need you to do!

Make an account and fill out the application form to the best of your ability. Remember to be on for about a week or two after submission, so we can reach you!
Once we reach you, we'll conduct an in character and then out of character interview (both at the same time for sanity's sake ;) ) to determine if the Trust fits your goals and ideals as a character and as a player.
If we accept you, congratulations! If we don't, it's quite okay! We'll let you know of anything during the interview that might pop up in the interview or application that may need to be addressed. Even if there is something that we come across, we're willing to brainstorm compromises or alternatives so that your character is still uniquely you. The best compromises come when everyone's willing to put their heads together.
Upon your acceptance, read our pinned threads under the New Cadets subforum (you can't possibly miss it :p), to get a handle for the rules and regulations that make our fleet a smooth, well-oiled machine. You should also post their personal "bios" under the appropriate subforum as well so we can take care of them. It's not required, but recommended. :p
Make friends and have fun with the fleet! Let them know that you really want to be a part of our group and to have fun with us however you can, schedule with a Fleet Officer a Membership Test at the end of a two week waiting period. (It's really not that long, I promise :D )
If you pass, well done! You're now a fully certified Member of our fleet! We welcome you to our ranks with open arms and can't wait to see what you're capable of.

Final Word

Whew! If you've made it here, thanks for reading everything! It took me quite some time to write this post, but I wanted to make sure it caught your attention! You've made my wrists feel like their work was not in vain!

Should you have any questions of any kind, you may contact @InhumaneKitten, @Farmer42, or @zanethesage (that's me) via PM or Mail, and we'll do our best to answer your questions. (I'm on probably the most out of all of us listed)

Thanks for reading, and live long and prosper in this great world of ours, and in our other great world, Star Trek Online.
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